How To Spot A Fake Off-White Bag (2024)

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how to authenticate off-white bags
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Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Ch David

Tis guide teaches you how to authenticate your Off-White bag.

Looking to spot fake Off-White clothes? We’ve got a separate guide for that.

How to tell if your Off-White bag is real

The best way to spot fake Off-White Binder Clip bags is to look at the “MAIN LABEL” inscription on the interior side. Replica bags never have their text at the correct thickness and at the right kerning amount between the characters, while all of the authentic bags have to be flawless.

1. Main label

1.1. Printed

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags for their main labels
  • The fake Off-White bag has its “MAIN LABEL” text which looks too big and with multiple font weights.
    • See how thick the word “MAIN” is on the fake bag, as well as how the word “LABEL” is too thin.
    • The genuine bag has the same thickness for all characters.
  • The “2013” numbers also look very thick on the fake Off-White bag.
  • On the right side, the block with three lines of text also has a mixed font-weight.

1.2. Stitched

This is what an authentic Off-White stitched label looks like inside the bag.

Is it too hard? Reach out to our expert Off-White authenticators:

2. Made in Italy

You’ll find this inscription inside the bag as well.

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags
  • The fake bag’s “Off-White TM” text is really thin when compared to the real deal.
  • The “MADE IN ITALY” text looks too big, wide, and thick on the fake Off-White bag.
  • This thickness issue can be especially seen in the letter “L” in the word “ITALY”.

Back to the authentic Off-White Binder Clip bag, you can see how its “MADE IN ITALY” text looks smaller, narrower and thinner than the fake bag’s text.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

3. Stripes

3.1. Classic pattern

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags for their stripes
  • The fake bag has the wrong amount of stripes — it has 8 instead of 7 stripes.
  • All genuine Off-White Binder Clip bags must have the amount of seven stripes.

3.2. Other authentic patterns

Above you can see three examples of different authentic Off-White bags.

  • Looking at the first bag, we’ve spotted six stripes.
  • At the second one, we spotted another six stripes.
  • Lastly, the red bag has seven stripes.

4. Clip

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags clips
  • The fake bag has its “Off-White TM” text badly engraved into the metal.
  • The fake text is too thin.

5. Keychain

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags keychains
  • The fake “OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH” text is too thin.
  • The fake text is also bigger than the same inscription seen on the genuine bag.

6. Shape

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags shapes (from the side)
  • The authentic bag has a straight and narrow look.
  • The fake bag has this sort of fat look on the bottom side. So, it looks wider than what it should look.

Note: Both of the bags are empty in the picture above, as we want this to be a fair comparison.

7. Belt

Your bag should present the classic Off-White Industrial belt.

Comparing authentic and fake Off-White bags' belts
  • The fake bag has its “Weight Securing System” looking a bit too thick.
  • Most noticeable especially in the letter “W” in the word “Weight”.

Shortlist: Legit check your bag in seconds

  1. Check the “MAIN LABEL” text inside the bag, as the replica bags commonly have their text at the wrong thickness
  2. Verify the “Off-White TM MADE IN ITALY” inscription, because the fake bags have their text looking too thick in most of the cases
  3. Examine the Off-White logo stripes on the exterior side. The replica Off-White bags usually have the wrong amount of stripes
  4. Look at the clip on your Off-White bag, as the fake bags tend to have their “Off-White TM” text too thin
  5. Check the keychain’s text on the Off-White bag, since the fake ones usually have their text too thin as well
  6. Inspect the shape of your bag from the profile side, since fake bags usually have a wider look
  7. Remember to also look at the belt of your bag, since the fake bags usually have their text at the wrong thickness.

At times, you might find it challenging to meticulously follow every step we’ve detailed above for verifying your Off-White bag.

In response, we’ve curated a swift 60-second method to validate your Off-White bag. Presented above are the top 7 key signs to gauge whether you own an imitation or an authentically produced bag.

Professional Off-White bag authentication

Should you seek guidance in determining the authenticity of your Off-White bag, look no further.

Simply provide us with clear photos of your Off-White bag. Expect a comprehensive assessment within 24 to 48 hours. Alongside our findings, we’ll furnish a detailed explanation supporting our judgment on the authenticity of your bag.

In conclusion, our guide focusing on the five pivotal points to spot counterfeit Off-White bags wraps up here.

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