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There’s no other pair of sneakers that’s as easy to recognise as the Air Jordan 1s, right? Well, sorry not sorry, but the Nike x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s pretty much stole the show.

Back in 2019, Travis Scott introduced the Retro High Air Jordan 1s with the Nike Swoosh logo turned the other way around, and these shoes became so popular that you don’t even need to be a sneaker enthusiast to know about them.

While this may sound like the most successful pair of sneakers ever, there are also a few other competitors that are at the very top, next to Travis Scott’s shoes. To name a few: Off-White Chicago Air Jordan 1s, the Air MAGs – though, you may have heard about them by now!

Want to learn how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott? We’ve put together the best guide on how to tell real vs fake the Cactus Jack Brown AJ1 — it’s the most extensive comparison you’ll see out there.

To spot the fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott, you’ll need to look out for: a bolded text on the tongue tag, some inconsistencies on the same tag or any squared ends on the Nike Swoosh.

Naturally, this information is easier to implement if you do one thing.

And that one thing would consist of looking at the real vs fake comparisons we’ve put together for the Travis Scott Jordans — find them all below, for free.

And remember, we have an authentication service as well, if it seems too complicated for you. We, however, work very hard to make these guides as simple to understand as possible.

Want to learn how to spot fake Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s? Here is the high top legit check guide, and here is the low top guide that we provide.

real vs fake nike air jordan 1
This image portrays an infographic guide that applies to 90% of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High colourways. Continue reading for a fully detailed guide!

Without any further ado, here is how to legit check the Nike Jordan 1 Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” in brown. Let’s begin the fake vs real comparison.

How to spot real vs fake Travis Scott Jordan 1s

Step 1: Check the tongue tag text for inconsistencies

This is by far the most effective way to spot a fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 pair: analyse the tongue tag.

This detail is yet another part of the shoe that fake manufacturers won’t really care that much when replicating, since no one but the wearer is seeing them, once the shoes are on foot.

Which gives us a huge advantage, as this tag will not justify the costs of improvement. Let’s jump into the fake vs real comparison:

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 fake vs real

As you can see, we’ve highlighted how to spot a fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 tag with the hand emojis. What you’ll want to look out for over here are inconsistencies.

But before that, one major flaw lies within the thickness of the font. Fake tags use a visibly thinner font which grants us the quickest way to legit check Travis Scott’s Jordan 1s.

We’ve highlighted the first “Nike” word to point that out.

Leaving that aside, notice how the text is not linear, rather printed (or sewn?) in a wavy manner. Pay attention to the highlighted French “QUALITE”.

We need to note how not every authentic Travis Scott Jordan 1 tongue tag is cleanly printed, and wavy text occurs in authentic tags as well — however, never are these lines as wavy as per the fake example.

Last but not least, notice the weird letter-spacing found on the “MADE IN CHINA” row. Yes, these Travis Scott AJ1s are made in China but Nike’s factories would not allow inconsistencies like these to leave the factory line.

Again, weird spacing occurs as well on authentic tags — however, never would you find such wide gaps between letters on genuine pairs.

Just to make sure nothing is unclear, we’ve uploaded a second set of fake vs real Travis Scott AJ1 comparison below:

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 legit check guide

Once again, notice the significantly thinner font. On top of that, it seems that the “GARANTIE DE QUALITE” is, once again, not straight but slanted.

Notice another inconsistency (this time unhighlighted): the “S” in “SWOOSH®” is smaller than the rest of the letters, on the fake Air Jordan 1 shoe tongue tag.

Keep in mind, these inconsistencies that will allow you to legit check a pair of Travis’ Jordans may be varying, but they will always be there.

Last but not least, the 2 rows at the bottom have once again improper word spacing and even letter spacing in some cases.

The quickest way to tell fake vs real the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott

Before going any further, I just want to stress one more time how important this tongue tag legit checking procedure is.

Spotting an original Travis Scott AJ1 will almost surely always be the easiest this way, due to the lack of interest for fake manufacturers to fix it.

Fixing something like this requires a newer, higher-quality factory machine that just does not justify its costs, given what they’re trying to achieve: make people buy replicas, undercutting Nike.

If one day it will be somehow fixed, don’t worry — we’re always updating our guides as we’re keeping up with the new fake releases.

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Step 2: Real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 suede effect

Another one of the most reliable signs of authenticity when speaking of the real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Retro High sneakers is the suede material.

When you rub the authentic Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s, the suede material must move, leaving traces behind.

Therefore, where the authentic shoes were touched, they are supposed to leave a darker mark.

real vs fake travis scott air jordan 1

In the real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High image above, we have pointed out how, even though the fake shoes have their suede effect nuanced, it is not nuanced enough.

On the other hand, the authentic Travis Scott AJ1s have their suede effect concentrated, as it leaves darker traces and it shouts a more high-quality material than the one used to craft the fake shoes.

Check out our other Travis Scott x Nike authentication guides: Air Force 1 Fossil, Air Max 270, Jordan 6 Olive.

Step 3: Fake vs real Travis Scott AJ1 High toe box inflation level

Another important spot to check when you want to legit check the Travis Scott AJ1 High sneakers is the toe box and its inflation level.

First of all, let’s have a quick look at the reference real vs fake Travis Scott AJ1 High image below.

fake travis scott jordan 1 high

In the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott High image above, we have illustrated how the legit shoes have their toe box looking thinner than the one on the fake shoes.

In fact, the authentic shoes have their toe box looking deflated, while the counterfeit shoes, most commonly, have their toe box looking too thick, with an over-inflated look.

Not sure whether your Travis Scott Jordan 1s are fakes?

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Step 4: Inspect the reverse Nike Swoosh at the pointy ends

Coming up next, we’ll be looking at the reverse Swoosh. Keep in mind, this is the Nike Swoosh that can be found on the exterior side of the shoes.

how to tell fake travis scott jordan 1 high

The first thing I’d look out for in this real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott comparison is the distance between the top of the Swoosh and its’ neighbour suede piece.

Whether you compare it to the white leather piece, the stitching double line or the brown suede part — it’s totally up to you.

All you need to do is keep in mind that the distance between the Swoosh and whatever reference point you’re using should not be as big as the fakes in the picture above has got them.

Besides, notice the rounded tip of the Swoosh on the fakes — that tip is supposed to be sharp, just like the original Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 example given above.

travis scott air jordan 1 high legit check

Up next, we can see the exact same flaw we’ve highlighted when it comes to the other end of the Swoosh — square end on the fakes, rounded end on the authentic AJ1 Travis Scott version.

Keep in mind, the distance between the lace hole and the Swoosh varies on both original and fake pairs of AJ1 TS, so I wouldn’t use that as a reliable tell.

What I would use as a reliable tell, on the other hand, is something you can notice in the picture above very easily:

The stitching job’s quality — notice how the stitching thread is thicker and messier on the fakes.

Have a look at the highlighted details below:

fake vs real travis scott jordan 1

Speaking of stitching and messy jobs, have a look at this real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Cactus Jack comparison.

how to spot fake travis scott jordan 1

Once again you can notice how the Swoosh is “hairier” or messier. Needless to say, that is yet another side-effect of the compromises fake manufacturers make, so as to replicate the sneakers at a lower cost.

Mind you, these are the best fakes out there, so they go for quite an interesting amount of money — it’s not like they’re trying to save up on production so as to sell these sneakers for $20.

On the other hand, they don’t want to (or maybe don’t have to…?) afford Nike’s factory equipment.

See how the Swoosh looks like on the fake Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Lows looks like!

The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways to authenticate this item.

The next few steps are still reliable signs of authenticity but are for non-top-versions of replicas available for this item. We recommend sticking to the steps we’ve explained above to make sure you’re not drawing the wrong conclusions.

Step 5: Check the insole text — see if it’s bold or thin

Without any surprise, we’ll be looking at another minor detail which is overlooked since it’s not easily seen: the insole print:

how can i spot fake travis scott jordan 1

Over here, the story is quite easy: replica Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” come with a visibly thicker font on the insole print. Why that is happening — I don’t know.

But I’m grateful we have yet another tell to spot these out.

how to spot real vs fake travis scott jordan 1 high

If you’re happening to inspect the NIKE AIR logo on the Travis Scott Jordans and not the Cactus Jack one, we’ve attached this comparison as well.

We’ve highlighted how you can spot the fake Travis J’s by noticing how:

  1. At the top, the thicker font is leading to less letter spacing.
  2. At the bottom, the same situation occurs.
  3. The print is also shinier on the fakes. This applies to the Cactus Jack logo as well, though it’s less visible in the comparison picture above.

Want to see how to spot the fake insoles on the Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1s? We’ve also got a guide for them!

Step 6: Inspect the Air Jordan logo for misplaced details

Finally, we’re looking at a detail that’s more visible on the outside — the famous Air Jordan wings logo. Let’s have a look at the real vs fake Jordan logo comparison:

travis scott jordan 1 high authentication guide

In broad lines, the fake logo comes with thicker/bolder letters and with more spacing between the small items that create the element — whether those items are the “wings” or the basketball.

Highlighted in the upper left side is the difference in text.

On the right side, you can notice how the ™ character is thinner on the fakes, in a counter-intuitive manner.

You’d think that if the letters are bolder on the fake version of the Travis Scott J’s, the ™ logo would as well be as thin as needed. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Last but not least, just like we’ve mentioned before, you need to keep an eye out for inconsistencies. We’ve highlighted on the bottom of the logo the difference in craftsmanship and detail on that small geometric shape.

Step 7: Analyse the toe box perforations/holes

In order to see this flaw found on the fake AJ1 Travis Scott “Cactus Jack’, you’ll need to have a bird’s eye view.

travis scott jordan 1 high authenticity check guide

First of all, we need to point out how the holes found on the toe boxes of these Jordans are smaller and made with more precision on the genuine version.

Leaving that aside, it might be hard to spot out, but these holes become smaller as they approach the central point. Not by a lot, but it does happen.

Pay attention to the lack of change in the holes’ diameter on the fake version, and that should teach you how to spot a fake Travis Scott Jordan 1.

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Step 8: Inspect the Cactus Jack tongue tag up-close

If we haven’t made it clear, this tag consisting of the “Cactus Jack” logo can be found on the exterior side of the shoe’s tongue.

Have a look at the original vs replica comparison below:

how to authenticate travis scott jordan 1 high

What you want to notice here when legit checking these TS Jordan 1s is whether the font is thick enough or not. As you can see for yourself, the fake version comes with a thinner font.

Some letters are closer to the right level of thickness, so we’ve highlighted the “t” and the “J” — the difference is the most visible there.

Want to get some help from the experts? The Nike x Travis Scott authentications team is always here for you.

Step 9: Check both the box and box label for an attached price tag

Over here we want to point out one thing, but before that: we won’t be comparing the font used for the actual text.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because we believe the box may not be the most important way to spot out a fake Travis Scott Jordan 1, since fake shoes can be added to an authentic box.

Yes, it’s highly unlikely, but given the flaws we’ve identified above, we recommend you sticking to them, rather than relying on the box’s letters.

Going back to the small detail we wanted to highlight, it’s this small extra label found here:

how to spot real vs fake travis scott jordan 1

Please keep in mind that only US boxes will come with it. If that extra label is not there, chances are you might be looking at a European box label for the Travis Scott Jordans.

If it is there, though, it has to be detachable and not glued. All fakes that come with it have that area glued and not detachable.

Any price label that is attached but glued and not detachable is an instant call out for a fake.

Step 10: Check the 3M reflective “Cactus Jack” logo font

Coming up next, we will be analysing the fake Cactus Jack 3M logo and the real Cactus Jack 3M logo.

Note: when we say “3M”, we refer to the reflective logo which can be seen on the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 in a certain light — or when exposed to a flash camera.

If it’s not visible enough, just take a picture with a flash camera and you should be able to see it.

Let’s have a look at the real vs fake comparison below.

how can i spot fake travis scott jordan 1

What we’ll point out here is pretty straightforward: the font on the fake Cactus Jack logo is slightly bolder.

We understand it might not be very easy to spot the bolder text, so we’ve attached a letter-by-letter visual comparison for you to spot it out. But before that, let us address something.

Please note, this bold text flaw is happening on the top-tier fakes which have solved some older problems, such as the placement or the sizing of these 3M logos.

We won’t make fake vs real comparisons over the older versions of fakes where the logo was smaller than it was meant to be, since this problem was already fixed.

Once again, we recommend sticking to the flaws we’ve covered in the real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 comparisons above (Steps 1, 2 and 3 especially).

Even if this flaw will be eventually fixed (we hope it won’t be), those flaws we put at the top of a checklist are most likely to be fixed last.

Now, as promised, the letter-by-letter fake vs real Cactus Jack 3M logo comparison.

travis scott jordan 1 high legit check

Step 11: Scan the sole for the asterisk pattern

Moving over to the sole, we’ve found one flaw that should help you authenticate the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott sneaker. One is very important, while the other one may not be as relevant.

Let’s start with the important authentication way. Flipping over the Air Jordan 1 and looking at the top of the sole, you will see a “star” or asterisk pattern. Have a look at the picture below.

legit check guide travis scott jordan 1

As you can see, the fake shoes have a significantly more pronounced asterisk pattern than their authentic counterpart.

Besides the level of depth, there are also differences in size and density, upon further inspection of this area.

In all honesty, this is not a go-to tell as much as the tongue tag is, since you’ll probably need a side-by-side fake and real Travis Scott Jordan 1 comparison to spot it out.

It is our job to mention it nonetheless and who knows — maybe it will be the deciding factor when authenticating Travis’ sneakers.

Step 12: Inspect the heel logo heat-stamp

Flipping the shoe back to normal and having a look at the heel logo, we’ll point a few things out.

We’ll refer to this Cactus Jack/Travis Scott logo as the heat-stamp, since that’s the technique used to embed this logo on the Air Jordan 1.

This item is placed in the lower half of the list since it’s becoming a hard thing to tell apart without an authentic sneaker next to it to compare. Nonetheless, it is still a good way to authenticate the AJ1 TS.

Have a look at the authentic vs fake comparison:

travis scott jordan 1 brown fake vs real

As you can see, the heat-stamp is not only thinner and less defined, but also less pronounced. Once again, compromises are made in the production of this sneaker so as to save on costs.

If anything seems suspicious when it comes to this Travis Scott logo, refer to our pictures here. Below we’ve attached a second set of pictures to use as reference:

real vs fake travis scott jordan 1 og

In this case, we’re looking at a better version of a fake. Nonetheless, you can spot out a weaker heat-stamp, since the “deboss” (or indent) is not as deep as you can see in the authentic example.

Again, easier to tell with an authentic example, so refer to our pictures at all times. Make sure you bookmark this guide!

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Step 13: Have a brief look at the size tag, see if the QR code is present

Since the size tag is not that much of a reliable tell, we won’t insist with microscopic comparisons.

Once again, we’ll refer you to other points which are faster ways to authenticate the Travis Scott Jordan sneaker.

Nonetheless, we need to mention how this type of size tag is always used on fake pairs. Note: that doesn’t automatically mean that a pair with this kind of size tag is a fake.

fake travis scott jordan 1 comparison

This is the traditional Nike/Air Jordan tag which does come with Asian releases.

If your pair of Travis Scott Jordan 1s come with this size tag, pay closer attention to the other tells. The reason why we’re adding this step to our comparison guide is that fake Travis Scott Jordans usually don’t come with the normal size tag.

This bit of information should help you weigh in your decision if you’re on the fence.

Quite interesting, but such flaws apply to the low-top Travis Scott Jordan 1s as well.

Step 14: Feel the packaging paper

Last but not least, we’ll draw your attention to the packaging in which the Cactus Jack Jordan 1s come.

travis scott jordan 1 fake check

It might seem difficult to tell from a picture, but adding this piece to the guide might save a few people from getting scammed if they’ve got the pair in hand.

The wax paper found on the fakes is thinner than its authentic counterpart, so keep this in mind.

Besides that, because of the thinner material, the shade of colour is also different.

For some reason, fake manufacturers are sending out these Jordans with a darker pink shade, even though it’s impossible to tell from the picture above.

Keep these two things in mind, along with the following addendum: the prints on the fake packaging paper could also be more washed out or faded.

Are the Travis Scott Jordan 1 true to size?

The Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 fits true to size – meaning, just like any other pair of shoes. You won’t need to go a size up or down in order to feel comfortable in these.

How can I tell fake Travis Scott Jordan 1s in 30 seconds?

If I would have to legit check the Travis Scott AJ1 in a couple of seconds, here’s how I’d go about it:

  1. I’d go straight for the tongue tag to see if I can quickly spot out the bolded text.
  2. Touch the shoes in order to see the quality of the suede material. After touching the legit shoes, the suede material must leave traces behind.
  3. I’d also verify whether the toe box holes are as big as the ones found on the fakes.
  4. Last but not least, I’d analyse the ends of the Nike reverse Swoosh.

That, in other words, is how to legit check the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 in 4 easy steps.

Naturally, the picture comparisons above will help you tremendously, but we’ve carved this checklist out so that you can have a quick, go-to place if you need to authenticate the Travis Jordan 1s in a hurry.

Where can I get my Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 authenticated?

It’s one of the services we offer. We’re putting out all these guides which will be free forever, but if for some reason you still have doubts, we’re happy to have a look for you.

Get our opinion

The process is simple: send us pictures of the pair you want authenticated and we’ll come back with a verdict in 24 to 48 hours (sometimes even faster).

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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