How To Spot Fake Travis Scott Air Force 1 (Sail, AF-100)

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

You are in the right place if you wish to know how to spot the fake vs real Air Force 1 x Travis Scott.

In fact, we are here today to teach you how to spot fake Air Force 1 Travis Scott sneakers in fourteen simple steps with our ultimate guide.

This guide works for the Sail & AF-100 colorways.

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For now, let’s focus on the Sail & AF-100 Travis Scotts.

How to tell if Travis Scott Air Force 1s are fake

You can tell if your Travis Scott Air Force 1s are fake by checking the size tag. A fake pair would have thinner inscriptions, while real ones are always flawless.

Let’s check it out!

1. Size tag

  • The Swoosh at the top of the size tag is crooked. The authentic one is perfectly curvy.
  • The “MADE IN VIETNAM” and the “FABRIQUE EN VIETNAM” texts are significantly thicker and bigger on the fake size tag.

Finding it too hard? Have our experts legit check your Travis Scotts:

3. Reflectiveness

3.1. Side

  • The fake 3M lines are less concentrated.
  • The 3M lines look lighter and less coloured than the legit AF1’s.

Now let’s also have a look at the 3M lines from another angle on both the fake vs real Air Force 1 Travis Scott.

3.2. Top-down

  • The fake Air Force 1 Travis Scott has a lighter concentration for the 3M lines.
  • The legit sneakers are very colourful.

5. Velcro patches

  • The fake shoes have an icy blue outline for the Cactus Jack logos over the laces.

The real Cactus Jack logos have a light grey outline that’s completely different from the replica sneakers.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Grills

  • The pattern of the fake grills seems to have less metal material put into the grill itself.
  • The fake shoes seem to have negative/empty spaces between some of the grills.
  • They are obviously less dense and less squeezed deep into the font.

5. Swooshes

  • The fake Swooshes are too small.
  • The Nike AIR logo is positioned too far apart from the last 2 Swooshes on the fake paper.
  • The authentic ones are bigger and there is less distance to the NIKE AIR Logo.

6. Back

  • The letters “A” and “R” look a lot thicker than they have to look like.
  • Replica manufacturers used too much material in there.

7. Toe box

  • The toe box is too high on the fake Travis Scott Air Forces.
  • The front of the sneakers is too arched and it’s not as low as the one on the legit toe box.

Note the authentic shoes have a StockX tag. We’ve also got a separate StockX tag legit check guide if you need that.

8. Midsole

  • The midsole stitching looks a lot thinner, smaller and narrower.
  • The legit stitching on the midsole looks bigger and thicker, with no narrowing.

9. Sole

  • The fake sole of these sneakers is that they usually have these stars looking less defined and too thick.
  • The fake shoes have their stars looking like dots instead of actual stars.

Shortlist: Authenticate your pair

  1. Inspect the size tag of your sneakers. Ensure the text isn’t too bold and that the Swoosh on the top of the tag maintains the correct shape.
  2. Examine the 3M glowing lines. Often, counterfeit pairs feature 3M lines that appear duller and less vibrant in color.
  3. Study the Cactus Jack logos positioned over the laces. Many fake versions possess a blue outline rather than the authentic light grey one.
  4. Observe the grills beneath the Cactus Jack logos, over the laces. Counterfeit pairs frequently have fewer metal dots on the grill’s font.
  5. Scrutinize the Nike Swoosh logos. Counterfeit versions tend to have Swooshes that are smaller in both height and width, and they might be less rounded.
  6. Validate the rear “A I R” text. A common flaw in fake versions is that this text is overly bold.
  7. Assess the toe box height. Often, the toe box in counterfeit shoes is overly arched and curvy, while authentic pairs feature a less pronounced curve.
  8. Examine the midsole stitching. On fake Air Force 1 TS sneakers, the stitching is typically too fine.
  9. Review the sole’s star patterns. Counterfeit AF1 TS sneakers often have stars that appear overly bold and more like dots than actual stars.

The nine steps for distinguishing between fake and real Air Force 1 Travis Scott provided above are comprehensive, but they can be time-consuming when you’re trying to verify the authenticity of your Jordans.

For this reason, we’ve put together a quick 60-second guide to help you authenticate your Air Force 1 Travis Scott sneakers.

Above are the top nine signs to look out for in determining whether you possess a counterfeit pair or a genuine article.

Expert Travis Scott Air Force 1 authentication

Need assistance in authenticating your Air Force 1s? We’re here to help.

Simply send us clear photos of your Air Force 1, and we’ll provide feedback within 24 to 48 hours. Along with our findings, we’ll include a detailed report explaining our assessment of your sneakers’ authenticity.

That concludes our guide on distinguishing real from fake Air Force 1 Travis Scott. We’ll keep this guide updated as more refined comparison methods emerge.

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Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

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Ch Daniel and Ch David

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