How to spot fake Moncler

Check if your Moncler product is real or fake through our expert-written guides. Pick a tutorial for your Moncler item and start reading the steps to take to legit check it.

3 quickest ways to spot fake Moncler

1. Neck Tag


  • The counterfeit Moncler Maya has a noticeably thin “M.”
  • The “M” on the fake Moncler Maya is uneven, with the right leg appearing thicker than the left.
  • Fake Moncler Maya neck tags feature overly slender legs for the letter “N.”
  • Stitching lines on the letter’s legs are crooked on the counterfeit version.
  • The letter “R” on the fake Moncler Maya has an exaggerated angle, resulting in excessive curvature.
  • The counterfeit “MONCLER” text is too thin and lacks proper definition on all characters.
  • Fake Moncler Maya neck tags have black stitches instead of white stitches around them.

2. Badge


  • The “MONCLER” text on the fake Moncler Maya jacket badge appears excessively thick.
  • Replica Moncler manufacturers have added an excessive amount of stitching to the badge.
  • The prominently bolded characters on the fake Moncler badge are the “M” and the “R.”

3. Cartoon Label


  • The fake Moncler cartoon wash tag exhibits a yellow color that appears overly bright in the last cartoon box, in contrast to the darker shade on the genuine tag.
  • Moncler’s logo on the fake wash tag is positioned too high at the top, unlike the authentic Moncler tag where the logo is lower.

Moncler fake vs real guides for individual items

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