How To Spot A Fake Chanel Wallet-On-Chain Bag (2024)

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chanel wallet on chain fake vs real
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Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Ch David

This is the ultimate authentication guide for the Chanel Wallet On Chain bag. We’ll look at every best way to tell if your bag is real or not.

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How to tell if Chanel WOC bag is fake

The quickest way to identify a fake Chanel Wallet On Chain bag is by checking the inscriptions inside. One side should have the Chanel logo and brand name, while the other side should show where it was made.

1. Interior label

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's logo
  • The fake bag’s “CHANEL” text is too thin and big.
  • The fake “CHANEL” text has too much space between its letters.
  • See how the CC small logo is too thin as well on the fake Wallet On Chain bag.

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2. Manufacturing country

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's country of manufacturing print
  • The fake bag has letters too big and thin.
  • The fake letters are also improperly positioned.
  • See how the “D” in the “MADE” text is a bit too thick at the bottom.

Genuine bags must have thick, boxy inscriptions. See the authentic example above for reference.

3. Serial code

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's date codes
  • The replica Chanel serial code has thinner numbers.

On the other hand, the numbers found on the legit bag’s product ID code are thicker and easier to read.

4. Interior stitching

For this step, we will inspect the stitching on the side of the bag that has the country of manufacturing’s text.

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's stitching
  • The fake bag has thicker stitches than the authentic bag’s.
  • The fake bag has its stitches too short as well.
  • The fake bag has its stitching angled too much, while all of the stitches on the legit bag are placed straight at 180 degrees.

The authentic stitches are straighter, while the fake ones are crooked.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Exterior stitching

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's caviar stitching
  • The fake bag has its stitches looking too thin, yet fit too deep into the bag.

The authentic bag has stitches that look thicker and fit less deeply into the bag.

6. Chanel CC

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's CC Logos
  • The fake “CC” logo is too shiny.

The authentic “CC” reflects less light compared to the fake example above.

7. Buttons

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's buttons
  • The replica WOC bag has its text improperly engraved into the metal button.
  • The fake bag’s “CHANEL” text looks too thin.

8. Caviar diamonds

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's leather
  • The fake bag has its caviar diamonds looking a bit smaller and narrower than the legit bag’s diamonds.

The authentic Chanel Wallet On Chain bag has its caviar diamonds a tad bit bigger and wider.

9. Shape

In most cases, replica Chanel bags look too wide and “fat”, while the legit bags are narrower and “skinnier”.

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's shape
  • The replica bag has a shape too wide and “fat”.

Se how the authentic bag is narrower.

10. Chainlinks

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's chains
  • The fake bag’s chains are improperly shining.
  • The fake bag has its chains shining too powerful.

The authentic chains have more of a “washed-out” look since they shine less powerfully than the fake bag’s chains.

11. Pocket

Authentic vs Fake comparison of the Chanel WOC bag's pocket
  • The replica bag has stitches that fit too deep into the bag.

The authentic Chanel bag has its stitching in the diamond-shaped caviar pattern looking less deep than the fake bag’s stitching.

Shortlist: Authenticate your WOC

  1. Examine the Chanel logo and the “CHANEL” inscription inside your bag. Counterfeit bags often feature improperly weighted text.
  2. On the inner side, observe the text indicating the country of manufacture. Replica bags typically show misweighted fonts and incorrect spacing between letters.
  3. Inspect the product ID code label inside your bag. Fake versions often present numbers that appear too slim.
  4. Evaluate the internal stitching of your bag. Counterfeit bags frequently showcase stitching that’s overly thick, short, and excessively angled.
  5. Observe the stitching in the caviar pattern. Fake bags tend to have stitching that’s too slender and deeply set.
  6. Review the iconic “CC” Chanel logo on your bag’s exterior. Counterfeit items can present logos that are overly glossy.
  7. Look at the “CHANEL” inscription on your bag’s buttons. Counterfeit bags often display the “CHANEL” wording that’s too slender.
  8. View your bag from the side to assess its contour. Fake bags often appear overly broad and puffed up.
  9. Scrutinize the diamond shapes in the caviar texture. Fake bags typically feature diamonds that are slightly too narrow.
  10. Evaluate hardware elements on the bag. Counterfeit bags often have chains that are overly shiny.
  11. Look at the rear side of the Chanel WOC bag. Many replica bags feature stitching that’s set too deeply.

At times, you might find it challenging to follow every in-depth step listed above to verify your Chanel WOC bag.

To address this, we’ve curated a swift 60-second guide for bag authentication.

Above are 11 key signs to help you discern between a counterfeit bag and a genuine Chanel-produced WOC bag.

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We’ve now reached the conclusion of our guide on how to differentiate between genuine and replica Chanel bags.

Keep an eye on this space, as we’ll be updating with newer insights and comparisons.

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