Supreme Swaorvski Real Vs Fake: Box Logo (Tee & Hoodie)

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Supreme Swarovski
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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

This guide will teach you how to legit check the Supreme x Swarovski Box Logo.

Works for both hoodies & tees, in all colors.

We know you have no time to waste. Let’s go!

How to spot fake Supreme x Swarovski

The fastest to spot fake Supreme Swarovski Box Logo is by examining the interior side of the neck tag.

Given that these Supreme x Swarovski Box Logo items are relatively simple, featuring only the front box logo, neck tag, and wash tag, inspecting the neck tag provides a quick way to spot fakes.

1. Neck tag


  • Supreme Text: Slimmer “Supreme” text inside the box logo on the neck tag.
  • Registered Symbol: Thinner trademark registered symbol (“®”) next to the box logo.
  • Neck Tag Text: More compact and thinner text (“PRE-SHRUNK / 100% COTTON / MADE IN U.S.A.”) in the middle of the neck tag.
  • Size Label: “XL” letters are placed closely together.


  • Supreme Text: Thicker “Supreme” text inside the box logo on the neck tag.
  • Registered Symbol: Bolder and thicker trademark registered symbol (“®”).
  • Neck Tag Text: Text in the middle of the neck tag appears bolder and larger.
  • Size Label: “XL” letters have more spacing between them.

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2. Wash tag


  • Top Text: Utilizes a specific font for “100% COTTON.”
  • Middle Text: Features text lines that are not overly thick.
  • RN#101837 Text: Displayed with a standard font size and thickness.


  • Top Text: Employs a different font for “100% COTTON.”
  • Middle Text: All text lines appear too thick.
  • RN#101837 Text: Exhibits overly large and thick characters, utilizing a different font.

These details provide a straightforward comparison of the wash tags found on authentic vs. fake Supreme x Swarovski Box Logo items, focusing on text font, thickness, and formatting differences.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

3. Box logo

The beloved Supreme box logo, now with shiny crystals.


  • Letter “S” Shaping: Shorter at the bottom left corner.
  • Logo Spacing: Consistent and even spacing between all letters.
  • Letter “m” Shaping: Adequate thickness in all legs of the “m.”
  • Letter “e” Shaping: Shorter and less angled.


  • Letter “S” Shaping: Too curvy and elongated at the bottom.
  • Logo Spacing:
    • Excessive space between “S” and “u.”
    • Too much space between “p” and “r.”
    • Notable extra space between “r” and “e.”
  • Letter “m” Shaping: The middle and last legs appear too thin.
  • Letter “e” Shaping: Overly long and excessively curvy.

4. Crystals


  • Crystal Shine: Demonstrates a powerful light reflection from the Swarovski crystals on the box logo when observed closely.


  • Crystal Shine: Exhibits less potent light reflection from the crystals, appearing duller compared to the authentic item.

5. Wash label


  • Swarovski Logo: Less opaque at the top of the washing-info paper.
  • “30°” Text: Noticeably thicker in appearance.
  • Bottom Text: Proportionately sized with appropriate dimensions.


  • Swarovski Logo: Appears too concentrated on the washing-info paper.
  • “30°” Text: Exhibits thinner characters.
  • Bottom Text: Last three lines appear too large in dimension.

Authenticity checklist

  1. Analyze the Neck Tag: Fake Supreme neck tags often have two tabs placed too close to each other, and the letters are improperly positioned and have inconsistent font weights.
  2. Check the Wash Tags: Most fake Supreme Swarovski Box Logo items have wash tags with varying font weights for their letters, and the stitches are improperly positioned.
  3. Inspect the Front Lettering: Fake Supreme Box Logo items commonly have improperly shaped and weighted letters on the front.
  4. Examine Crystal Shininess: The crystals on fake Supreme x Swarovski items often shine less brightly than authentic ones.
  5. Review the Packaging Paper: Check the packaging paper with washing information; fake papers may have text with different font weights, shaping, and placement.

These quick indicators can assist you in determining the authenticity of your Supreme x Swarovski item when time is limited.

Expert Supreme Swarovski Authentication

If you require assistance with authenticating your Supreme Swarovski Box Logo:

  • Send us high-quality pictures of your Supreme Swarovski Box Logo.
  • Within 24 to 48 hours, we will provide you with the results.
  • Our report will include the reasons why we believe your hoodie is either fake or authentic.

This concludes our guide on how to distinguish between fake and genuine Supreme Swarovski Box Logos.

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Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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