How To Spot Fake A Prada Re-Edition 2005 Bag

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fake prada 2005 re-edition bag
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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

The best way to spot a fake Prada Re-Edition 2005 shoulder nylon bag is to check the label inside the bag. Fake bags never have their “PRADA” text correctly font-weight-ed. Another good sign of the authenticity of the Prada 2005 Re-Edition bag is the label of the pocket which has the same text flaws.

If you are trying to learn how to spot a fake Prada Re-Edition 2005 shoulder nylon bag, then you are in the right place to do so.

By reading this article, you are going to learn the fastest ways to spot a fake Prada Re-Edition 2005 shoulder nylon bag.

In this guide, you’ll find real vs fake Prada Re-Edition 2005 shoulder nylon bag images so that the information will be clear and easy to understand.

How to tell if a Prada Re-Edition 2005 is real or fake

You can tell if a Prada Re-Edition 2005 is real or fake by inspecting the “PRADA” label inside the bag. A fake Prada always has the text thinner and with more space between the letters compared to a real label.

Let’s check this out!

1. Interior label

  • The fake bag’s letters have different thicknesses, while the letters on the authentic bag’s label have the same font-weight all around the label.
  • In the word “PRADA”: The fake bag’s letters “P”, “D” and the last “A are too thin.
  • In the “MILANO” text: The fake Re-Edition 2005 bags’ text is too thin.
  • In “MILANO”, there is too much space between the letters “L” and “A”.

On the other hand, the authentic bag’s prints on the interior label have the same amount of space between the letters on both lines of text.

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2. Pocket badge

  • The “MILANO” text is too thin on the fake bag.
  • The fake bag’s “DAL 1913” text is wider than the text found on the legit bag’s text.
  • On the fake Prada, the stitching surrounding the metal badge’s outline is too thin as well.

3. Re-Edition label

  • The fake bag has its text looking too thick.
  • The “PRADA” text is too thin on the fake Re-Edition bag.
  • The “Re-Edition” text is too thin as well, while the legit bag’s text is thicker.
  • The same “thin text flaw” can be visible in the “2005” text of the fake Prada bag.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Belt

  • The fake bag’s “PRADA” text is too thin.
  • The fake letters “R” and “A” are improperly spaced between them, as there is too much space.

Going back to the authentic Prada 2005 Re-Edition bag, you can see how it has its text with the same space between its letters.

5. Strap

  • The fake bag has its strap’s stitching improperly shaped.
  • By that, we mean that the fake bag’s stitching is too thin.

The real bag has its stitching thicker than the one found on the fake bag.

6. Chains

  • The fake bag’s chains are too shiny when compared to the ones found on the legit bag.

As for the authentic Prada bag, you can see how it has its chains looking less shiny than the ones on the fake bag.

7. Keychain

  • The fake “PRADA” inscription is too thick.
  • The fake letters also have less space between them.

The same text on the real keychain is visibly thinner and has more space between its letters.

8. Zippers

  • The “PRADA” and the “MILANO” engravings are too thick on the fake bag.

The authentic Prada 2005 Re-Edition bag’s zipper inscriptions are thinner.

9. Glue stains

  • The the fake bag has glue stains and white spots where the bottom side of the bag’s material “merges” with the material from the side of the bag.

On the other hand, the authentic bag is properly crafted, as there are no glue stains or any white spots, while the fake bag does have signs of sloppy craftsmanship on the bottom.

10. Dust bag

  • The fake bag’s text on the dust bag is coloured black, while the text found on the legit bag is blue.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Prada Re-Edition 2005

  1. Examine the interior label of your Prada bag for variations in font weights within the text.
  2. Verify the pocket’s badge on your Prada bag. Fake bags often have improperly weighted text and thin stitching along the badge’s outline.
  3. Inspect the text on the “Re-Edition 2005” tab of your bag. Genuine Prada 2005 Re-Edition nylon shoulder bags have consistent text thickness, while replicas may differ.
  4. Look at the belt of your bag. Fake Prada 2005 Re-Edition bags frequently have thin text with uneven spacing between letters.
  5. Quickly review the strap of your bag. Stitching on the straps of fake Prada 2005 Re-Edition bags is often too thin.
  6. Check the shine of the hardware chains. Many replica Prada bags have overly shiny chains.
  7. Inspect the text on the keychains of your Prada bag. Replica nylon shoulder bags often have overly thick text on the keychains.
  8. Examine the text on the bag’s zippers. Counterfeit bags tend to have overly thick text on the zippers.
  9. Verify the bottom of your Prada 2005 Re-Edition nylon shoulder bag. Fake Prada bags may exhibit glue stains on the bottom.
  10. Check the text on the dust bag of your Prada bag. Replica Prada 2005 Re-Edition bags may have text colored in black instead of blue.

In some cases, you might not have the time to follow each detailed step outlined above when you’re trying to authenticate your Prada 2005 Re-Edition bag.

To address this, we’ve put together a quick 60-second solution for authenticating your bag. Above are the top 10 indicators that can assist you in determining whether your shoulder bag is an original Prada-manufactured 2005 Re-Edition or a counterfeit.

Expert Prada Re-Edition 2005 authentication

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