Omega Planet Ocean: FAKE vs REAL Guide (2024)

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Last Updated on June 2, 2024 by Ch David

This guide is dedicated to the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean — authenticate any colorway with this guide.

We’ve got a separate guide for the Omega Seamaster.

How to spot a fake Omega (Seamster) Planet Ocean

The #1 method to identify fake Omega Planet Ocean watches is examining the watch dial and all its elements. Replicas typically lack proper detailing in these areas.

1. Dial

Comparing the dial on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches
  • Authentic:
    • The “12” hour marker numbers are parallel and exhibit a more subtle, darker shade, reflecting precision and quality.
  • Fake:
    • The numbers are not parallel, showcasing a lack of attention to detail and precision. Additionally, the numbers display an overly bright shade, contrasting with the genuine watch’s more subdued hue.

Another comparison:

Comparing the dial on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches
  • Authentic: Muted and consistent orange coloration across all text and markers.
  • Fake: Overly saturated orange, potential inconsistencies in coloration, and potentially incorrect “Seamaster” text color.

Want the expert's opinion? Let our Omega authenticators check your watch:

2. Anti-reflectiveness

When we say “anti-reflective coating”, we are talking about how light reflects on the dial’s window.

Comparing the reflectiveness on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • Anti-reflective coating: Efficiently minimizes dial reflections, ensuring clear legibility of dial details even in bright light.


  • Deficient or absent anti-reflective coating: Results in notable light reflection on the dial, impairing the clear visibility of its details and indicators, especially in well-lit conditions.

3. Case-back

This step only applies to the gold authentic Omega Planet Ocean watches.

This inscription is tied to the watch made out of gold material.

Comparing the engravings on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • “Au750” Inscription: Indicates the watch is made out of gold, evident also from its visible yellow gold.


  • Incorrect “Au750” Inscription: Appears even on watches made of stainless steel, misrepresenting the material of the watch.

Didn’t notice it? Let’s zoom in:

Comparing the engravings on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • “Au750” Inscription: Should only be present on genuine watches made out of gold.


  • Misplaced “Au750” Inscription: May inaccurately appear on replicas not made out of gold, signaling a clear red flag.

Always ensure that the material and inscriptions on your Omega Planet Ocean watch are consistent.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Pearl

Comparing the pearl on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • Pearl Placement: The pearl at the top of the bezel is perfectly centered within its metallic circle, maintaining equal distance from the left and the right sides of the triangle.
  • Pearl Depth: Ensure the pearl is mounted at a consistent depth inside the metallic circle.


  • Misplaced Pearl: Commonly, replicas exhibit a pearl that is incorrectly positioned, often leaning towards the bottom left side of the triangle.

5. Bezel

Authentic engravings should rarely and hardly fade out its inscriptions on the bezel.

Comparing the bezel on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • Engraving Quality: Inscriptions are crisp, perfectly visible, and don’t fade out, maintaining clarity even after prolonged wear.


  • Faded Engravings: Often have engravings that appear noticeably faded or less distinct, potentially due to wear or inferior engraving quality.
  • Cracking: Be wary of any cracking on inscriptions, as this may signal a counterfeit piece.

6. Orange bezel

Comparing the orange bezel on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • Uniform Orange: Consistent and matching orange color throughout the bezel and dial.


  • Inconsistent Shades: Varying and mismatching orange tones on the bezel.

7. Date window

Comparing the date window on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • Double Layered Rectangles: Features two clearly visible, seemingly layered rectangles around the date wheel.


  • Single Rectangle: Displays only one rectangle around the date wheel, lacking the layered appearance.

8. End links

These end links are those at the end of the bracelet.

They connect directly with the watch’s case.

Comparing the end links on the real vs fake Omega Planet Ocean watches


  • Vertical End Links: The end links are almost vertical and parallel, exhibiting rigidity.


  • Horizontal End Links: End links are angled more horizontally and seem to bend inward on the bracelet, indicating flexibility or a different build quality.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Omega Planet Ocean

Pay attention to these top 8 indicators to determine if your watch is genuine or fake:

  1. Examine all elements on the watch dial, especially the “Seamaster” text, which may not be the correct shade of orange on fakes.
  2. Assess the anti-reflective coating on the watch crystal; genuine watches should have minimal light reflection.
  3. Check the back of the watch for the “Au750” inscription, which should only be present on authentic gold watches.
  4. Inspect the pearl on the bezel; replicas often have an off-center pearl.
  5. Analyze the elements on the bezel, as fake watches tend to have faded details.
  6. Verify the shade of the orange bezel, if applicable; fake watches may have the wrong shade of orange.
  7. Examine the date window; fakes may feature only one rectangle and two squares around the date wheel text.
  8. Authenticate the end links on the watch; fake watches often have overly flexible end links that point inward on the bracelet.”

These quick tips can help you identify genuine and fake Omega Planet Ocean watches.

FAQs: The Planet Ocean

1. Where is the serial number on Omega Planet Ocean?

On the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, the serial number is typically located on the caseback of the watch. It is usually engraved or printed on the caseback along with other identifying information.

If you’re having trouble finding it, Omega’s customer service can assist you in locating the serial number.

2. When did the Omega Planet Ocean come out?


The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean was introduced in 2005, as an improved version of the Omega Seamaster.

3. How big is the Omega Planet Ocean?

The size typically ranges from 39.5mm to 45.5mm in diameter for men’s models, with some variations available in larger sizes.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean comes in various sizes — you can check them out on Omega’s official website.

Expert Omega Authentication

Our team is here to assist you:

  • Send us pictures of your watch.
  • We will deliver results within a maximum of 48 hours after placing your order.
  • Our results will include a comprehensive report explaining why we believe your Omega watch is either authentic or fake.

With this, we conclude our guide on how to distinguish between fake and real Omega Planet Ocean.

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Alternatively, we have free authentication resources for watches: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Alex

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