Real Vs Fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil Reflective And Non-Reflective Guide

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Wondering how to spot fake vs real Yeezy Yecheil Reflective and Non-Reflective?

If you don’t mind adding another stylish pair of Yeezys to your rotation, then you should go for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil.

Whether you are a sneakerhead or not, you want to ensure that when buying the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil, you know whether you are looking at an authentic or a fake Yeezy Yecheil pair.

That is why we have created this Ultimate Guide to the Fake vs Real Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil Comparison embedded with images that will help you identify and differentiate a fake sneaker from the authentic ones.

This 10-step legit check guide will show you the best ways you can spot a replica of the V2 Yecheil.

The best way to spot a fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil is to inspect the V2 Yecheils for two main inconsistencies that warn of a less than authentic pair. The top 2 indicators you should be checking are: the size tag, where the style and text can differentiate between a real and replica V2 release (inspecting both the reflective and non-reflective label can instantly uncover a fake), along with The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Yecheil Box: doing a legit check for the correct size code (EU & US) can reveal an authentic pair.

How to spot fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil (FW5190 & FX4145)

While the top two checks can help to spot a real or replica pair of Yeezy V2 Yehceils 350s, they are not the only techniques that can be used to authenticate. 

We have created The Ultimate Fake Vs Real Guide for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil detailed with images that reveal the top fake indicators, so you can be sure you have a real, legit sneaker.

With a 10 step guide and a quick fast check solution at the bottom of this guide, it should provide you with the answer to, how to tell if Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil are real or fake. 

Step 1: Analyze the barcode of the Yeezy Yecheil

When fake manufacturers try to replicate the Yeezy V2 Yecheil, they are typically more focused on recreating the design of the sneakers with almost little to no attention paid to elements like the barcode.

fake vs real yeezy yecheil

This makes the barcode a reliable indicator of authenticity that can help you ensure you only purchase the original Adidas manufactured sneakers.

When you are ready to scan the barcode of your Yeezy V2 Yecheil, we recommend that you use the Legit Check App.

When you scan the barcode using the Legit Check App, the app will run your unique barcode against other Yeezy sneakers online. Note that all Yeezy sneakers have a unique barcode that relates to a specific combination of:

  • Colorway – Yecheil (Non-Reflective FW5190) (Reflective FX4145)
  • Style – 350 V2
  • Size – From 5 to 14

How do you scan your Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil using the Legit Check App?

Download and install the Legit Check App on your phone.

Once you are ready to scan, tap on the barcode scan icon and focus in on the barcode on the box of your Yeezy 350 Yecheil.

Legit Check Barcode Scan Sneakers

The results are where you will need to apply your intelligence. You will need to look for matches that confirm the authenticity status of your Yeezy Boost V2 Yecheil.

Now, if the results show lots of confirmation points on Google for your unique barcode as illustrated in the picture below, then you can be assured that your box is authentic.

authentic yeezy yecheil barcode

Please note that we say the box is authentic and not the sneakers because there is still the possibility that the real sneakers might have been swapped for the fake ones by the fake resellers to trick buyers into thinking the sneakers are genuine.

On the other hand, if the results do not show confirmation points that match the size-colorway combination, as shown in the picture below, then you probably have a fake in your hands.

In fact, in this picture below, after scanning the replica barcode shown on the box label above, the results shown up on Google not only miss the right size, but even the colourway, as the results show us Clay Yeezys, and we actually have to deal with the Yecheil Yeezys.

yeezy yecheil fake barcode

Please note that the barcode scanning can only be considered a perfect match when the size and colorway combination on the results match the one on the box.

Thus, if only one of the two matches, then the box is still a fake. For the full story on how to scan the barcode on the box or your V2 Yecheil for authenticity, read our article here.

Step 2: Real vs fake Yeezy Yecheil size tag

The next step, and usually the best way to tell a fake pair of Yeezy Yecheil is to inspect the details of the size tag.

Each released Colourway from Yeezy has a different set of inconsistencies and misprints, so what may indicate real vs fake for the Yeezy Yecheil Reflective and Non-Reflective may not have the same result for different colourways.

That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide after all. Let’s take a look at the differences between the authentic size tag and the fake size tag.

real vs fake Yeezy Yecheil

Now that you had a look at the fake vs real Yeezy Yecheil size tag comparison, let’s get to the explaining of the spots.

1 – The “MADE IN CHINA” text

Most of the time, the counterfeit Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil pairs’ size tags will have a problem with this text.

That is because the replica Yeezy manufacturers made some of the letters look either too thick or too thin.

In this case, you can easily notice how the letter “C” in the “CHINA” text is a lot thicker than the one met on the legit Yeezy Yecheil size tag.

2 – The line painting flaws

This is a common spot on the fake Yeezys. If you take a closer look at the replica Yeezy Yecheil size tag, you’ll see how it has a scratch on the paint on the lines above the sizes.

On the other hand, the authentic Yeezy Yechel’s size tag doesn’t have this scratch on the paint

3 – The “US UK FR JP CHN” text

Inconsistent lines on the “N” from the “CHN” text show where the printer ink has pooled between the N lines which make it look thicker and bolder. These inconsistent lines are a telltale sign that the sneaker is fake.

It’s all down to the quality of the print, and this does not occur on the real size tag.

4 – The date print

Differences between the real and the fake manufacturer date are very prominent.

The 11/19 displayed on both size tags have unique differences. With the real Yeezy 350 V2 Yecheil featuring a smooth font type while the fake size tag has a different bolded font for the “11” and the “19” on the fake version.

5 – The “MALE/MÂLE” print

MALE/MALE appearing on the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil is not a guaranteed spot of a fake, even though the imitation has this displayed and the original does not.

We don’t consider this a reliable way of telling a fake from a real, so don’t worry if your pair either has or doesn’t have this inscription.

6 – The Adidas Copyright ® Location

The most critical indicator to authenticate the Yeezy 350 Yecheil is the position of the ® sign.

On the fake sneaker, the ® symbol is touching the Adidas logo on the size tag, which is the biggest give away that it’s fake.

While the original version has the ® sign spaced apart from the Adidas logo. A quick way of telling the difference between the real and the replica.

Now that you know how to spot the replica Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil by looking at the size tag too, let’s move on to the next step of the comparison.

Step 3: Real vs fake Yeezy Yecheil box label

Next, you will proceed to inspect the box label of your V2 Yecheil. On the box label, there are two main confirmation points you should look out for; the country size code and the serial number. So how does this work?

Now, it is important to understand that the Yeezy-Adidas collaboration releases its sneakers in two versions – the US version and the international version.

The US version displays three-country sizes on the box label – US, UK and F. Here, the US size is in large print, while the other two sizes featured under the US size and in smaller prints.

yeezy yecheil box label

The international version of the V2 Yecheil, on the other hand, features 6 countries (US, UK, F, D, J, and CHN) sizes and every one of them is in equal prints on the label.

On the bottom right-hand corner of the box label is the serial number. If the pair is a US release, then the serial number is going to end with a V02 or V03. But for international (Canadian/European) releases, the serial number will end with a V10.

As seen in the image below, in the authentic international version featuring 6 sizes, the serial number ends with a V10. However, on the fake box label which is a US version, the serial number ends with a V10, as opposed to a V02 or V03.

Please note that if you notice any deviation from this pattern, then you are without a doubt looking at a fake V2 Yecheil.

Step 4: Fake vs real Yecheil Yeezy lacing style

Spotting lacing inconsistencies may mean that you have a fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil.

We will take a look at the authentic sneaker and compare it to the replica. See the image below.

You will notice on the real sneaker; the right lace goes under first from the bottom while on the counterfeit sneaker the lace goes over. It’s these little details that will allow you to spot a fake. 

We have an Authentic vs Fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 lacing guide here that shows you more examples from the different colourways and styles available.

legit check yeezy yecheil

If your lacing style does not correspond with this pattern when you first unbox your sneakers, then you certainly have a fake product in your hands. 

However, it is important to understand that following the correct lacing pattern does not always mean the sneakers is authentic either.

legit vs fake yeezy yecheil

This is because the fake manufacturer can choose to lace their sneakers to mimic the authentic pattern although it is a replica.

Thus, we do not consider this to be a foolproof indicator of authenticity.

Step 5: Verify the boost sole of your Yecheil

Checking the Boost sole on the V2 350 Yecheil’s can help you to discover if what you have is a fake sneaker.

The Boost sole is on the bottom of the authentic sneaker can be described as having more curvature or more of a ‘bubbly’ structure.

fake vs real yeezy yecheil

While the fake features a more hard-edged connector which can also be seen on the ‘S’ in boost, notice the more angled curve on the bottom of the ‘S’, An indicator of it being fake.

The striped circles on the authentic Boost 350 V2 Tail Light are more defined and are randomly printed on the bottom of the sneaker, while the fake sneakers will have a more structured pattern and appear to be less random.

fake vs real yeezy yecheil

The indentation of the hexagon pellets on the bottom of the sneaker will appear more prominently on the fake sneaker than on the authentic.

This indentation gives the appearance of a more defined ‘bubble’ look at the bottom of the replicas.

fake yeezy yecheil boost

Step 6: Inspect the shape of your Yecheil Yeezys

The shape of your sneakers is a reliable tell of its authenticity whenever you want to differentiate a fake Yeezy Yecheil from the real one.

Every colorway in the Yeezy Boost V2 collection comes in one unique silhouette and any slight deviation from the shape might be all you need to tell if it is a replica or not.

yeezy yecheil fake vs real

On the replica of the V2 Yecheil pair, you will notice that the shoe’s opening is wider and they may appear to have a different structure from what’s on the authentic pair.

To help you better understand this, take a look at the sock liner and the angle from the bottom of the tongue.

Next, pay close attention to the “peak” of the tongue and the authentic shoes curve differently from the fake ones.

You will notice that while the authentic pair curves significantly more upwards, the fakes have a somewhat flatter shape.

Step 7: 3M reflective material density on the Reflective (FW5190) and Non-Reflective (FX4145) Yeezy 350 Yecheil

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil design utilises the high-quality Adidas Primeknit technology which incorporates flat knitting and synthetic yarns that fuses to create the shape and material design of the sneaker.

With this intricate process, there’s room for mistakes when resellers try to imitate that design and look.

With the reflective FX4145, the 3M material that bounces off light is more abundant in the authentic sneaker, and with less thought and technique creating the fakes, the differences are not hard to spot.

You can see below the more abundant, thicker 3M reflective material under the light.

The Authentic pair will bounce more light with the best indicator being the laces between genuine and replica sneakers.

3m yeezy fake vs real

Although we haven’t included pictures for the sake of not making this guide overly-complicated, the same flaw applies to fake Yeezy Non-Reflective. The same variance in 3M material reflectiveness can be found on the FX4145 model, with the only caveat that it’s limited to the laces.

Step 8: Fake vs real Yeezy Yecheil toe box

The toe box is where the toes fit in. As shown in the picture below, you will notice that the toe box is significantly bulkier on the fake pair when compared to the slender toe box of the authentic pair.

real vs fake yeezy yecheil toe box

This difference can be attributed to the poor attention to detail from the fake manufacturers as well as the lower quality factory equipment used in the production of the sneakers.

Step 9: Check the middle stitching on your Yeezys

Here, we have embedded both the front and back view of the middle stitching on the V2 Yecheil to give you a better view.

yeezy yecheil legit check

You can notice that the middle stitching on the fake sneaker is less structured with thinner threads when compared to wider middle stitching on the authentic pair.

Step 10: Spot the fake Yeezy 350 V2 Yecheil by analysing the translucent sole

A quick check on the sole of the V2 Yeecheils can give you an indicator that you’re either looking at an authentic sneaker or a replica sneaker.

To check this inspect the bottom of the Yeezy Boost V2 350 Reflective and Non-Reflective under natural light. 

real vs fake yeezy yecheil comparison

The indicator is that the sole of the original should be translucent. On the counterfeit V2 Yecheil, you will notice that the sneaker is not as opaque as the authentic and is most noticeable around the heel of the sole.

Make sure you view the sneaker in natural light to give you the most accurate result.

Step 11: Look at the insole of your Yeezys Boost 350 V2 Yecheil

The insole of your sneakers features several inconsistencies that can help you differentiate a fake from an original.

  • Front print

The letters on the fake pair are slightly thinner than the text on the original pair. The text on the fake pair is also more rounded than they should be, as especially noticeable on the “i” letter which have rounded corners, whereas authentic pairs have sharply printed square edges.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Bred Insole Fake vs Real Guide
  • Adidas Trefoil Logo Outline

The Adidas Trefoil logo is no exception, spotting small inconsistencies you can use to identify a replica of the V2 Yecheil. On the replica, the trefoil logo has rounded corners on the bottom while the authentic trefoil logo has sharp edges.

You will notice a serial number printed on the side of the Yeezy Boost V2 Yecheil Insole. On the authentic pair, this text is thinner and the letters are evenly spaced out, giving it a well defined and sharp look. However, on the fake, the text is significantly bolder and bigger than the original.

  • Side Text on the Insole
  • Indentation on the Insole

The authentic pair of the Yeezy Boost V2 Yecheil spots multiple well-defined indentations on the side of the insole, whereas the replicas come with just a single indentation.

  • Print on the rear side of the insole

On the rear side of the insole, we can notice a few things that stand out on the fake Yeezy Yecheil insole:

  1. Highlighted with the top and left emojis — there’s more space between the Adidas trefoil logo and the hexagonal pattern on the authentic insole
  2. Highlighted on the bottom — the Adidas text is slightly different in shape and size
  3. Highlighted on the right — the ® character is not fully printed on the fake insole print

How to spot fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil in 60 seconds?

There are situations where you may be unable to go through each detailed step explained above when you need to authenticate your Yeezy Boost V2 Yecheil.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your sneakers. Below are the top 10 indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake pair of sneakers or original Adidas manufactured V2 Yecheil.

  1. Firstly, look at the shape of the shoe and make sure the tongue isn’t too long.
  2. Look at the laces and make sure that on the right shoe, the right side of the lace goes underneath, and on the left shoe, the left side goes underneath. Note: this assumes a top-down view, as if you’re wearing the shoes.
  3. Have a close look at the size tag so see if you can spot out any inconsistencies, like the ones described in this article’s fake vs real Yeezy Yecheil comparison.
  4. Scan the barcode of the Yeezy Yecheil. The authentic barcodes will be in tune with the following things that match the exact pair of sneakers in the box: colourway, size, product id.
  5. Check the reflectiveness of the 3M sides. Usually, the fake shoes are less shiny.
  6. The toe box of the fake Yeezys is usually too arched and curvy
  7. Verify the middle stitching on the sneakers. The fake Yeezys usually look too thin or too thick
  8. Inspect the overall shape of the Yeezys. Most of the time, the fake Yeezys are less curved or too curved on the tongue area
  9. Analyze the boost sole of your sneakers. The fake pellets are usually off the needed shape
  10. Analyze the insole of your Yeezys. Mostly, the fake insoles have the rear logo looking out of shape because it is usually too arched and the “R” character is too close to the Adidas logo. Then, the “adidas YEEZY” text is usually too thick, curvy and out of shape, and the serial number text on the side of the insole is too thin

Where can I get my Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil authenticated? The Yeezy Yecheil authentication service

If you have read this guide and are still uncertain about whether your shoe is real or fake, the Legit Check App offers an authentication service to put your mind at ease.

Should you either not be confident in your ability to follow this guide or are simply lacking time, all you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your V2 Yecheil and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours.

The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

Need our opinion over your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

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