Chrome Hearts Jeans: Real Vs Fake Guide (2024)

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fake vs real chrome hearts jeans
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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Ch David

Trying to learn how to spot fake Chrome Hearts jeans?

Over 90% of Chrome Hearts’ jeans are custom-made. Just ~10% of their products are manufactured in bulk, e.g. in collaboration with Levi’s.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to spot any fake Chrome Hearts jeans.

Let’s check it out!

How to spot fake Chrome Hearts jeans

You can spot fake Chrome Hearts jeans by looking at the stitching on the crosses. Fake jeans never have their details properly defined due to attention flaws.

Authentic Chrome Hearts jeans are made with care, always being flawless.

1. Crosses

1.1. Comparison

  • Stitching Quality: The fake jeans exhibit poorly done stitching, with threads of different sizes and lengths, while the genuine Chrome Hearts jeans have consistent, neatly done stitching.
  • Extra Thread: On the right side of the cross, the fake jeans have an extra thread in the top-left area, which is absent in the authentic pair.
  • Leather Quality: The fake jeans show creases in the leather on the left side’s cross, whereas the authentic jeans have high-quality, crease-free leather.

These details highlight the disparity in quality between the fake and genuine Chrome Hearts jeans.

Finding it too hard? Check it with our Chrome Hearts experts:

1.2. Authentic example

1.2.1. Exterior side

In this image, you can observe two genuine Chrome Hearts crosses attached to the jeans.

  • These authentic crosses feature well-defined hearts.
  • Each thread in its proper place and consistent dimensions throughout.
  • This attention to detail and quality is a hallmark of genuine Chrome Hearts jeans.
1.2.2. Interior side
  • The quality speaks for itself.
  • All of the threads are properly defined on the interior side of the genuine jeans too.

1.3. Fake example

  • Fake: Two fake Chrome Hearts crosses display excess hanging threads.
  • Fake: The stitching is unevenly embedded in the leather, resulting in varying thickness throughout the crosses.
  • Authentic: Authentic Chrome Hearts jeans’ crosses showcase consistent stitching quality from the interior side.

2. Buttons

2.1. Multiple buttons

  • Fake: The fake CH jeans have improperly detailed buttons.
  • Fake: The texture of the buttons is noticeably different from authentic ones.
  • Fake: The Chrome Hearts logo and text around the buttons are excessively thick on the fake jeans, whereas the authentic ones feature thinner and legible text.

Fake Chrome Hearts buttons often look as if the text was melted on the metal.

2.2. Single buttons

  • Fake: The top button on the fake jeans is poorly detailed.
  • Fake: The fake button appears melted, lacking sharp definition.
  • Authentic: The authentic jeans have a more defined and sharper-shaped top button.

2.3. Authentic example

3. Wash tags

3.1. First page

  • Fake: The “CHROME HEARTS” text logo at the top is thin and lacks definition.
  • Fake: The “CHROME HEARTS” inscription at the bottom is also thin compared to the thicker and more defined one on the legit jeans.
  • Authentic: The authentic jeans have a thicker and more defined “CHROME HEARTS” text logo at the top.

3.2. Second page

  • The “CHROME HEARTS ” text:
    • Fake: The “CHROME HEARTS” text logo is too thin.
    • Authentic: The authentic jeans have a thicker “CHROME HEARTS” text logo.
  • The “100%” characters:
    • Fake: The “100%” characters on each line of text are placed too far apart.
    • Authentic: The genuine jeans have “100%” text characters placed closer together, with consistent kerning.

3.3. Third page

“CHROME HEARTS” Text Thickness:

  • Fake: The “CHROME HEARTS” text is too thin compared to the thicker text on authentic jeans.
  • Authentic: Genuine jeans have thicker “CHROME HEARTS” text.

Washing Information Symbol Lines:

  • Fake: Lines in the first symbol of washing information are too thin, while authentic jeans have thicker lines.
  • Authentic: Authentic jeans have thicker lines in the washing information symbol.

Letter “P” in the Last Symbol:

  • Fake: The letter “P” in the last symbol is too thin and wide on fake jeans, while on genuine jeans, it is thicker and boxier.
  • Authentic: Genuine jeans have a thicker and boxier letter “P” in the last symbol.

French Text Thickness:

  • Fake: The second line of text (in French) appears too thick on fake Chrome Hearts jeans, while genuine ones have thinner text.
  • Authentic: Authentic jeans have thinner text in the second line of French text.

4. Metal badge

  • Fake: The text on the fake jeans’ metal badge looks excessively thick due to being fit too deep into the metal.
  • Authentic: The “CHROME HEARTS” text on genuine jeans’ metal badge is thinner because it is fit less deep into the metal.

5. Waist label

5.1. Authentic example

  • The authentic Chrome Hearts jeans have all of their letters fit the same deep, as they all have the same thickness.
  • All stitches around the rectangle-shaped label on the legit have the same thickness, size and shape.

5.2. Fake example

Looking at the image with the replica Chrome Hearts jeans above, you can see how these jeans have their stitching on the left and the right side of the label improperly done, as some of the stitches are way thicker than the other, as well as the other stitches being too thin.

Shortlist: Tell if your Chrome Hearts jeans are fake

  1. Check the crosses for extra threads or creases.
  2. Inspect the buttons for a melted appearance and proper text thickness.
  3. Examine the wash tags for correct text thickness.
  4. Look at the “CHROME HEARTS” metal logo text on the back for appropriate depth and thickness.
  5. Examine the interior label for any extra threads or text thickness inconsistencies.

If you don’t have much time and need to quickly authenticate your Chrome Hearts jeans, consider these 5 key indicators to spot fakes.

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