Supreme Box Logo Crewneck: Legit Check Guide (2024)

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

Got a Supreme crewneck/sweater/jumper? Not sure if it’s real?

Take a dive in our Supreme box logo crewneck guide to:

  • See what original Supreme looks like
  • Understand what makes a good and a bad fake
  • Compare yours against our real vs fake images.

This guide works for any Supreme crewneck (all colors, models, and seasons).

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Let’s waste no time and see how to legit check Supreme shirts!

How to tell if your Supreme sweater is fake

Tell if your Supreme sweater is fake by examining the wash tag on the interior side. It is the #1 authenticity teller.

Fake Supreme bogos often display printings on the wash tag that are either too thick, too thin, or improperly positioned.

1. Wash tag

1.1. Front

  • Authentic:
    1. Stitching at the top is consistent in weight and length.
    2. “Supreme” text printing is appropriately thick and well-defined.
    3. Registered trademark “®” symbol next to “Supreme” is adequately sized and thicker.
    4. “100% COTTON” text is thicker, wider, and larger.
    5. “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” text and the lines below have consistent and correct font weight.
    6. “MADE IN CANADA” / “RN 101837” prints are correctly weighted and not too boxy.
    7. Washing information symbols, including the “30°” symbol, are the correct size and not too thin.
  • Fake:
    1. Stitching at the top is uneven, with some stitches too thick or too thin, and they may also be too short.
    2. “Supreme” text appears too thin.
    3. Registered trademark “®” symbol is too small and thin.
    4. “100% COTTON” text is thinner, smaller, and boxier.
    5. “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” text and lines below it appear too thin, and font weight is not consistent across all letters.
    6. “MADE IN CANADA” / “RN 101837” prints are too thick and boxy.
    7. Washing information symbols, including the “30°” symbol, are smaller and thinner than on authentic items.

Let’s look at another example:

  • Authentic:
    • “Supreme ®” is thicker.
    • “100% COTTON” is smaller.
    • “CARE INSTRUCTIONS:” is thicker.
    • “30°” is thicker as well.
  • Fake:
    • “Supreme ®” is too thin.
    • “100% COTTON” is too big and wide. Uses a different font.
    • “CARE INSTURCTIONS:” is too thin.
    • “30°” is too thin.

1.2 Back

  • Authentic:
    1. The “100% COTTON” text is thicker and boxier.
    2. The inscription equivalent to “100% COTTON” in an Asian language on the authentic wash tag is thinner, taller, wider, and less boxy.
    3. The “0570-057-300” text on the authentic item’s wash tag has appropriate thickness.
    4. The “30” inscription in the bottom left corner of the authentic item’s wash tag has the correct thickness.
  • Fake:
    1. The “100% COTTON” text on the fake item’s wash tag appears too wide and too thin.
    2. The inscription equivalent to “100% COTTON” in an Asian language on the fake wash tag is too thick and too boxy.
    3. The “0570-057-300” text on the fake item’s wash tag is too thin.
    4. The “30” inscription in the bottom left corner of the fake item’s wash tag is too thin.

Another one:

  • Authentic:
    • Appropriate size and thickness are featured in the “100% COTTON” text in English on the wash tag.
    • On the wash tag, the “100% COTTON” text in an Asian language is thinner.
  • Fake:
    • The wash tag’s “100% COTTON” text in English is too big and thick.
    • Excessive thickness characterizes the “100% COTTON” text in an Asian language on the fake wash tag.

Want the expert's opinion? Let us legit check your Supreme:

2. Neck tags

  • Authentic:
    • “Supreme ®” text on the neck tag is of correct size and thickness.
    • Adequate space is maintained between the “Supreme ®” and “MADE IN CANADA” tags.
    • “MADE IN CANADA” text has proper thickness.
  • Fake:
    • “Supreme ®” text on the neck tag is too thin and large.
    • “Supreme ®” and “MADE IN CANADA” tags are too close, often touching.
    • “MADE IN CANADA” text on the tag is too thin.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

3. Box logo

3.1. Best fake

  • Authentic:
    1. The letter “S” in “Supreme” has uniform stitching and appears thinner at the bottom side.
    2. There is appropriate space between the letters “u” and “p”.
    3. The letter “r” is less curvy and arched.
    4. The letter “m” has standard thickness.
    5. The last “e” is thinner and a bit smaller at the bottom side where it curves.
    6. The inner part of the letter “p” forms a perfect oval shape.
  • Fake:
    1. The bottom side of the letter “S” in “Supreme” appears too thick.
    2. There is too little space between the letters “u” and “p”.
    3. The letter “r” appears too curvy.
    4. The letter “m” is slightly thinner than it should be.
    5. The last “e” is too thick and somewhat larger at the bottom side where it curves.
    6. The inner part of the letter “p” is too tall and not wide enough, not forming a perfect oval.

Let’s take a closer look at flaw number 6, on the letter “p”:

  • Authentic:
    • The interior circle of the letter “p” is appropriately wide…
    • Maintaining a balanced and authentic look.
  • Fake:
    • The circle on the interior side of the letter “p” appears too narrow…
    • Deviating from the authentic design, as highlighted in the comparison image.

3.2. Lower fake

Below is not “the worst” fake, but rather a poorer-quality version.

  • Authentic:
    1. The letter “S” is consistently stitched, maintaining the same weight throughout.
    2. There is appropriate spacing between the letters “u” and “p”, and also between “S” and “u”.
    3. The letter “r” is thicker and less curvy, maintaining the brand’s authentic design.
    4. Both the first and second letters “e” are adequately thick and curvy at the bottom side.
    5. The letter “m” is properly aligned and not angled too much to the right, with consistent stitching weight on every side.
  • Fake:
    1. The letter “S” appears too thin at the bottom and too thick in the middle curve.
    2. The spacing between the letters “u” and “p” is too large, while the spacing between “S” and “u” is too small.
    3. The letter “r” in the fake item appears too thin and overly curvy.
    4. The letters “e” on the fake item are too short and thin at the bottom curve.
    5. The letter “m” on the fake item looks italic, angled excessively to the right, with inconsistent stitching weight at different parts of the letter.

4. Blank

Inside the sweater, we’ll now analyse the quality of the fabric.

  • Authentic:
    • Superior blank quality with a distinct interior fleece texture.
  • Fake:
    • Inferior blank quality and incorrect interior fleece texture.

5. Interior box logo

  • Authentic:
    • Box logo is stitched perfectly without extra threads around the letters or the logo.
  • Fake:
    • Visible extra threads are present around the box logo and next to the letters.

Not clear enough? Check this out:

  • Authentic: No extra threads are visible next to the box logo.
  • Fake: Extra threads are visible next to the box logo.

6. Side tag

  • Authentic: The “Supreme” text is of appropriate thickness and is accurately placed.
  • Fake: The “Supreme” text appears too thick and may also be misplaced.

7. Alignment

  • Authentic:
    • The box logo placement on the crewneck always adheres to the example provided in the image above.
  • To Verify:
    • To analyze your box logo’s placement, take a picture of your crewneck similar to the example above and draw lines to verify correct placement.
    • Traditional measurement by hand with two rulers is also a viable option for verification.

Shortlist: Legit check your Supreme sweater

In a rush? Verify your Supreme sweater using this list:

  1. Check the wash tags of your Supreme bogo. Fake wash tags often have different font weights for their letters and improperly positioned stitches.
  2. Examine the neck tag. Fake Supreme neck tags may have their two tabs placed too close to each other, and the letters can be improperly positioned and font-weighted.
  3. Inspect the lettering on the front of your Supreme box logo. Fake items often have letters that are improperly shaped and weighted.
  4. Look at the quality of the blank crewneck. Fake items may have wristbands that are a different color from the rest of the item.
  5. Verify the box logo from the interior side. Replicas often have box logos and letters that are improperly stitched into the crewneck, with many extra threads.
  6. Examine the Supreme logo on the side. Fake Supreme logos on the side of the item may not be centered in the middle of the label, and the text can be too thin or too thick.

Brief all the points and check if your crewneck is on point or not.

Expert Supreme crewneck legit check

Our professional Supreme authentications team is here for you:

  • Simply send us high-quality pictures of your Supreme box logo.
  • We’ll provide you with the results within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Our results will include a comprehensive report explaining whether we believe your crewneck is fake or authentic.

This concludes our guide on how to identify fake Supreme box logo crewnecks.

Need our opinion on your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

Get a fully-detailed report for why you have a real or fake item. Takes less than 48 hours!

Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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