How To Spot Fake Dior Air Jordan 1 High

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how to spot fake dior aj1
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Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Ch David

This is the ultimate Dior x Jordan 1 High authentication guide.

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How to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Dior Retro High

You can spot a fake pair of Dior 1s by checking the interior tongue label. Fakes often have very thin and wavy inscriptions.

1. Interior tongue label

1.1. Best quality replica comparison

1.1. Top-right”SWOOSH” text

First of all, the “SWOOSH” text in the top-right corner of the label:

  • The replica Dior 1s have their text really thin.
  • The genuine shoes have their text thicker.
1.2. The first “SWOOSH ®” print

Up next, looking at the “SWOOSH” text in the middle of the tongue label:

  • The fake shoes present their text looking wavily and too thin, once again.
  • The registered trademark “®” symbol looks really thin.
  • The same “®” symbol is too small on the fake Dior Jordan 1s.

Back to the authentic Jordan 1 Dior High pair, you can see how its “®” character looks thicker and bigger than the one on the replica pair.

1.3. The “VOTRE” inscription

Moving lower on the label, we have the “VOTRE” text:

  • On the fake pair, it looks too thick.
  • The letter “O” in the word “VOTRE” is too small as well.

On the authentic pair, all of the letters in the “VOTRE” text have the same size. This goes out for the rest of the letters all over the real label as well.

1.3. The “QUALITE” word

Within the same line of text, we have the “QUALITE” inscription:

  • The text looks wavy on the fake pair → e.g. The letter “Q” is lower than the rest.
  • The letters are placed too close to each other, while on the authentic shoes, the letters are properly aligned.
1.4. The second “SWOOSH ®” text

One line lower, we have the second “SWOOSH ®” print:

  • The fake pair’s letter “W” is bigger than all of the other letters on the label.

The authentic shoes have the same size for their letters.

1.5. Extra stitching
  • The fake pair has extra stitching.
  • These three lines of stitching are not supposed to be there.

The authentic pair shouldn’t have any kind of stitching at the bottom, besides the double-stitching above the “MADE IN ITALY” text.

The three thick threads on the fake pair marked with “???” in the image above shouldn’t be there.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Air Dior experts:

1.2. Lower quality replica comparison

  • The fake shoes have their “SWOOSH” text on the first line of text looking too thin.
  • The “TRADEMARKS” text on the fake shoes is too thin and wavy.
  • Fake shoes usually have the letters in “TRADEMARKS” improperly heightened: some are smaller and other are bigger.
  • The fake “SWOOSH” text looks too thin.
  • The fake “MADE IN ITALY” and “FABRIQUE EN ITALIE” prints are too thick.
  • Both the “GUARANTEE” and “QUALITY” printings on the fake pair are too thin and wavy.

The letters on the authentic Dior Air Jordan 1s’ interior tongue label are supposed to have the same font weight and size.

Similar issues on the interior tongue labels occur on the fake Travis Scott Jordan 1s as well. A pair that’s just as popular as the Dior 1s, having similar issues for replicas.

2. Serial number

  • The first part of this label tells you the serial number of your shoes.
  • The “8500” part tells you that there were manufactured only 8500 examples of the Dior 1s.

The first part of the code also tells you which pair you have out of the 8,500 manufactured Dior Jordan 1s.

In the real vs fake Dior Air Jordan 1 image above:

  • The fake shoes use a different font for the “8500” text.
  • The characters are too thin on the fake pair.
  • Stitching isn’t as dense on the fake pair. There are not enough threads surrounding the label.

On the other hand, you will never see the legit shoes having different fonts used for the “8500” text, as they always have the same font for the number.

2.1. List of replicated Dior Jordan 1 High serial numbers

Below is a list with all of the replicated Dior Air Jordan 1s which borrowed the ID individual codes from the authentic pairs.

If you see a pair with one of the following codes, that doesn’t mean that you are looking at a fake pair. Though, you should pay even more attention to details on these specific pairs, as the risk of it being fake is higher!

Serial numbers spotted on fakes (Updated 2024):


3. Footbed

  • The footbed is part of the shoes between the sole and the insole.
  • To get there, you have to remove the insole of your Dior 1s.
  • The fake shoes have their “Dior” monogram print too thin, while the text on the legit Dior AJ1s is thicker.
  • The fake pair’s text isn’t stamped as deep as it has to be, hence why it is so thin.
  • The fake footbed’s stitches are too thick, and they are also too dense.

On the other hand, the authentic Dior Air Jordan 1s have their footbed’s stitching looking thinner and less dense than the fake shoes’ stitching.

4. Hourglass shape

Authentic Dior Jordan 1s must look like an hourglass: they have to be curvy on the upper and lower sides of the shoes, and in the middle, they are supposed to have a narrowing.

Fake shoes commonly miss the hourglass shape, as they often look too straight, just like a tube.

  • The fake Dior Jordan 1s curve on the exterior side instead of on the interior side.
  • They are mirrored to the authentic pair, which is 100% a flaw.
  • The fake shoes curve on the exterior side, but they are less bumpy than how the legit shoes are.

The legit Dior Air Jordan 1 sneaker must curve on the interior side, unlike the other Air Jodan 1 colourway and collaborations, which curve on the exterior.

Even though the authentic Dior 1s curve on the interior side, they are curvier than how the fake shoes are.

Please keep in mind that the hourglass shape of the shoes will not be visible when the shoes are on foot.

Therefore, when the Air Diors are worn, we do not consider the hourglass shape as a good sign of authenticity. When they are not on foot, the hourglass shape is again a reliable sign of authenticity.

With this being said for the hourglass shape, let’s move on to the fifth way on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Dior High sneakers.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Air Dior logo inscriptions

Main flaws on the fake Dior 1s, before going into detail:

  1. The fake pair has thinner inscriptions.
  2. But also misplaced text: the letters are placed too far away from each other.

The amount of kerning on the authentic Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers is the same between each letter, unlike the fake shoes which have different amounts of space between the letters.

5.1. The “AIR” text

  • The fake pair’s letter “A” in the “AIR” text is too thin on the left side of the letter.
  • The top of the letter “I” in the “AIR” is also too thin on the fake Dior Jordan 1s.
  • The fake “R” in the same “AIR” text is too thin at the bottom.
  • The fake “R” is also too curvy on the bottom right side, while the legit shoes have their “R” less curvy and bumpy at the bottom.

5.2. The “DIOR” text

Moving on to the letters in the “DIOR” text, there are several differences here as well.

  • The fake letter “D” is looking too thin on the bottom side, and the legit shoes have it thicker.
  • The fake letter “I” is the same as well: too thin on the fake, and thicker on the genuine pair.
  • The letter “O” is too small and also too thin on the fake Dior Jordan 1s.
  • Lastly, the fake shoes have their “R” looking too thin and curvy.

Recap: Fakes commonly have their letters too thin and with too much space in between.

6. Air Dior logo wings

In the Dior Air Jordan 1 real vs fake image above:

  • The fake shoes have their wings improperly kerned between.
  • The wings are placed too close to each other.

Real pairs have more space between the wings.

7. Perforations

  • The fake shoes have their perforations on the toe box improperly sized.
  • Replica Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers have perforation holes too big and too wide.
  • This gives shoes a different look than the look of the authentic ones.

On the other hand, the original Dior Air Jordan 1s have their perforation holes on the toe box looking smaller and narrower, being less wide than the holes on the fake Dior Air Jordan 1s.

8. Toe box

  • Fake shoes have their toe box looking too thick.
  • The fake toe box is too big and massive, with a bulkier appearance than the original Dior 1s.

The authentic Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers must have their toe box looking “deflated”, so as to look thin and not chunky.

If you have to deal with a pair of Air Jordan 1 Dior with an over-inflated toe box, then you are surely looking at a replica Air Jordan 1 Dior pair of sneakers.

9. Swoosh

As for the ninth way of the guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers, we are moving more to the back of the profile side of the shoes, and we will have to check out the Nike Swoosh logo.

9.1. Dior Oblique print

  • The fake pair’s “Dior” repetitive inscription is too thin.

On the other hand, the legit Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers have their “Dior” monogram printed on the logo looking more defined, with a thicker look than the Swoosh visible on the fake shoes.

9.2. Distance to the midsole

Now that you know how to legit check Dior Air Jordan 1s by looking at the Nike Swoosh logo’s “Dior” monogram, let’s move on to the size of the logos on the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Dior pairs as well.

9.2.1. Best quality replica

We drew a green line from the bottom of the Swoosh on the legit shoes to the midsole and a red line for the fake shoes. This makes it easier to notice the placement of the fake logo.

  • The fake shoes have their Nike Swoosh logo placed too low on the side of the shoes.
  • The fake Swoosh is too close to the midsole.

On the other hand, since the green line on the authentic Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers is longer, that means that the logo on the authentic shoes is shorter, as it has more distance from the bottom of it and to the midsole.

9.2.2. Lower quality replica
  • The fake Dior 1s have their Swoosh placed too high off the midsole.
  • The fake Swoosh is too curvy at the top, while the legit shoes have their logo less curvy.
  • There’s no 3D effect on the fake Swoosh: it doesn’t come out of the shoes.

The authentic pair’s logo looks like it comes out of the shoes, unlike on the fake pair.

9.3. Distance to the grey leather

In the real vs fake Dior Air Jordan 1 image below, we have once again drawn a green line for the legit shoes, and a red line for the fake ones.

  • The counterfeit Dior 1s have their logo placed too far away.
  • Hence, there is too much distance from the logo to the grey leather part.

The authentic shoes have their Nike Swoosh logo placed closer to the lacing area of the shoes.

10. Rear patch

  • The fake shoes don’t have the right dimensions for their patch.
  • The fake shoes have their patch smaller than the ones visible on the legit shoes.
  • The patch on the fake Dior 1s is narrower, less tall, and a bit wider than the legit shoes’ patch.

On the other hand, the authentic Air Jordan 1 Dior pair has its patch taller, less narrow, and less wide on the sides.

11. Sole

  • The fake Dior 1s have a darker sole. The blue isn’t as light as the real one.

As you can see, the authentic shoes have a lighter tone of blue. The authentic pair should have an icy blue shade.

Let’s have a look at two other versions fake soles with the help of the image below:

  • The fake shoes at the top have their sole looking too light.
  • The shoes on the bottom side of the image have a darker blue colour.

12. Dust bag

  • The replica dust bag has its text at the wrong thickness.
  • Both the fake “AIR” and “DIOR” text look too thick.

The genuine shoes’ dust bag presents its “AIR DIOR” text at the same thickness — lower than the fake pair’s thickness.

13. Jumpman keychain

  • The fake logo shines improperly.
  • The fake pair’s accessory Jumpman logo reflects so much light on top of it.
  • When put into light, the fake logo looks like it is fully white, instead of the grey look of the real metal.

On the other hand, the authentic shoes’ Jumpman metal logo reflects light as it should: it looks a bit shiny where light lands on top of it, and in the other areas, it looks like a mirror, with a grey metal look.

Since the low-top Dior Jordan 1s come with this accessory as well, you’ll commonly see this flaw on them as well!

14. Air Dior keychain

  • The overall look of the fake pair’s logo is yet again too shiny.
  • The replica AIR DIOR logo reflects as much light.
  • It looks overexposed, without having the authentic grey metal look.

On the other hand, the genuine shoes’ AIR DIOR logo reflects light as it should, as it keeps its grey metal look.

15. Box

  • The fake box has the “AIR DIOR” text thinner than on an authentic pair.

Mentioning the authentic box, you can see in the fake vs real Dior 1 High image above how the legit special box has its “AIR DIOR” text looking a bit thicker than the one on the fake box.

Shortlist: Dior 1 Legit Check

  1. Check the interior tongue label with multiple lines of text. The fake High Jordan 1 Dior sneakers are most common to have improperly positioned and font-weighted text.
  2. Make sure to check the “8500” text on the interior side of the shoes. Mostly, the fake Air Jordan 1 Dior pairs have their text using a different font than the one used to print the text on the legit pairs.
  3. Analyse the footbed of your Dior AJ1s. Mostly, the fake Dior Air Jordan 1s have their text on the footbed looking too thin and too little stamped into the shoes. Keep in mind that the fake shoes also have their footbed’s stitching looking too thick and too dense, while the legit shoes must have their stitching thin and not so dense.
  4. Analyse the AJ1 Dior from the rear side. Mostly, the fake Jordan 1 x Dior sneakers don’t look like an hourglass shape, as the authentic shoes do.
  5. Examine the lettering on the “AIR DIOR” logo at the top. Usually, the fake Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers have their letters improperly font-weighted.
  6. Look at the wings below the “AIR DIOR” logo at the top of the shoes. Most of the time, the counterfeit Air Jordan 1 Dior pairs have their wings placed too close to each other.
  7. Verify the toe box’s perforations. Usually, the replica Air Jordan 1s have their perforations looking too big.
  8. Check the inflation level of the toe box. Mostly, the fake Air Jordan 1 Dior shoes have their toe box looking too thick and over-inflated.
  9. Look at the Nike Swoosh logo on the side. The fake Dior AJ1 pairs usually have their “Dior” monogram print looking too thin, and the Swoosh is either too big or too small, being placed too far away or too close to the midsole of the sneakers.
  10. Inspect the patch on the back of the shoes, where the two Nike Swoosh logos meet. Most of the time, the replica Air Jordan 1 Dior pairs have their patch looking too short in height and too long in width.
  11. Look at the blue sole of your shoes. The counterfeit-produced Dior Air Jordan 1s commonly have their sole looking too dark or too light.
  12. Examine the “AIR DIOR” text on the dust bags. The replica Dior Air Jordan 1 shoes usually have their text too thick.
  13. Remember to also examine the Jumpman metal logo, as most of the fake pieces have their Jumpman too shiny when put into light.
  14. The same flaw applies to the fake AIR DIOR metal logo, which is also commonly overexposed when put into light.
  15. If you have the special box of Dior 1 Highs, have a look at the “AIR DIOR” text printed at the top of the box, as most of the fake special boxes have their text too thin.

The 15 detailed steps outlined above might not be so practical when you are in a hurry or when you want to buy sneakers online.

That is why we have compiled this quick 30-second solution to authenticating your Air Dior 1s.

Expert Dior Jordan 1 authentication

If you need help with the authentication of your Air Jordan 1 Dior we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your Air Jordan 1 Dior sneakers and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Dior legit check guide. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

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