Jordan 4 x Kaws: Authentic or Fake? (2024 Guide)

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Air Jordan 4 Kaws Legit Check Guide
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Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Ch David

This is the ultimate Jordan 4 Kaws legit check guide. It works for both colorways:

  • Kaws 4 Grey
  • Kaws 4 Black

How to tell if your Air Jordan 4 Kaws are fake

You can tell if your Air Jordan 4 Kaws are fake by checking if the “KAWS” and “AIR JORDAN” prints inside the tongue are too thick. This is always an indicator of a fake pair.

1. Rear details

  • The “X X” in Kaws’ logos are thinner at the bottom left corners on the replica Air Jordan 4 Kaws pair.
  • Also, the letter “i” in the word “AIR” is too thick on the fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws pair.

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2. Size tag

  • The fake “LN3” text on the top right corner of the size tag is too thin on the fake Kaws 4 pair.
  • Then, the “MADE IN CHINA” text is too thin on the replica.

The authentic size tag of the Air Jordan 4 Kaws has these texts thicker than the fake size one.

3. Tongue interior

3.1. Kaws

  • The letters “K” and “A” are too thick on their legs, compared to the authentic letters.

This is a spot that you can notice with the naked eye since the fake manufacturers laked the detail a lot in here.

3.2. Air Jordan

  • There are some “breaks” in the letters on the authentic Kaws 4 inside tongue tags.
  • However, the fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws have too much space between the letters.
  • Most noticeable on the “A” in the word “AIR”.
  • Also, the letter “J” is too thin on the fake Air Jordan inside tongue tags.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Tongue exterior

  • The fake Air Jordan 4 x Kaws sneakers are poorer in stitching.
  • They have fewer stitches than the authentic ones.
  • This means that there is less density in stitches on the fake Air Jordan Kaws 4 tongue.

5. Cage

  • The corners of the triangle are sharp instead of curved on the fake Air Jordan 4 x Kaws pair.
    • The authentic pair must have curved corners.
  • The cage is placed too low and too much to the right.
    • The authentic Air Jordan 4 x Kaws has its cage placed higher and a bit to the left than the fake pair.

6. Sock liner

Air Jordan 4 Kaws Legit Check Guide
  • The fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws pair has its sock liner looking too thick at the edge where the cage intersects with it.

On the other hand, the legit Kaws 4 pair has its sock liner thinner in this place.

7. Insole

  • There is too much space between the letter “K” and the rest of the text on the fake insoles.
  • Then, the Jumpan’s arm is too thin on the fake Air Jordan 4 insole.
  • Closely, the same problem from the rear “XX” heel logos applies here too.
  • The counterfeit Kaws 4 pair has the top right corner of the “X” logo too thin, while the legit pair has the line a lot thicker.

8. Glowing sole

Fake Vs Real Air Jordan 4 Kaws
  • The counterfeit Air Jordan 4 x Kaws pair is less vibrant than the legit one.
  • The fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws pair seems to have its nuance of green lighter and less vibrant.

The legit pair has the green on the sole more concentrated than the fake one.

9. Box

  • There is an extra paint scratch that shouldn’t be on there, but it is present on the fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws box label.
  • That just looks worn-out instead of brand new.
  • The text that indicates the size of the Air Jordan 4 Kaws sneakers is too close to the edge of the black sticker and too close to the white sticker that indicates the barcode on the fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws box label.

Shortlist: Check your Kaws 4s

  1. Examine the rear Kaws and Air Jordan logos. Often, the “XX” symbols are excessively thin, and the “AIR” text appears too small on replica pairs.
  2. Validate the size tag on your Kaws 4. Counterfeit pairs usually exhibit “LN13” and “MADE IN CHINA” writing that appears excessively thin.
  3. Analyze the inside Kaws and Air Jordan tongue tags. Counterfeit pairs frequently feature overly thick interior tags for Kaws and more worn-out, scratched ones for Air Jordan.
  4. Check the stitching on the tongue of your Kaws 4. Fake pairs tend to have a lower stitch density on the tongue.
  5. Inspect the outer cage of your sneakers. Fake Kaws 4 pairs often lack the characteristic curve, appearing sharper in shape.
  6. Verify the sock liner of your Kaws 4. Replica pairs commonly feature a thicker sock liner material.
  7. Check the insoles for any discrepancies. Fake Kaws 4 pairs often have insoles with excessively thick text and logos.
  8. Analyze the glowing green sole on your Air Jordan 4 Kaws. Counterfeit pairs usually lack the vibrant green shade found on genuine pairs.
  9. Validate the box’s label of your sneakers. Frequently, fake pairs have the text indicating the shoe size placed too far to the left on the tag.

The comprehensive nine steps provided above might not be the most convenient option when time is of the essence or when you’re looking to make an online sneaker purchase.

For this reason, we’ve assembled a rapid 60-second method for verifying the authenticity of your sneakers.

Above, you’ll find the leading nine cues that can assist you in discerning whether your Jordan 4 is genuine or counterfeit.

Expert Air Jordan 4 x Kaws Authentication

Should you require assistance in authenticating your Air Jordan 4 Kaws, rest assured that we are here to provide support.

Simply provide us with high-quality photographs of your sneakers, and within a span of 24 to 48 hours, we will provide you with the results. Additionally, the results will be accompanied by a comprehensive report outlining the basis for our determination of whether your sneakers are genuine or counterfeit.

With this, we conclude our guide on differentiating between real and fake Air Jordan 4 Kaws. As more improved and up-to-date comparisons become available, we are committed to updating this article accordingly.

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