How To Spot Fake Nike Blazer Off-White (2024)

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

To spot fake Off-White Blazer Mid, you have to check the medial text on the left and the right shoes. Fake Off-White Blazers always have their text flawed in terms of font-weight and placement.

Afraid of getting scammed with fake Off-White Blazers? Tired of fakes?

You are in the right place if you wish to know how to tell fake Off-White Nike Blazers from the “THE TEN” collection.

In fact, we are here today to teach you how to spot fake Off-White Blazer Mid in just a few simple steps with our ultimate guide.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything about telling fake Off-White Blazers!

How to tell if Nike Blazer Off-White are fake

You can tell if Nike Balzer Off-White are fake by checking the medial text on each shoe. Thick and misaligned letters are always a sign of fake Blazers because authentic pairs never have such issues.

Replica manufacturers don’t manage to get the print right. Let’s check it out!

1. Medial text

Let’s start with the medial text on the left shoe, and then the medial text on the right pair too.

1.1. Left shoe

  • The “TM” text is deformed on the fake pair.
  • The word “Oregon” and the letter “D” in the word “MID” are too thick on the fake pair Blazers.

1.2. Right shoe

  • On the fake shoe, the “Off-White” text is placed too far from the suede panel.
  • The “TM” text is too thick on the fake Blazers, and the authentic “TM” print is thinner.
  • The “c. 1972” text is too big in height and is too stretched out, making it look wider than the print.
  • The fake “USA” text is too visible compared to the authentic Blazer’s text.
  • The fake shoes have the letter “S” in “USA” too visible.

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2. Blue panels

  • Fake shoes usually have transparent/white areas coloured blue instead of white.
  • The fake shoes above have a shade that goes to blue rather than pure white.
  • The legit shoes are white on the rear side.

Let’s have a look at an older comparison so that you can understand this step better.

  • Again, the blue panel’s flaw is visible in the pictures above too.
  • The legit shoes are white on the side of them, and the replica Blazers are too icy blue.

3. Code stamp

  • On the fake pair, the is code stamp placed too low below the suede fabric.
  • Hence, it is too far away from the leather above.
  • The authentic sneakers have the code stamp placed high inside the leather area as it isn’t visible at all.
  • Then, the fake Blazers have the code stamp fully visible.

4. Swoosh

  • The counterfeit pair has a few extra threads hanging when they shouldn’t be there.
  • The fake Swoosh doesn’t have the top side of it as curvy and angled as the authentic one is.

On the other hand, the authentic Blazer OW pair doesn’t give any sign of extra threads.

5. Rear NIKE text

  • The fake Off-White Nike Blazer OG’s “NIKE” text is too wide.
  • Hence it is too big on the fake pair.
  • The fake text isn’t actually engraved in the suede fabric. It wasn’t fit deep enough into the shoes.
  • The sponge around the patch with the “NIKE” text looks like a sponge on the fake pair.

The authentic fabric at the top should feel like a sponge.

6. Middle stitching

  • The fake Blazers have the middle stitching side looking deeper than needed and also looking deformed and out of shape.

7. Toe box

  • The fake toe box is flat instead of round.
  • The counterfeit Off-White Blazers have the toe box looking too lifted up from the sole area.

The authentic Blazers are a lot less curved on the bottom sole area than the fake shoes.


  • Most of the time, the fake “SHOELACES” print is either too thin or too thick.
  • In this case, the print is too thin on the fake pair.

9. Size tag

  • Usually, fake Blazers have the “QB” text on the top right corner looking too thick or too thin.
  • In this case, the fake “QB” print is too thin.
  • The fake “MADE IN CHINA” is also too thin on the fake Blazer’ size tag.

Shortlist: How to spot fake Off-White Blazer Mid

  1. Examine the medial text on your sneakers. Counterfeit shoes often feature overly thick or excessively thin medial text.
  2. Inspect the transparent panels. Fake shoes may have blue-colored panels instead of the authentic white ones.
  3. Scrutinize the code stamp. Fake Blazers tend to have the code stamp positioned too far from the leather portion above it, while genuine shoes are partially covered by that overlying leather area.
  4. Analyze the Nike Swoosh logo. In many cases, fake Blazers have a thicker top tip of the Swoosh, and it may lack the proper curvature.
  5. Check the rear “NIKE” text. Counterfeit shoes might display the “NIKE” text on the back as overly thick or small.
  6. Examine the middle stitching from the back. Fakes often have less defined and distorted stitches that deviate from the correct pattern, possibly including stray threads.
  7. Evaluate the toe box. Frequently, fake shoes lack the necessary curvature, and when viewed from the side, the counterfeit Blazers appear flat rather than properly arched.
  8. Inspect the “SHOELACES” print for appropriate thickness – neither too thick nor too thin.
  9. Verify the thickness of the size tag. Fake shoes commonly have these prints significantly thinner than they should be.

The comprehensive instructions provided for the nine steps to differentiate between fake and genuine Off-White Blazers are quite detailed, requiring a substantial amount of time to execute each authentication measure whenever you wish to validate the authenticity of your Blazers.

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With this, we conclude our guide on distinguishing between genuine and fake Off-White Blazer OGs.

We remain committed to enhancing this article by incorporating improved and more recent comparisons as they become available.

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