How To Tell If Nike Fear Of God 1 Are Fake (2024)

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Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by Ch David

Are you a great fan of originality, and you are bothered about how to spot fake Nike Fear Of God 1?

This guide will teach you just that — it works for all Fear Of God 1 colorways.

How to spot fake Fear Of God 1

You can spot fake Fear Of God 1s by checking the size tag and the insole. Fakes often have the wrong thickness for their inscriptions.

1. Curvature

  • Fake: The midsole has an exaggerated curve, as indicated by the curved lines in the image.
  • Authentic: The authentic pair has a more subtle curve, making it less arched compared to the fake pair.

Expert's Opinion - Let us verify your Nikes:

2. Text

  • Fake: The text is noticeably smaller and appears too thick, suggesting poor print quality.
  • Authentic: The authentic pair has larger, clearer text, indicative of higher print quality.

3. Laces

  • Fake: Marked by the red line, the distance from the outer cage to the lace hole is noticeably longer.
  • Authentic: Marked by the green line, the distance is shorter, as per the authentic design.

4. Swoosh

  • Fake: The replica Swoosh is both longer in width and thinner compared to the authentic logo.
  • Authentic: The Swoosh on genuine Nike Fear Of God 1 sneakers is shorter in width and thicker.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Stitching

  • Authentic: The stitching on the front part of the authentic Nike Fear Of God 1 is flat and straight, following the intended design specifications.
  • Fake: In contrast, the replica version shows noticeably arched stitching on the front, deviating significantly from the authentic model’s design.

6. Shape

  • Authentic: The rear width of an authentic Fear Of God 1 Nike is designed to be sleek and not overly wide, adhering to specific dimensions.
  • Fake: A glaring flaw easily noticeable with the naked eye is the widened rear on the fake Fear Of God 1 Nike pair, a deviation that authentic pairs will never exhibit.

7. Heel

  • Authentic: The text on the midsole of an authentic Fear Of God 1 Nike shoe is finely printed, offering good clarity and quality, particularly in the letter “O” in “GOD.”
  • Fake: The text on the midsole of the replica Fear Of God 1 Nike is generally too thick and lacks the quality seen in authentic pairs.

The letter “O” in “GOD” is especially flawed and serves as an easily recognizable sign of a counterfeit.

8. Air bubble

  • Authentic: The rectangle on the midsole of an authentic Nike Fear Of God 1 shoe has corners that are more squared off, making the shape look boxier.
  • Fake: The corners of the rectangle on the midsole of the fake Nike x Fear Of God 1 are overly arched and rounded, deviating from the boxier appearance of authentic pairs.

9. Zipper

  • Authentic: The zippers on the authentic Nike Fear Of God 1 have a subdued, matte finish. Both “FEAR OF GOD” and “NIKE” are accurately engraved.
  • Fake: The zippers on the replica pairs are noticeably too shiny. The flaw is consistent on both the “FEAR OF GOD” and “NIKE” zippers.

10. Sole

  • Authentic: The sole on the authentic Nike Fear Of God 1 has a darker shade of blue, which is the correct nuance.
  • Fake: The replica version features a sole with a noticeably lighter shade of blue. This difference is especially evident on unworn pairs or those that have minimal wear.

11. Tongue

  • Authentic: The blue box on the authentic Nike x Fear Of God 1 appears with the correct saturation and hue. The sizing text “M11” / “W12.5” is clear and well-defined.
  • Fake: On the counterfeit pair, the blue box is noticeably over-saturated and lighter in color.

Additionally, the sizing text appears to be less visible, scratched, and more spread out, giving a worn-out appearance.

12. Insole

  • Authentic: The text printed on the box inside the insole of the authentic Fear Of God 1 Nikes is proportionate, well-defined, and has a slight sheen.
  • Fake: In contrast, the text on the counterfeit pair is printed too wide, lacks the subtle sheen, and appears smaller in size than it should be.

13. Box

  • Authentic: On the authentic box, the “NIKE AIR FEAR OF GOD 1” text is centrally aligned, maintaining appropriate distance from both the left and right edges of the label.
  • Fake: On the counterfeit box, this text is noticeably shifted too far to the right, creating an imbalance in the layout.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Nike Air Fear Of God 1

  1. Inspect the midsole curving so it won’t be too curved
  2. Analyze the text on the midsole. Fakes have this text smaller
  3. Check the lace holes’ positioning so they won’t be too far away from the outer cage
  4. Inspect the size of the Swoosh on the outer cage. Fakes are too long in width
  5. Verify the stitchings so they aren’t too arched
  6. Analyze the rear shape so the shoes won’t be too fat
  7. Check the thickness on the “FEAR OF GOD” rear text. Fakes are too thick
  8. Analyze the corners of the blue box on the midsole. Fakes are too curved
  9. Look at the zippers so they won’t be too shiny
  10. Check the brightness of the blue on the soles. The replica soles are too bright
  11. Check the text inside the tongue. Fakes have this text too wide
  12. Verify the insoles. The fake pairs are less shiny and they are also smaller
  13. Inspect the positioning of the “NIKE” text on the box’s label so it isn’t placed too far from the left edge of the label

At times, you might not be able to follow every authentication step above for your Fear Of God 1 Nike.

For those moments, we’ve created a swift 60-second authentication guide.

Expert Fear Of God 1 authentication

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This concludes our guide on identifying genuine Nike Fear Of God 1s.

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