Wash Tag

Ch Daniel
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Overall, the text on the fake wash tag is slimmer, not as intense colour-wise and spaced differently (easiest to notice if you look at the spacing between the letters in the “Supreme” logo).

Supreme Wash Tag

Take a look at the stitching at the top on the fake wash tag – it’s almost continuous. In the third photo’s authentic example you’ll be able to sense the difference.

Supreme Wash Tag

As noted above, text isn’t bold enough on the fake wash tag.

Supreme Wash Tag

Here’s another version of the fakes. Highlighted at the top is the stitching that is slanted and uneven (compared to the authentic version). Highlighted at the bottom is the lack of spacing between the bottom of the wash tag and the symbols.

There are also fine tells like the distance between “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” and the underline, the colour intensity on the fake tag or the spacing between the letters overall (easier to notice on “CARE INSTRUCTIONS”), but the two highlighted signs should be enough to help you decide.

Lastly, a black bar like this one at the top of the wash tag, although not very likely to be there, tells a 100% fake.

Supreme Wash Tag

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Thanks to Reddit users reynad_NaCl and Smaanrocker