6 STEPS: Can You Spot The Fake Chloé Bag?

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Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Ch David

You might be here because you:

  • Have a Chloé bag
  • Are not sure if it is authentic
  • So you need to verify it

In this guide, we’ll teach you just that with the Chloé Faye for reference.

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How you can tell if a Chloé bag is real

To tell if your Chloé Faye bag is real, look at the T-shape stitching on the side of the bag. Original stitching should have the same density all over the T shape.

1. Stitching

1.1. Side (T-Shaped)

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their stitching
  • Authentic: Features double-stitched T-stitching, making it robust.
  • Fake: Usually has just one layer of stitching, making it appear too thin.

1.2. Flap

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their flaps
  • Authentic: Stitching on the side is thinner and more refined.
  • Fake: Features noticeably thicker stitching on the side.

Is it too hard? Reach out to our Chloé experts take a look at your bag:

2. Interior

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their interior lining
  • Authentic: Features a more wrinkled and less “perfect” lining.
  • Fake: Interior is smoother and looks too perfectly lined.

3. Circle

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their buckle
  • Authentic: Less shiny and differently colored.
  • Fake: Too shiny, often due to excessive rose-gold coloring.

4. Stamp

4.1. Straightness

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their engraving
  • Authentic: “Chloe” text is parallel to the stitching line below.
  • Fake: “Chloe” text is crookedly positioned compared to the stitching line.

4.2. Distance

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their logos
  • Authentic: The “Chloe” text is placed closer to the stitching below it.
  • Fake: The “Chloe” text is placed too far away from the stitching below.

5. Chainlinks

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their chains
  • Authentic: The chains on the authentic Chloe Faye bag appear less shiny.
  • Fake: Fake chains Chloe Faye bag shine into light way more than those on the authentic bag.

6. Buttons

Comparing real vs fake Chloé bags for their buttons
  • Authentic: Properly sized buttons.
  • Fake: Smaller buttons than the authentic bag.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Chloé Faye bag

  1. Examine the Stitching: On genuine Chloe Faye bags, focus on the “T” shape stitching on the side. Counterfeits often have too thin stitching in this area, while the rest of the bag’s stitching appears too thick.
  2. Interior Lining Check: Authentic Chloe bags usually have a distressed look on the interior bottom side, in contrast to the flawless appearance of many fakes.
  3. Metal Circle Assessment: Genuine Chloe bags don’t have an overly shiny or rose-gold colored metal circle.
  4. Inner Text Inspection: Authentic bags have the “Chloe” text neatly aligned, whereas fakes often position it crookedly or too distant from the stitching line below.
  5. Chain Quality: The chains on counterfeit Chloe Faye bags are typically too shiny compared to the authentic ones.
  6. Button Size: Fake Chloe Small C bags tend to have undersized buttons.

We understand that sometimes you might not have the time or resources to go through every authentication step for your Chloe Faye bag.

For such instances, we’ve crafted a swift 60-second guide to help you.

Expert Chloé Authentication

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  • Simply send us high-quality photos of your Chloe Faye bag.
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  • Our analysis will include a detailed report on the authenticity of your bag.

Thank you for reading our guide on how to spot a fake Chloe Faye.

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