Fake Vs Real Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White Reflective And Non-Reflective Guide

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Afraid of getting scammed? Tired of fakes? You are in the right place if you wish to know how to check the authenticity of any Yeezy V2 Cloud White pair of sneakers.

In fact, we are here today to teach you how to spot fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud in just eight simple steps with our ultimate guide.

The best way to spot a fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White (FW3043 & FW5317) is to inspect the V2 Clouds for two main inconsistencies that warn of a less than authentic pair. The top 2 indicators you should be checking are: the size tag, where the style and text can differentiate between a real and replica V2 release (inspecting both the reflective and non-reflective label can instantly uncover a fake), along with The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud Box: doing a legit check for the correct size code (EU & US) can reveal an authentic pair.

How to spot fake Yeezy Cloud White

While the top two checks can help to spot a real or replica pair of Yeezy V2 Cloud White 350s, they are not the only techniques that can be used to authenticate. 

We have created The Ultimate Fake Vs Real Guide for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud detailed with images that reveal the top fake indicators, so you can be sure you have a real, legit sneaker.

With a 10 step guide and a quick fast check solution at the bottom of this guide, it should provide you with the answer to, how to tell if Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud is real or fake. 

Step 1:  Scan the barcode of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud

Using the Legit Check App’s barcode scan function is the first and fastest step to authenticating the Yeezy Boost 350 Cloud.

Through this function you’ll scan the barcode of the Yeezy Box and compare it to the unique barcode of other Yeezy pairs out there — you’ll want to look for matches that confirm the authenticity status of the sneaker’s pair.

real vs fake yeezy cloud

Each Yeezy release has a unique barcode that relates to a specific combination of

  1. Colourway Cloud White (FW3043 & FW5317)
  2. Style (350 V2)
  3. Size (From 5 – 14).

That makes checking the barcode one of the fastest ways to ensure you don’t have a pair of fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud. You can read the full story about how to use the barcode test in order to tell if your Yeezy Boost 350’s are real or fake over here.

For now, we’ll dive shortly into how to use it to spot fake vs real Yeezy 350 Cloud Reflective or Non-Reflective.

How To Scan Your Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White With The Legit Check App?

Download and install the Legit Check App. Tap on the barcode scan icon and focus in on the barcode of your Yeezy Boost Cloud White V2 box. 

Barcode Scan Sneaker Legit Check App

Here’s where you have to judge for yourself — if there are some or a lot of confirmations on Google for that code (thus, the size-colourway combination), the box is authentic.

However, it doesn’t mean the shoe is definitely legit — anything is possible, including a scammer taking the original box and swapping them with fake shoes.

Below is an example of an authentic barcode scan.

authentic yeezy cloud barocde

You can notice the fact that there are confirmation points that this code is indeed the right one for the colourway, and not only that, but even the size is mentioned a few times, and it is just right. (read the full story if any of these are not clear).

If you scan the Yeezy Cloud V2 350 Box and receive a result back that looks like the image below, then you’re 100% looking at a fake pair.

fake yeezy cloud barcode

It doesn’t match any of the unique Adidas product codes that we tried to find to authenticate it against. 

It essentially means that the barcode doesn’t exist, proving that the Yeezy Cloud White V2 350s scanned are not authentic.

Make sure you read the full story we’ve linked above if anything sounds confusing regarding this test — it might be that your barcode results to other colourways of the V2 or even the same colourway (but the size doesn’t match) — both can still mean fake.

Only use a perfect size+colourway combination as a reliable tell for an authentic pair.

Step 2: Fake vs real Yeezy Cloud White size tag

The next step, and usually the best way to tell a fake pair of Yeezy Cloud White V2 350 is to inspect the details of the size tag.

Each released Colourway from Yeezy has a different set of inconsistencies and misprints, so what may indicate real vs fake for the Yeezy FW3043 & FW5317 may not have the same result for different colourways.

That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide after all. Let’s take a look at the differences between the authentic size tag and the fake size tag.

fake vs real cloud yeezy

1 – The fake “MADE IN CHINA” text is too thin on the fake size tag, and on the legit size tag, it is thicker

2 – The “R” is placed too far away from the “adidas” text on the fake Yeezys, and on the legit Yeezys, it is placed closer

Please keep in mind that if the “R” makes contact with the “adidas” text, then you are looking at a fake pair.

3 – The last line of text on the bottom right corner of the size tag is too thick on the fake Yeezys, and on the legit Yeezys, it is thinner

4 – Watch out for any deformed and out of shape text. Most of the time, fake shoes will have deformed text. This is the most visible on the “265” text in our case

Now that you know how to authenticate the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White by looking at the size tag too, let’s proceed to the next step of the real vs fake Yeezy Cloud comparison.

Step 3: Inspect the box of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud

Just like the barcode test above, we’ve written an at-length timeless guide on how to spot the fake vs real Yeezy box, yet we’ll explain the short story below with real vs fake Yeezy Cloud visual examples.

It is worth mentioning that real Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud Reflective or Yeezy Cloud Non-Reflective) boxes will have a varying label, depending on where in the world they were released.

When checking to see whether the box label is real or not, look at the number in the bottom right corner and the number of sizes listed in relation to where you got the shoes from. 

If there are six sizes displayed on the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud box (US, UK, F, D, J and CHN), then the ending serial number should end with a V10.

However, if there are three sizes shown on the box (US – The United States, F – France and UK – The United Kingdom), then the serial number should end with a V02 or a V03.

We’re highlighting once again that a pair with the right V02/V03/V10 and box label type combination doesn’t automatically reveal an authentic pair. If anything is unclear in the short story we’ve covered, make sure you read the full story here.

Step 4: Real vs fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud lacing style

The way the Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud has been laced is a very quick way to tell a real from a fake although this will only work with completely deadstock pairs, as any other pairs will very possibly be laced differently.

When we say deadstock, for those of you who might get confused when reading the term, we’re referring to a pair that is completely new and never worn.

A critical element for a pair of Yeezy Cloud sneakers in this condition is the way the laces are tied. In the real vs fake Yeezy Cloud picture below you will be able to see the deadstock knot.

fake vs real yeezy

From the image above, you can see that for the original pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud, the right lace of the right shoe (imagine a top-down view, as if you’re wearing the sneakers) should always be underneath.

On the other hand, the left lace of the right shoe should be underneath as well.

In the fake example of the Yeezy Cloud, you can see how the laces get reverted.

The left lace is placed beneath the right shoe and the right lace placed beneath the left shoe. Fake manufacturers often get the one or both of the laces wrongly assembled and this is a quick tell you should use to your advantage.  

However, although this tell is somewhat easy to spot, it is easy for anyone to switch up the lacing of a pair of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud Reflective or Non-Reflective.

Therefore, keep in mind that this flaw will apply mostly to unworn pairs since, during the lifetime of a worn pair, the wearer(s) might take the laces off and relace the sneakers in the wrong way at one point.

Step 5: Fake vs real Yeezy Cloud reflectiveness (3M real vs fake comparison)

Both the Yeezy Cloud reflective and the Yeezy Cloud Non-Reflective pairs will have 3M (a retro-reflective silver material that glows brightly in low levels of light) materials on the laces.

However, not surprisingly, the fake pairs will commonly use a replicated 3M material, which in consequence causes the shine to be less bright than the original pair. 

yeezy cloud white fake vs real

As you can see in the picture above, the authentic pair has more of a glow to it when photographed. Although this information applies to both types of shoes, this is just the Yeezy Cloud Non-Reflective fake vs real comparison that we’ve attached.

Understanding that your case will likely be the same (the light conditions won’t match the authentic example we’ve given), we’ve attached this example to discuss it.

As you can see, the differences in shine on the fake vs real Yeezy Cloud pair can be spotted in terms of alignment.

The fake pairs seem to have more of a random distribution of reflective material, while the authentic one seems to have it well-aligned.

Step 6: Inspect the overall shape of your Yeezy 350 V2

The shape of the model, like the 3M richness, is also an easy tell when it comes to how to spot the fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud Non-Reflective or Reflective.

Looking at the image below, one can spot out how the fake Yeezy Cloud has a narrower opening for the wearer’s foot.

legit check yeezy white

That aside, the fake models will often have taller tongues compared to the real models. When we say “taller tongue”, it may be hard to put into words, yet what we mean is this: the peak of the shoe’s tongue sits differently when comparing the fake and the real Yeezy Clouds versions.

Step 7: Fake vs real Yeezy Cloud boost sole

Flipping the shoes over allows us to closely inspect the way the boost sole pellets look like.

The first thing to look out for in order to legit check the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud Reflective or Non-Reflective is the shape of the boost pellets.

On an authentic version, there should be little differentiation between the pellets, thus leading to a more “bubbly” look.

There is little differentiation between the pellets and the striped circles have a better definition on the authentic boost sole. Study the images below to understand the difference better visually:

fake vs real boost yeezy

Another tell is that the striped circles on a fake will be arranged into a regular position whereas on a real model they will be dotted around with no sign of any specific order.

legit check yeezy

On some rare occasions, authentic examples will have a “mathematical” order — however, the striped circles could be rotated. Fake boost soles tend to keep the same pattern, since they’re massively produced with no regards to variations.

fake vs real yeezys

Step 8: Real vs fake Yeezy Cloud insole

The Insole on the Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud is packed with details, so it is a great place to look for mistakes or missed details on counterfeit versions.

First, let’s look at the print found on the rear side of the insoles.

fake vs real yeezys

On a fake model, there could be too much of a gap between the Adidas Trefoil logo and the hexagonal pattern next to it.

It is also a good idea to look at the definition of the writing, as the Adidas writing and the R may be less defined on a fake version as well as Adidas being written in a bolder font.

Next up, let’s analyze the text found on the front side of the insoles.

fake vs real yeezys

It is noticeable how the fake Yeezy Cloud White sneakers have the dot of the letter “i” looking a lot smaller than it has to be. On the other hand, the legit sneakers have this dot bigger.

Keep in mind that, sometimes, the fake Yeezy manufacturers make this dot round instead of square.

Besides, you can notice how the fake word “YEEZY” has both of the Y’s looking thinner than they have to look like. Also, the point where the three lines meet is lower on the fake pair than the one on the legit pair.

Next up, let’s analyze the text found on the front side of the insoles.

Side by side insole side comparison

On the side of the insole, the characters are larger on the fake than on the authentic version.

Because of this, the characters on the fake version are closer together which is most noticeable on the dash character.

This is a dead giveaway for a replica since it shows how lower quality factory equipment was used to produce these add-ons to the sneaker.

Step 9: Fake vs real Yeezy Cloud middle stitching

Here, we have embedded both the front and back view of the middle stitching on the V2 Cloud White to give you a better view.

fake vs real yeezy cloud white

You will observe that the middle stitching on the fake sneaker is less structured with thinner threads when compared to wider middle stitching on the authentic pair.

Step 10: Check your sneakers for the extra thread flaw

Some Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White pairs usually have the flaw in which there is a coloured extra thread that shouldn’t be in place. Let’s have a look at the mages for reference.

fake vs real yeezys

In this picture above, we have pointed out how the fake sneakers have an extra thread of red stitching on the coloured site. On the authentic Yeezys, you will not meet this flaw.

Step 11: Analyze the toe box of your sneakers

The toe box is where the toes fit in. As shown in the picture below, you will notice that the toe box is significantly bulkier on the fake pair when compared to the slender toe box of the authentic pair.

legit check yeezys

This difference can be attributed to the poor attention to detail from the fake manufacturers as well as the lower quality factory equipment used in the production of the sneakers.

How can I spot fake Yeezy Cloud White sneakers in 60 seconds?

There are situations where you may be unable to go through each detailed step explained above when you need to authenticate your Yeezy Boost V2 Cloud White.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your sneakers. Below are the top 10 indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake pair of sneakers or original Adidas manufactured V2 Cloud White.

  1. Firstly, look at the shape of the shoe and make sure the tongue isn’t too long.
  2. Look at the laces and make sure that on the right shoe, the right side of the lace goes underneath, and on the left shoe, the left side goes underneath. Note: this assumes a top-down view, as if you’re wearing the shoes.
  3. Have a close look at the size tag so see if you can spot out any inconsistencies, like the ones described in this article’s fake vs real Yeezy Cloud comparison.
  4. Take a picture of the laces with the flash on, as an authentic version should have a clear glow from the 3M material.
  5. Check the reflectiveness of the 3M sides. Usually, the fake shoes are less shiny.
  6. The toe box of the fake Yeezys is usually too arched and curvy
  7. Verify the middle stitching on the sneakers. The fake Yeezys usually look too thin or too thick
  8. Inspect the overall shape of the Yeezys. Most of the time, the fake Yeezys are less curved or too curved on the tongue area
  9. Analyze the boost sole of your sneakers. The fake pellets are usually off the needed shape
  10. Verify the 3M shininess of the Yeezys. Most of the time, the fake shoes are less shiny than needed
  11. Analyze the insole of your Yeezys. Mostly, the fake insoles have the rear logo looking out of shape because it is usually too arched and the “R” character is too close to the Adidas logo. Then, the “adidas YEEZY” text is usually too thick, curvy and out of shape, and the serial number text on the side of the insole is too thin

Where can I get my Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White authenticated? The Yeezy Cloud authentication service

If you have read this guide and are still uncertain about whether your shoe is real or fake, the Legit Check App offers an authentication service to put your mind at ease.

Should you either not be confident in your ability to follow this guide or are simply lacking time, all you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your V2 Cloud and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours.

The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

Need our opinion over your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

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