Yeezy Slide Legit Check: How To Spot A Fake (2024)

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Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Ch David

In this guide, we’re talking about fake Yeezy Slides vs real.

Authenticate all Yeezy Slide colorways with our guide.

How to tell if Yeezy Slides fake

You can tell if your Yeezy Slides are fake by checking the size tag. Fakes always have thicker inscriptions that are misplaced.

1. Barcode scan

When you are ready to scan the barcode of your Yeezy Slides, we recommend that you use the Legit Check App.

The Legit Check App will run your unique barcode against other Yeezy sneakers online.

For your reference, we’ve taken the authentic Yeezy Slide Core pair. Note that all Yeezy sneakers have a unique barcode that relates to a specific combination of:

  • Colorway – CORE/CORE/CORE (GW5350)
  • Style – Slide
  • Size – From 4 to 16 (US)

How to scan the serial number on Yeezy Slides

  1. Download the Legit Check App on your phone.
  2. Tap on the barcode scan icon.
  3. Focus your camera on the barcode on the box of your Yeezy Slides.
  4. Get the results:
    1. Authentic: the colorway, style, and size match your slides.
    2. Fake: No results are shown, or they show different combinations.
Legit Check Barcode Scan Sneakers

After scanning your barcode, you will need to look for matches that confirm the authenticity status of your Yeezy Slides.

Now, if the results show lots of confirmation points on Google for your unique barcode as illustrated in the picture below, then you can be assured that your box is authentic.

Please note that we say the box is authentic and not the sneakers because there is still the possibility that the real sneakers might have been swapped for the fake ones by the fake resellers to trick buyers into thinking the sneakers are genuine.

On the other hand:

  • If the results do not show confirmation points that match the size-colourway combination.
  • (As shown in the picture below)
  • Then you probably have a fake pair of Yeezy Slides in your hands.

Please note that the barcode scanning can only be considered a perfect match when the size and colourway combination on the results match the one on the box.

Thus, if only one of the two matches:

  • Then the box is still a fake.
  • For the full story on how to scan the barcode on the box or your Yeezy Slides, read our article here.

Finding it too hard? Legit check your Yeezys with our experts:

2. Size tag

Fast asnwer: Fake Yeezy Slide pairs always have their text either way too thick or way too thin.

2.1. The “MADE IN CHINA” text

  • The fake slides have their text too thick when put side-by-side with the real slides.
  • The fake pair’s letter “C” in the word “CHINA” is placed lower than the rest of the letters.

The authentic pair’s “MADE IN CHINA” inscription has the same font weight and placement for all of its letters

2.2. The “US UK FR JP CHN” text

  • The fake pair’s “UKS UK FR JP CHN” text looks too thick.

Once again, the authentic shoes have their text thinner even for the long “US UK FR JP CHN” line of text.

2.3. The date of manufacturing

  • The fake Slides have their “12/19” text too thick.
  • The real pair’s text is thinner and has a slimmer appearance.

This is the print showing you the date of manufacturing of the shoes. It presents the month and the year in which your Yeezy Slides were manufactured.

In our example:

  • The real pair was made in December 2020.
  • The fake one would have supposedly been made in December 2019 if it was a real one.

We can’t tell if the fake date of manufacturing lies or not since they’re not an authentic pair. Though, the real date never lies.

2.4. The hashtag “#”

  • The replica Yeezy Slides have both their hashtag and the numbers next to it looking too thick.
  • The real inscriptions are thinner.

On the second last line of text on the size tag, there we have the hashtag and the numbers which are unique throughout each authentic Yeezy Slide pair.

2.5. Size numbers

  • On the fake pair, this text looks too thick.

Back to the real Yeezy Slides, you can notice how this text is also thinner than the one on the fake slides.

3. Interior text

Fast answer: The replica Yeezy Slides commonly have their text engraved too deep into the fabric.

This picture above with the fake vs real Yeezy Slides above shows you how:

  • Every letter on the fake pair’s inscription is flawed.
  • The “YEEZY” text looks too thick on the fake pair.
  • The same applies to the “MADE IN CHINA” text.
    • This flaw occurred on the fake shoes because their inscriptions fit too deep inside the rubber, therefore having this bolded look.
  • The fake pair’s “US” inscription looks too thin next to the number “5”.

On the other hand, the authentic Yeezy Slides have their “YEEZY” and the “MADE IN CHINA” text thinner since it fits less deep inside the rubber.

Also, the authentic “US” text is thicker and it has the same font weight as the number “12” next to it.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Toe box

  • The fake toe box is lifted too much up to the front of the shoes.
  • Hence, it is too tall and curvy.

On the other hand, the genuine Yeezy Slides have their toe box less curvy, as it is closer to the ground than the fake pair’s overly-lifted toe box.

5. Tail

  • The fake pair has its tail lifted up way too much.
  • The fake pair is too curvy and too far away from the ground.

On the other hand, the real pair’s tail is not as high as the fake one, as it is way closer to the ground.

6. Insole

  • The fake pair’s Adidas logo comes out of the insole too little when it should come out more.

Speaking of which, the authentic Yeezy Slides have their logo looking thicker than the fake one because it comes out of the shoes way more than the fake one.

Our motto is “Authentic? Fake? Let’s find out”. Why not let us help you find out whether you have a fake Yeezy Slide pair or the real deal?

Our team of expert Yeezy authentications will legit check your Yeezy Slides and come back to you with the verdict in less than 48 hours.

You’ll also get a fully-detailed report for you you have real or fake Yeezy Slides!

7. Opening

We are now going to talk a little bit about the toe box again, but this time, we’ll flip the real vs fake Yeezy Slides to a top-down view angle in order to perfectly see the opening of the toe boxes.

  • The fake pair’s opening of the toe box is too narrow.
  • The how the overall look of the slides is too thick.

On the other hand, the authentic shoes have a wider and larger opening of the toe box which looks thinner (the rubber) than the fake pair’s toe box.

8. Manufacturing flaws

In the eighth and last step of the guide on how to authenticate Yeezy Slides, we are going to talk about the marks and the creases which often occur on the fake slides.

Yes, this may sound a bit weird, but some fake Yeezy slides get out of the factories with a few creases.

  • The fake left pair has a major crease at the top of the shoe.

If we’re talking about an authentic pair of Yeezy Slides that are in supposedly perfect condition, then we have to keep in mind that the real pairs shouldn’t come out of the factory with any of these creases or marks.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Yeezy Slide

  1. Scan the barcode of the Yeezy Slides using the Legit Check App.
  2. Confirm the pair’s size tag for any inconsistencies in printing quality.
  3. Ensure all engravings on the interior panel have consistent font-weight.
  4. Observe the toe box’s curviness; counterfeit models often have a too-high toe box.
  5. Check the tail’s curviness at the back, as fake Yeezy Slides typically have an elevated tail.
  6. Authenticate based on the opening of the toe box; replicas often showcase larger openings and thicker rubber.
  7. Lastly, inspect the slides for any marks or creases, which should not be present on genuine pairs.

There are situations, where you may be unable to go through each detailed step, explained above when you need to authenticate your Yeezy Slides.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your slides.

Expert Yeezy Slide Legit Check

If you need help with the authentication of your Yeezy Slides, we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your Yeezy Slides and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our real vs fake Yeezy Slide guide. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

Need our opinion on your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

Get a fully-detailed report for why you have a real or fake item. Takes less than 48 hours!

Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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