Louis Vuitton Bag: +20 Signs of a FAKE (2024 Guide)

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Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Ch David

When shopping for a Louis Vuitton bag, it’s crucial to ensure its authenticity. Fortunately, identifying a counterfeit Louis Vuitton purse can be straightforward if you’re aware of key aspects.

This guide works for any Louis Vuitton bag.

For model-specific tutorials, see our library of guides on how to tell fake LV products.

This guide will show you how to verify the authenticity of your Louis Vuitton bag. We’ll cover all the little details and also inspecting the bag’s hardware, stitching, and lining.

Let’s go.

How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag

Professional Louis Vuitton authenticators say that the #1 way to spot a fake bag is to check the label stitched on the inside.

It is never correctly replicated, according to our Expert LV Bag Authenticators.

1. Interior label

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Label
  • Authentic: Thicker text, with all letters placed at the same level.
  • Fake: Text is too thin and the letters are misplaced.

See how the “P” in “PARIS” is too far away from the rest of the letters on the fake bag.

Also, the fake “S” is too thick at the bottom.

Is it too hard? Reach out to our expert LV bag authenticators:

2. Date code

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Date Code
  1. Date Code Verification:
    • Before 1980: No date codes.
    • 1982 – Mid 1980s: 3- or 4-digit codes representing the year and month (year first).
    • Mid – Late 1980s: Introduction of letters for the factory, with the year first, followed by the month.
    • 1990 – 2006: Country code letters at the front, with the first and third numbers indicating the month, and the second and fourth the year.
    • 2007 – Present (as of 2021): Country code letters, followed by a week-based system (first and third numbers for the week, second and fourth for the year).
  2. Matching the Date Code and ‘Made In’ Stamp:
    • Ensure the country indicated by the letters in the date code aligns with the “made in” stamp. If there’s a discrepancy, the bag could be a counterfeit.
  3. Country Codes for Different Regions:
    • France: Codes like A0, A1, AA, AR, AS, BA, MI, VI, etc.
    • Germany: LP.
    • Italy: BC, BO, CE, MA, RC, RE, etc.
    • Spain: BC (2015 onwards), CA, LO, LB, GI, etc.
    • Switzerland: DI, FA.
    • USA: FC, FH, LA, OS, SD, TX, etc.

Remember, if the bag is vintage (pre-1980), it won’t have a date code.

For more recent bags, matching the date code with the “made in” stamp is crucial. Also, familiarize yourself with the specific letter codes for various countries.

3. Handler

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Handler
  • Authentic: Thicker, smaller, and generally boxier threads.
  • Fake: Thinner and longer stitches.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Flap

Louis Vuitton Croisette bag Real vs Fake Stitching
  • Authentic: Slimmer, more subtle stitching.
  • Fake: Very thick and boxy threads.

5. Leather

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Leather
  • Authentic: Textured, highly-detailed leather.
  • Fake: Smooth leather with no texture.

We’ve pointed out at this tab since it’s easier to spot this flaw on smaller tabs instead of the entire bag.

6. Bottom

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Bottom
  • Authentic: Bulkier stitching, with thicker and smaller stitches.
  • Fake: Thin and long threads.

7. Zipper

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Zipper
  • Authentic: Thick logo that comes out of the metal.
  • Fake: The “LV” logo is too thin — it doesn’t come out of the metal as much as the real one.

8. Strap

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Strap
  • Authentic: Somewhat slimmer stitches than the fake.
  • Fake: The stitches are too thick.

On a side note, see how the real stitches are “curlier” and how they curve more than the fake.

9. Lock

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Lock
  • Authentic: All letters have the same thickness.
  • Fake: The right side of the “V” is too thin.

10. Belt

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Belt
  • Authentic: All letters are perfectly readable.
  • Fake: The “N” in “VUITTON” is missing — it should be visible.

11. Keychain

Louis Vuitton Croisette bag Real vs Fake label
  • Authentic: Thinner letters — all with the same thickness.
  • Fake: The “LOUIS VUITTON” text is too thick.

12. Chains

Louis Vuitton Bag Fake Vs Real Chain
  • Authentic: Powerful golden shine.
  • Fake: Dull, less shiny color.

13. Buttons

Louis Vuitton Metis Bag Fake Vs Real label
  • Authentic: Smaller “LOUIS VUITTON” engraving.
  • Fake: Bigger and wider characters.

14. Initials

You’ll find these on smaller bags like the LV Twist.

Real Vs Fake Louis Vuitton Bag logo
  • Authentic: Shiny and powerful reflection of light.
  • Fake: Doesn’t reflect light as much as the original.

Online Listings: How to spot fake Louis Vuitton bags

1. Research the Bag

Illustration of a Louis Vuitton Bag
  • Understand the specific model you’re interested in.
  • Look for its typical features, including the design, color, hardware, and dimensions.

2. Choose Reputable Sellers

Browsing Louis Vuitton Bags On Farfetch
  • Prefer official Louis Vuitton stores or authorized retailers.
  • If considering third-party platforms, opt for well-known luxury resale sites with authentication services.

3. Seller Reviews & History

  • Read customer reviews and check the seller’s history for authenticity and service quality.

4. Verify Authenticity

  • Look for detailed images of the bag, including the date code, stitching, hardware, and monogram pattern.
  • Be cautious of sellers who refuse to provide additional photos upon request.

Make sure you download the Legit Check App for the latest guides!

5. Return Policies

  • Review the seller’s return policy.
  • Authenticity issues should warrant a return.

6. Beware of Too-Good-to-Be-True Prices

  • Extremely low prices can be a red flag for counterfeit products.
Louis Vuitton Bag Listing With A Low Price

7. Ask for Proof of Purchase

  • Request the original receipt or proof of purchase.
  • Note that some resellers may not have this.
Fake Louis Vuitton Belt receipt

8. Secure Payment Methods

  • Pay through secure platforms that offer buyer protection.
Homepage of the PayPal.com website

If you’re getting scammed with a fake and you paid for that item via PayPal or Credit Card, we can help you.

Our Certificate of Authenticity helps you get 100% of that money back. Guranteed!

9. Keep Communication on the Platform

  • Avoid moving communication outside the selling platform to ensure there’s a record of all interactions.

10. Consider Authentication Services

  • For added peace of mind, use a professional authentication service, especially for high-value purchases.

The #1 authentication service for Louis Vuitton is here. Give it a shot!

Expert Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication

We authenticate Louis Vuitton bags — our 3 teams of experts are here for you:

  1. Send us pictures of your bag
  2. Wait no more than 48 hours for the verdict (it usually takes just a few)
  3. Get a detailed authenticity report

Need our opinion on your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

Get a fully-detailed report for why you have a real or fake item. Takes less than 48 hours!

Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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