Jordan 1 Off-White NRG Legit Check: Real VS Fake

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Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Ch David

  • Want to learn how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Off-White NRG (White)? This is the place to be in.
  • This guide will teach you 14 different ways to authenticate the Off-White Jordan 1s.

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How to tell if Jordan 1 Off-White (White) are fake

You can tell if Jordan 1 Off-White NRG are fake by checking if the medial text has extra paint around its letters (“bleeding characters”). Authentic examples are always flawless.

1. Medial text

1.1. Left shoe

  • Most fake Off-White Air Jordan 1 White have their medial text on the left shoe looking a lot thicker than it has to be.
  • In the example above, you can see how the text is actually thinner.

In fact, the authentic Jordan 1’s text on the side of the left shoe appears to be a bit thicker than the text of the fake sneakers.

1.2. Right shoe

  • The medial text is actually thicker this time, as we previously said that it is most common to be thicker on the fake Jordan 1s.
  • The authentic Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG’s medial text is thinner than the text on the fake sneakers.

That’s quite obvious to the naked eye, but without the real vs fake Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG images, this wouldn’t have been the same easier.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Nike x Off-White experts:

2. Toe box

  • On the fake sneakers, the toe box looks more massive than the toe box of the legit Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG.

The authentic Off-White Jordan 1 NRG sneakers will never look as big as the fake Jordan 1’s on the toe box area.

3. Pattern

On the counterfeit pairs, it seems that the pattern of the sneakers on the rear side is always the same, never changing.

  • This pattern will vary between authentic NRG Off-Whites.
  • On the legit Jordan 1 pair, the pattern is significantly more defined and more “dense” than the elements on the replica Off-White sneakers, and these shapes occur more often.
  • The orientation of these shapes does not matter, because we’ve seen authentic Jordan 1 x Off-White pairs with either random or as we said previously mathematically-generated patterns.

4. Perforations

4.1. Upper

  • On the fake Jordans, the perforations around the Air Jordan logo appear to be a lot wider than the authentic holes.
  • In fact, the fake sneakers’ perforations around the Air Jordan logo appear to be a lot bigger and more massive than the holes of the legit shoes.

4.2. Middle

  • The fake Air Jordan 1s will have either too deep or less deep holes than the ones met on the authentic Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG.

4.3. Lower

  • There is a really smaller density of the holes themselves.

The authentic Jordan 1 pair has a lot more holes around the laces.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Blue patch

  • On the fake Jordans, the blue stitching that’s on the Swoosh logo is most of the time too tight as it makes the Swoosh get crooked on the rear side.

The real pair’s stitching is looser and it “lets the Swoosh breathe” instead of “suffocating it” like on the fake pair.

6. Orange tab

  • On the fake Jordans, the stitching appears to have different thicknesses for the blue and orange stitches.
  • The fake pair’s blue stitching looks a lot thicker than the stitching of the authentic Jordans.

The orange tab’s stitching below the Swoosh logo is thinner and more textured than the stitching on the legit Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

7. Interior”85″

  • On the fake Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG White, the quote symbols (” “) are a lot thinner and longer than the real ones.
  • The number “5” is a lot thinner on the fake sneakers than the real Jordan 1s.

8. Swoosh

  • It is most common that the Nike Swoosh logo is placed too high on the fake Off-White Jordan 1 NRG.

On the legit Air Jordan 1’s, the Swoosh logo appears to be a little bit lower than the Swoosh of the fake shoes.

The space between the bottom of the swoosh and the sole varies on authentic Off-White Air Jordan 1 White pairs as well but not so much so that it’s ever very high, as on the counterfeit Off-White Jordan 1 pairs.

9. “AIR”

  • Fake Jordan 1s will have their “AIR” print looking a lot lower than the authentic print.
  • The fake “AIR” text above is a lot lower than the print of the legit sneakers.

In fact, the authentic Off-White shoes will have their “AIR” text placed exactly at the middle area of the midsole, never lower, and never higher.

10. Suede stitching

  • The stitching on the rear panels is sitting too close to the edge of the sneakers.

On the other hand, the authentic Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG’s stitching is placed less to the edges.

11. Height

  • Most of the time, the replica shoes will have different heights from the left to the right shoe.
  • The authentic Off-White Air Jordan 1 White NRG pairs will always have the same height on both the left and the right shoes.

We have used the green dots in order for it to be easily visible how the fake Off-White Air Jordan 1’s height is flawed, as the left shoe is a tiny bit smaller than the right shoe.

12. Insole

  • Fake Off-White Jordan 1s have these pyramids looking a lot taller and higher than the ones on the legit pairs.

The authentic pyramids look smaller than the fake ones.


  • The fake letters “S” and “L” are often thicker than the authentic letters, but beware because the rest of the letters can have different font weights too.
  • Some fake Off-White laces have their “SHOELACES” text placed too far away from the aglet and this is slightly visible here. Since these are the best fakes, it’s not that easily visible.
  • The shape of the laces going into the aglet has to be sharp and straight on the authentic Off-White laces, while on the fake shoelaces, the shape of the laces going into the aglet is curvy and rounded at the edge of where these two elements connect.

14. Box label

Since the Nike x Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG White was a European release, the authentic box labels don’t have the “Suggested Retail Price: $190” little label.

Some other fake Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG box labels come with a flimsy extra label. However, the dotted line will not be as dense as the one found on authentic pairs.

  • If the extra label is there, on the fake Off-White box labels, it must 100% not be glued to the box rather, one should be able to flicker it. The fake Off-White box labels have that area added sometimes but glued to the box.

Shortlist: Quickly spot fake Off-White Jordan 1 NRG

  1. Evaluate the text smudging and medial text, which contributes to the distinctive “deconstructed look” of the sneakers. Fake pairs often lack the correct smudging lines.
  2. Inspect the overall structure and shape of the shoes. Counterfeit shoes may exhibit a bulkier toe box compared to authentic pairs.
  3. Check the pattern on the rear heel side of the shoes. Authentic pairs feature varying patterns, while fake pairs tend to have a constant pattern with less dense stitching.
  4. Examine the quality of the perforations. Fake perforations may be of lower quality due to less precise manufacturing techniques.
  5. Verify the alignment of the Swoosh attachment. Crooked placement of the Swoosh, along with tight and crooked blue stitching, are telltale signs of fakes.
  6. Analyze the orange stitching on the Swoosh and orange tab. Fakes often exhibit thicker orange stitching on the tab.
  7. Look closely at the “85” text flap. Authentic pairs have thinner text, while fakes may feature thicker and differently-edged text.
  8. Check the placement of the Swoosh. Authentic pairs have proper placement, while fakes might position the Swoosh too high.
  9. Verify the centered placement of the “AIR” text. Authentic examples may exhibit minor variance, but significant deviations are indicative of fakes.
  10. Examine the white panel stitching above the Swoosh on the rear edge. Fake Off-White Jordan 1 NRG pairs often have stitching too close to the edge.
  11. Analyze the height of the shoes from the rear side. Fakes may display uneven or misaligned leather panels. A thorough inspection from this angle is essential.
  12. Look at the insoles for inconsistencies in print, font thickness, and pyramid height. Fake Off-Whites pairs may have overly tall pyramids.
  13. Check the “SHOELACES” print on the laces for font-weight issues. Fake pairs often have thicker text compared to authentic pairs.
  14. Examine the font weights on the box’s label Authentic box labels have consistent font weights, while fakes may display thicker prints.

In situations where time constraints or online purchases hinder a thorough examination of the outlined steps above for authenticating your Off-White Air Jordan 1 White, we present a concise 60-second solution.

Above are the top 14 indicators that can aid you in distinguishing between a counterfeit pair of sneakers and an authentic Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG.

Expert Jordan 1 Off-White NRG authentication

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Simply provide us with high-quality images of your Air Jordan 1 NRG, and within 24 to 48 hours, we’ll furnish you with results. These results will include a comprehensive report explaining our assessment of whether your sneakers are genuine or counterfeit.

This concludes our comprehensive guide on detecting fake Off-White Air Jordan 1 White (NRG). As ongoing comparisons improve and emerge, we will continue to update this article.

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