Canada Goose Black Label: Authentic Vs Fake (Guide)

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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Ch David

Have you got a Canada Goose Black Label item? Not sure if it’s real?

Whether it’s a jacket, a vest, or anything else — this is the guide you need.

Explore the 9 ways to spot a fake with us.

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Let’s go with the Black Label.

How to spot fake Canda Goose Black Label

Fake products from the Canada Goose Black Label collection often have their badge’s text thicker than the original.

As it is the #1 authenticity teller, we will begin the guide with the badge.

1. Badge

  • Authentic:
    • Thinner and smaller “CANADA GOOSE®” text.
    • Thicker Canadian Maple leafs. More defined letters in “ARCTIC PROGRAM.”
  • Fake:
    • Thicker and bigger “CANADA GOOSE®” text.
    • Thinner and less defined Canadian Maple leafs.
    • Inconsistent letter thickness in “ARCTIC PROGRAM.”

Let’s look at another fake Canada Goose Black Label badge:

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Canada Goose experts:

2. Neck tag

There are two types of neck tags: Short & Long prints.

We’ll begin with the short version and finish with the long one.

2.1. Short text


  • “ARCTIC PROGRAM” badge text is thicker.
  • “Made in Canada/FabriquĂ© au Canada” inscription is thicker and appears smaller, giving a boxier appearance.
  •” text is thicker and more defined.


  • “ARCTIC PROGRAM” badge text is too thin.
  • “Made in Canada/FabriquĂ© au Canada” inscription appears too thin and too large.
  •” text looks too thin.

2.2. Long text


  • “CANADA GOOSE®” text is thinner and smaller.
  • Two blocks of text on the neck tag appear thinner and less bulky.


  • “CANADA GOOSE®” text at the top of the badge looks too thick and a bit too big.
  • Two big blocks of text on the neck tag appear too thick and massive.

3. Stitching (Badge)


  • Badge has a curvy and thick stitching at its edge, making it appear chunkier.


  • Incorrect thickness in stitching at the edge of the badge.
  • Badge appears thin and very small due to the missing thick curvy stitching line.

4. Wash tag


  • “NEW MATERIAL ONLY” text is thinner and bigger.
  • Blue label on the wash tag appears darker.


  • “NEW MATERIAL ONLY” text looks too thick and boxy.
  • Blue label on the wash tag is too light.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Pull tab


  • “CANADA GOOSE®” text is bigger, wider, and thinner.


  • “CANADA GOOSE®” text is too boxy and too thick.

6. Holographic tab


  • Holographic label is properly glued on the fabric and perfectly placed on the tab.


  • Label is misplaced and positioned too low, leaning below the fabric it should be glued to.

7. Content label


  • Canadian Maple leafs are bigger and more defined.
  • “Content Label/Étiquette d’entretien” text is thicker and more defined.


  • Canadian Maple leafs look too small.
  • “Content Label/Étiquette d’entretien” text is too thin.

8. Pocket


  • “CANADA GOOSE®” text is thicker and more visible.


  • “CANADA GOOSE®” text appears too thin and less visible.

Note: Faded text on used authentic items isn’t always a reliable authenticity factor.

9. Rectangular patch

  • Authentic: “CANADA GOOSE®” text is thicker and wider.
  • Fake: Text looks too thin and too narrow.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Canada Goose Black Label

  1. Inspect the badge on the side of your item. Counterfeit Canada Goose Black Label pieces often display incorrect text and Maple leaf thickness.
  2. Examine the neck tag text. Fakes typically have imprecise thickness here.
  3. Assess the badge’s stitching. On replicas, this often appears too thin.
  4. Verify the wash tag text. Counterfeit items might show inconsistent font-weight.
  5. Check the pull tab text at the jacket’s back. Fakes usually get the text thickness wrong.
  6. Inspect the holographic tab near the wash tag. Fakes often have poorly attached tabs.
  7. Look at the pocket’s text holding the wash tag. Counterfeit versions may appear too thin.
  8. Review the “CANADA GOOSE®” text on the pocket’s handler. Replicas usually have thinner and less visible text.
  9. Check the “CANADA GOOSE®” text on the rectangular patch. Fake items often display narrower and thinner text.

For a quicker approach, we’ve summarized a 60-second guide to authenticate your Canada Goose.

Here are the key indicators to help you discern if you possess a genuine CG Black Label or not.

Expert Canada Goose Black Label authenticity check

Not sure if your jacket is real?

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That’s it for now. Thank you for reading this legit check guide!

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