How to spot fake Nike x Off-White

Learn how to tell if Nike Off-White are fake. Expert-made guides showing you the steps to take when authenticating Nike x Off-White sneakers and clothes.

3 quickest ways to spot fake Nike x Off-White

1. Medial Text


  • “Off-White” text has the proper thickness.
  • “TM” text is thicker, smaller, and closer to the “Off-White” text.
  • “NIKE” text has consistent letter spacing, with the letter “E” placed evenly.
  • The presence of the “c.” text at the bottom may vary on authentic pairs.
  • “USA” text has consistent letter spacing, with uniform distance between letters.


  • “Off-White” text is too thin.
  • “TM” text is too thin, too big, and positioned too far from the “Off-White” text.
  • “NIKE” text has uneven letter spacing, with the letter “E” placed further from the rest.
  • The presence of the “c.” text may vary, but some authentic pairs also lack it.
  • “USA” text has inconsistent letter spacing, with excessive space between the “A” and other letters.

2. Toe Box


  • Properly proportioned and not overly bulky or massive on the toe box area.
  • Maintains a balanced and true-to-design look in this region.


  • Bulkier and more massive appearance on the toe box area.
  • Counterfeit Off-White Jordan 1 Chicago pairs appear over-inflated in this region, which is a noticeable and visible flaw.

3. Size Tag


  • Correct font weight for “US” text.
  • “DM1602-109” text has appropriate thickness.
  • “MADE IN VIETNAM” text in the consistent font with the real pair’s size tag.


  • “US” text in incorrect font weight; “U” is too thin and “S” is too thick.
  • “DM1602-109” text is too thin.
  • Different font for “MADE IN VIETNAM” text compared to the real pair’s size tag.
  • The font used for “DM1602-109” is different, particularly noticeable in the letter “D”.

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