How to spot fake Air Jordan 4

You can tell the difference between fake Jordan 4 and real Jordan 4 by the size tag: if text has different font-weights, then it’s 100% a fake pair. Learn more about spotting fake Jordan 4 with our free guides below!

3 quickest ways to spot fake Air Jordan 4

1. Stitching


  • The authentic item features thicker and longer stitches.
  • The top and bottom lines of stitching on the authentic item are closer to each other.


  • In contrast, the fake item has thinner and shorter threads for stitching.
  • There is a bigger gap in-between the top and the bottom lines of stitching on the fake item.

2. Toe Box

Fake Pair:

  • The fake pair’s toe box is too flat and lacks curvature.
  • The replica’s toe box is too small and arched too little, appearing too close to the ground.
  • In contrast, the genuine Air Jordan 4 UNC pair’s toe box is bigger and curvier, with the real toe box’s tip positioned further away from the ground compared to its replica.

3. Heel Bump


  • In contrast, the green line on the authentic Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sails shows a curvier shape, resulting in a more pronounced heel bump compared to the fake shoes’ heel side.


  • The red line on the fake shoes appears almost straight, lacking a noticeable curve.
  • As a result, the heel bump on the fake shoes’ heel side is less pronounced.

Air Jordan 4 fake vs real guides for individual items

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