General Guide: Off-White Print

Ch Daniel
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Please keep in mind that the wash tag and neck tag guides should be enough to be able to LC. I understand that sometimes the seller might not have photos of them, but I recommend it’s better to simply ask for these pictures.

Now, because there are numerous prints Off-White is generating and this is a general, all-around guide, the purpose of this article is to only point where you could check. Teaching how to fish, not giving a fish.

  1. Find a place where the item you’re legit checking is selling ( or Facebook groups, for instance)
  2. Look for your item
  3. Find listing where the wash tag is there so you can judge the authenticity
  4. After you made sure the item is legit, take into account the seller’s feedback/reputation – use your judgement
  5. Compare the print on the presumably legit item with the one you’re authenticating

What should I pay attention to?

I’ll list below some common flaws. I’m asking for the help of the community to email me ([email protected]) some new flaws they notice so that this list will grow

Off-White Text Guide Mirror

1. “OFF” print on the front usually lacks distressing (photo courtesy of

2. Compare the collection name font – notice how below the “O” is different, “R” is slightly different and letters are flimsy on the fake. Note: color is also important but I recommend keeping that comparison only if you have the pieces physically in front of you. Lighting plays a huge role in this.

Off-White Mirror Text Guide

3. Compare the print on the back

Off-White Text Guide LC

(courtesy of Josh Jones, Jiayou Yuan, Mattia Vistsentin) – W is too wide at the top, E is not aligned correctly, space between blocks on the H (pointed) is slightly too wide on the fakes

Pay attention to fine details and imagine where would fake manufacturers mess up. Ask yourself: which features are harder to replicate?

Off-White Floral Print LC

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Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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