How To Spot A Fake Supreme Box Logo Hoodie (2024)

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

You can spot a fake Supreme box logo hoodie by checking the wash tag. A fake hoodie always has the wrong font-weight and placement for its characters. Real quality stands out!

Wondering how to spot a fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie? Then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we will link real vs fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie images in order for you to understand what we mean whenever we point out the flaws in the fake hoodies.

Below the fake vs real Supreme Box Logos images, we are going to explain the flaws of the fake Supreme Bogo so you can easily understand what’s going on.

Not the guide you’re looking for? Check out how to spot fake:

How to tell if your Supreme box logo hoodie is fake

You can tell if your Supreme box logo hoodie is fake or real by checking if the wash tag has too much space between its letters. You’ll also see washing instruction numbers being misplaced on a fake hoodie.

With this being said, let’s move to the full fake vs real Supreme Box Logo legit check guide.

1. Wash tag

1.1. Front

  • Overall, the text on the fake wash tag is slimmer, not as intense colour-wise and spaced differently than the authentic Supreme Bogo items.
  • The spacing flaw on the fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie can be the easiest to notice if you look at the spacing between the letters in the “Supreme” text at the top of the size tag.

Take a look at the stitching at the top of the fake Supreme item’s wash tag in the fake Supreme image below.

  • A black bar like this one in the fake Supreme wash tag image below at the top of the wash tag, although not very likely to be there, tells a 100% fake Supreme item.

Here’s another comparison:

  • The stitching at the top of the wash tag is almost continuous on the replica Supreme item’s wash tag.
    • The authentic Supreme item’s wash tag always has a “little break” into the stitches.
  • On the fake, the stitching is slanted and uneven compared to the authentic Supreme item’s wash tag.
  • The fake Supreme item has too little space between the “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” printing and the black line below.
    • On the other hand, the authentic Supreme has a lot more space between the “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” text and the black bar below.
  • At the bottom of the wash tag, there is a spacing problem between the bottom of the size tag and the last elements printed above.

1.2. Rear

Lastly, we are going to flip the wash tag to its rear side, and we will check the printing quality on the real vs fake Supreme hoodies’ wash tags.

  • The fake Supreme item has all of its printing looking way too thin compared to the authentic elements.

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2. Neck tag

  • The fake “Supreme” logo is wonky.
  • The fake letters are improperly positioned, as some letters are higher than they are supposed to be, and even the font weight differs too.
  • The fake letter “p” is thicker than the real hoodie’s letter.

Note: The spacing between the neck tags varies even on the retail Supreme Box Logo items, so don’t take it for the exact millimetric measure on your Supreme item too.

Let’s take a look at another comparison:

  • Despite the text’s distance varying on the authentic Supreme items’ neck tag, they should never be overlapping or touching as the text in the fake example, visible in the two real vs fake Supreme Bogo hoodie images below.
  • You will never see an authentic Supreme Bogo having the overlapping problem of these two tags pointing to the Supreme logo and the country in which the items were made.

On the other hand, on the fake Supreme items, it is common for these two to overlap.

Here’s another different comparison for your reference:

  • There is absolutely no spacing between the Supreme tag and the country of manufacturing tag on the fake Supreme Bogo item.

3. Box logo stitching

Reference point: In order to understand this better, you have to know that for this step, we are not going to look at the stitching on the letters of the Supreme Box Logo item, but at the “background” of the item, which is basically the box.

3.1. First comparison

  • The authentic Supreme Bogo’s box is cross-stitched.
  • On the other hand, the counterfeit Supreme Bogo’s box appears to be stitched only in straight lines.

3.2. Second comparison

In order to understand this easier, we have linked another comparison image with extra help:

  • The fake Supreme item’s box has only horizontal stitching, while the authentic item has cross-stitches, as we said previously.

3.3. Interior comparison

  • Now, with this real vs fake Supreme Bogo image, it’s even easier to observe the crossed stitching, as opposed to the fake Supreme item’s densely horizontally stitched area.
  • Moreover, you can notice the difference in terms of density when you look at the letters on the fake vs real Supreme Bogo hoodie’s letters.
  • Basically, the fake letters are way thicker than the letters on the legit Supreme Bogo.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Blank quality

The biggest flaw in the fake Supremes is that the hoodie they use is not of the same quality as the authentic version.

4.1. Interior fabric

This can be the most easily spotted if you look at the interior fleece texture on the fake vs real Supreme Box Logo hoodies.

  • It’d be way easier if you’ve seen both versions in front of your eyes but we’d say that the Supreme Bogo hoodie fake vs real image above exemplifies best the texture.
  • Needlessly to say, the difference is also in quality between the fake vs real Supreme Box Logo hoodies.

4.2. Matching colors

Another thing to look out for in one of the good Supreme replica versions on the market is that the cuff and the waistband are not the same colour as the rest of the hoodie.

supreme box logo rep vs real
  • As we have mentioned above, we have placed four examples of fake Supreme Box Logo items that have different colours for the waistbands compared to the colour of the rest in the hoodie.
  • Note how the bottom is generally darker compared to the rest of the fake hoodie.

5. Box logo lettering

5.1. Spacing

  • The fake Supreme Bogo has its letter “r” placed too close to the next letter, “e”.
  • At the bottom, the first leg in the letter “m” is crooked at the bottom, while the legit letter “m” is straight and flat on every leg.

5.2. Floating

The floating “e” is basically what it sounds like: the letter “e” in the box logo is placed higher than the rest of the letters.

  • By drawing a line, all letters should be aligned like in the authentic Supreme Box Logo examples.
  • Despite being a fine tale, the last “e” is usually a tiny bit higher than the other letters – what people started calling “floating e”.

Here’s another picture for reference:

  • The first “e” in the “Supreme” text is placed under the line in which the authentic Supreme Bogos will have all of their letters placed above.
  • If you’d draw a line below the authentic Supreme Box Logos, you will see how all of the letters are placed at the same level.

5.3. Thickness

Staying still on the letter “e”, we will also analyze the thickness of the letters on the real vs fake Supreme Box Logos.

  • Sometimes, fake Supreme items have this inconsistency where the highlighted line “e” is thinner than the other letter e’s line in the last example on the real vs fake Supreme Bogo image above.

5.4. Shape

Moving from the letter “e”, we have to inspect the real vs fake Supreme Bogo’s letter “m”.

  • On some of the counterfeit Supreme Box Logo versions, the arches on the “m” are inconsistent, as in the fake vs real Supreme Bogo image above.
  • On the authentic Supreme Bogos, you will always see the letters having the same font weight and stitching density for all of the letters.

5.4. Sinking

Another flaw of the letter “m” is the so-called “sinking m” which is basically another placement flaw.

  • The letter “m” is the lowest letter placed in the letter in the line of text.
  • On the authentic Supreme Bogo, all of the letters are placed at the same level.

5.5. Roundness

Now we are going to see the real vs fake Supreme Bogo’s letter “p”. Let’s have a look at the fake vs real Supreme images for reference.

  • The negative space inside the “p” is always an oval on the authentic Supreme Box Logos.
  • On the fake Supreme Bogos, it is often cut by the vertical line.

There are exceptions to this rule:

Right below, we have placed an example of an authentic Supreme Box Logo where you can see the letter “p”.

5.6. Spacing & Thickness

Now we are going to show you again an overall real vs fake Supreme Box Logo example of the text.

  • On some versions of the fake Supreme Box Logos, the letters are too bold.
  • As a consequence, the spacing between the letters is too small. It is easily noticeable in the highlighted points.

6. Patch quality

  • The fake item’s patch is slanted, as opposed to the clear-embroidered one on the authentic Supreme Bogos.
  • This is not to say that every single authentic Supreme box logo patch should be perfectly embroidered because production flaws emerge from time to time.

Note: This can happen as well on the retail Supreme Box Logo items if they’re not dried correctly or simply because of wear.

7. Box logo placement

  • The fake Supreme item’s frontal box logo is not centred in the middle of the hoodie.
  • All the authentic Supreme Bogos will always have their box logo placed in the middle of the fabric.

8. Red tag

  • The authentic Supreme items’ side tag is supposed to be placed so that the “Supreme” text is centred in the middle of the label.
  • The first and the third fake Supreme side tag examples have the “Supreme” text too close to the base, and not only that, but the tag is also too short, while the second fake example’s text is placed too far.

Shortlist: How to legit check Supreme hoodies

  1. Review the wash tags of your Supreme Bogo. Counterfeit wash tags often display varying font weights for their letters, and stitches may be incorrectly positioned.
  2. Analyze the neck tag. Fake Supreme neck tags tend to have two tabs placed too closely to each other, with letters improperly positioned and having inconsistent font weights.
  3. Validate the stitching on the box logo. Frequently, fake Supreme Box Logos feature horizontal stitching instead of the authentic cross-stitching found on genuine Supreme items.
  4. Examine the quality of the blank hoodie. Fake items commonly exhibit wristbands that are differently colored compared to the rest of the items.
  5. Check the lettering on the front of your Supreme box logo. Typically, counterfeit Supreme Bogos have letters with improper shaping and uneven weighting.
  6. Authenticate the quality of the Supreme box logo. Counterfeit items often have a slanted and uneven Supreme box logo.
  7. Inspect the placement of the box logo. While rare, fake Supreme items might have a misplaced box logo that is not centered in the middle of the item, unlike the authentic Supreme’s placement.
  8. Examine the Supreme logo on the side. Generally, the fake Supreme logo on the side of the item is not centered on the label, as it should be on genuine items.

The comprehensive eight-step comparison between authentic and counterfeit Supreme Box Logo items provided above might not be very convenient when you’re in a rush or looking to make an online purchase.

For this reason, we’ve put together a rapid 60-second method for verifying the authenticity of your Supreme Box Logo Hoodie.

Presented above are the foremost eight cues that can assist you in distinguishing between a genuine and a fake hoodie.

Expert Supreme box logo hoodie authentication

Should you require assistance in authenticating your Supreme Box Logo, rest assured that we are here to assist.

Simply provide us with high-quality images of your Supreme Box Logo, and within a timeframe of 24 to 48 hours, we will respond with the results. Alongside the results, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the rationale behind our assessment of whether your hoodie is genuine or counterfeit.

With this, we conclude our guide on identifying counterfeit Supreme Box Logo hoodies. As more accurate and updated comparisons become available, we are committed to continuously updating this article accordingly.

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