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McKenzie Reilly, [email protected], 09/07/2020
1. The medial text on the left has its letters improperly font-weighted compare to the ones met on the authentic Off-White AM90 pairs 2. Red flag #1 applies to the right shoe as well 3. The overall shape and structure of this pair are in tune with other authentic items 4. The holes on the midsoles of these shoes are a lot wider than the holes on the authentic pairs 5. The Nike Swoosh logo on the side of the sneakers is a lot bigger than the logo on the legit OW AM90 sneakers 6. The “SHOELACES” print has its letters looking thicker than they have to be 7. The Nike Swoosh logo on the side of the sneakers has its stitches too small 8. The text on the insoles of these OW AM90 sneakers is too thick 9. The size tag of these shoes has its text improperly positioned and font-weighted, as it is too thin
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