Supreme San Francisco Box Logo: Real Vs Fake (Guide)

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how to spot fake supreme sf bogo
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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Ch David

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the Supreme San Francisco Box Logo tee.

As many other tees, this is dedicated to a Supreme store opening: San Francisco this time.

Let’s see how to legit check it!

How to spot a fake Supreme San Fransisco box logo

To spot a fake Supreme San Francisco box logo t-shirts is by examining the neck tag.

Fake Supreme SF box logo tees consistently feature text with incorrect thickness on the neck tag.

1. Neck tag


  1. The “Supreme” text within the box logo is thin and slim.
  2. The registered trademark “®” symbol is placed near enough to almost touch the box logo.
  3. The three lines of text in the middle of the neck tag are sufficiently thick.


  1. Letters within the box logo appear too thick and bulky.
  2. The “®” symbol is situated too far away from the box logo.
  3. The three lines of text on the neck tag are too thin.

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2. Box logo


  • The letters in the “Supreme” box logo, such as “p”, exhibit a thicker appearance.
  • Letters “u” and “p” are closely positioned to each other.


  • The letters, particularly the leg of “p”, are too thin.
  • Excessive space is observed between the letters “u” and “p”.

3. Back

On the back you can find the address for the Supreme San Francisco store:

1015 Market Street, San Francisco.


  • The “1015 Market Street” text appears thicker and smaller, yielding a boxier appearance.


  • The “1015 Market Street” inscription is notably thinner and taller.

Shortlist: How to check your tee

  1. Neck Tag: Check the neck tag for text that may appear either too thin or too thick compared to authentic retail t-shirts.
  2. Box Logo: Examine the box logo for letters that are too thin and improperly spaced between them.
  3. Back Text: Look at the text on the back of the tee, which may appear too thin and too tall on fake t-shirts.

These quick checks can help you determine whether you have a genuine or fake Supreme San Francisco box logo tee, especially when you’re in a hurry or shopping online.

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