Sean Cliver Dunk Real Vs Fake: How To Legit Check (2024)

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real vs fake How To Spot Fake Sean Cliver Dunks - Real Vs Fake Nike SB Dunk Sean Cliver
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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

In this guide, we will:

  • Teach you how to spot fake Sean Cliver Dunks
  • Explain what makes an original pair
  • And show you what a best fake looks like

Finally, our professional team can also authenticate your Sean Cliver Dunks.

Let’s get at it!

How to tell if Sean Cliver Dunks are fake

To spot fake Sean Cliver Dunks, focus on the size tag inside each shoe and examine the rear side’s stitching and the “NIKE” text.

These are consistently flawed on fake Dunks.

1. Size tag

  • Authentic:
    • Style-code “DC9936-100” has correct thickness.
    • Uniform and correct thickness in the “UPC” code and “MADE IN CHINA” texts.
  • Fake:
    • Style-code “DC9936-100” is excessively thick.
    • “UPC” code text is too thick.
    • “MADE IN CHINA” text is overly thick.

Expert's Opinion - Let us verify your Nikes:

2. Back

Let’s look at the NIKE text logo on the back.

  • Authentic:
    • “NIKE” text has proper thickness and height.
    • Three middle-side stitches are shorter and thicker, appearing bulkier.
    • Double-stitching on the blue side is thinner and less noticeable, blending in more effectively.
  • Fake:
    • “NIKE” text is too thin and tall.
    • Middle-side stitching is too long and somewhat thin.
    • Double-stitching on the blue side is too thick and conspicuous.

3. Footbed

Remove the insoles to access the footbed.

  • Authentic:
    • Stitches on the footbed appear neatly aligned and consistent, with each thread following a discernible pattern.
    • Over 90% of stitches on the footbed maintain consistent thickness.
  • Fake:
    • Footbed stitches are messy and random, lacking alignment and consistent thickness.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Tongue

  • Authentic:
    • The “CLIVER” inscription has a thicker, more defined font-weight.
    • Stitches below the inscription are smaller, thicker, and bulkier, presenting a more robust appearance.
  • Fake:
    • The “CLIVER” inscription appears too thin.
    • Stitches are longer and thinner, lacking the defined and bulky appearance seen in authentic pairs.

5. Toe bx

  • Authentic:
    • The toe box has a deflated look and is more curved, providing a sleeker profile.
  • Fake:
    • The toe box appears too thick and insufficiently curved due to over-inflation, resulting in a bulkier appearance.

6. Interior tongue

  • Authentic:
    • The tongue label exhibits a light blue shade.
  • Fake:
    • The tongue label’s color appears washed out, displaying a greener shade of blue.

7. Box label

  • Authentic:
    • The style-code text is thicker and more defined.
  • Fake:
    • The “DC9936 100” style-code text is too thin.

Shortlist: Legit check your Sean Cliver Dunks

  1. Inspect the size tag inside each shoe for inconsistencies in font weights, a common flaw in fake pairs.
  2. Examine the rear of your shoes, particularly the “NIKE” text and stitching, as counterfeits often get these details wrong.
  3. Check the stitches on the footbed for proper alignment and thickness, as fake Sean Cliver SBs tend to have irregular stitching.
  4. Analyze the badge on the tongue of your Sean Cliver sneakers; fake versions often have improperly shaped text and stitching, along with incorrect thickness.
  5. Evaluate the inflation level of the toe box, which can be either too thick or too thin on replica pairs.
  6. Examine the interior tongue label with multiple lines of text, as fake versions may have overly dark coloring.
  7. Inspect the text on the box’s label, looking for signs of it being too thin, a common issue with counterfeit Sean Cliver SB Dunk Lows.

The 8 detailed steps provided above may not always be practical, especially when you’re in a rush or shopping online.

Here are the top 8 indicators to help you spot fakes.

Expert Sean Cliver Dunk authentication

If you require assistance with authenticating your Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver:

  • Simply provide us with high-quality photos of your sneakers.
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Thank you for relying on our real vs fake Nike SB Dunk Low x Sean Cliver legit check guide.

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Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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