How to spot fake Tag Heuer

Learn how to tell if your TAG Heuer is real or fake. Check a TAG Heuer for its authenticity with our expert-made guides in less than 2 minutes.

3 quickest ways to spot fake Tag Heuer

1. Sub-Dials

Authentic Tag Heuer Watch:

  • Sub-dials are correctly aligned and functional.
  • Sub-dials are placed higher on the main dial.

Fake Tag Heuer Watch:

  • Sub-dials are crooked, as indicated by a misaligned line through their centers.
  • Some replicas may have non-functional sub-dials.
  • Sub-dials are placed too low on the main dial.

2. Date

Authentic Tag Heuer Watch:

  • The number “1” is appropriately sized and proportioned.

Fake Tag Heuer Watch:

  • The number “1” is too tall and big.
  • The fake number “1” looks too thin.

3. Lume

Authentic Tag Heuer Watch:

  • Shines powerfully in the dark.
  • Emits a green shade when reflecting light.
  • The luminosity is strong and clearly visible.

Fake Tag Heuer Watch:

  • Does not shine as powerfully as the genuine watch.
  • Presents the wrong color in the dark, reflecting blue light.
  • Lacks the required intensity of luminosity.

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