How To Spot Fake Yeezy Quantum (QNTM)

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

Wondering how to spot fake YZY QNTM? Afraid of scammers?

Over here, we will:

  • Look at the real vs fake Yeezy Quantum
  • Compare against the best fakes
  • And help you verify your own pair

This guide works for both Yeezy QNTM & BSKTBL.

Let’s ee how to authenticate these Yeezys.

How to spot fake Yeezy Quantum

Legit check your Yeezy QNTM by examining the size tag inside each shoe for proper font-weight and positioning.

Additionally, scan the barcode to ensure it matches your pair for foolproof authentication.

1. Barcode

Every adidas x YEEZY sneaker has a unique combination of colorway, style, and size.

For this example, we’ve used the Yeezy QNTM Barium:

  • Colorway – BARIUM (H68771)
  • Style – QNTM
  • Size – From 4 to 19 (US)

1.1. How to scan

Legit Check Barcode Scan Sneakers

Time to look at the results.

1.2. Authentic

  • Everything checks out: style, size, colorway.
  • Yeezy QNTM, Barium, H67771, Size US8.5 (UK8, EU42)

Therefore, we’re looking at a 100% real barcode.

1.3. Fake

  • This barcode is 100% fake because no details match.
  • Instead of the QNTM Barium, it shows the following:

This makes us certain that we’re looking at a fake barcode.

Still unclear? Read our full story on scanning Yeezy barcodes.

Finding it too hard? Legit check your Yeezys with our experts:

2. Size tag

  • Authentic:
    1. “MADE IN CHINA” text on the tag is thicker.
    2. Text “US UK FR JP” is bolder and thicker.
    3. APE/CLU/EVN numbers are printed clearly with no signs of poor quality.
    4. “adidas ®” text is thicker with a noticeable space between the “®” symbol and “adidas”.
    5. Size text row is thicker.
    6. “CHN” is thicker.
  • Fake:
    1. “MADE IN CHINA” text on the tag appears too thin.
    2. Text “US UK FR JP CHN” appears too thin.
    3. APE/CLU/EVN numbers might exhibit poor printing quality, including ink blotting or fuzzy lines.
    4. “adidas” text might be too thin, with the “®” symbol potentially touching the “adidas” text.
    5. Size text row appears thinner than on authentic pairs.
    6. “CHN” is thinner.

2. Box label

  • Authentic:
    • US version box label displays three sizes (US, UK, F) with US size in large print.
    • International version label shows six equal-sized prints for sizes (US, UK, F, D, J, CHN).
    • Serial number ends with V02 or V03 for US releases, and V10 for international releases.
  • Fake:
    • Serial number might not adhere to the authentic pattern.
      • e.g., a US version label ending with V10.
    • Any deviation from these patterns indicates a fake YZY QNTM pair.

Unclear? See our detailed Yeezy box label guide.

4. Lacing

  • Authentic:
    • Laces are attached correctly with the right pattern:
    • On the right shoe, the right lace is under the left lace.
  • Fake:
    • Laces are “reverted” or attached incorrectly.
    • On the right shoe, the right lace is positioned above the left lace.

Let’s check out a more detailed comparison:

  • Fake manufacturer can choose to lace their sneakers in the same style as the authentic pattern…
  • Even though it is a replica.

Thus, we do not consider this to be a foolproof indicator of authenticity.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Toe box

  • Authentic: Appears thinner and deflated compared to fake shoes.
  • Fake: Toe box looks over-inflated and thicker than on authentic pairs.

6. Boost sole

  • Authentic:
    • “Boost” text is properly font-weighted.
    • Sole pellets are randomly positioned.
  • Fake:
    • “Boost” text appears thicker.
    • Sole pellets are more precisely aligned and mathematical in their placement.

7. Suede

  • Authentic: V-shape on the shoe is somewhat wide but not excessively.
  • Fake: V-shape appears too wide, resembling more of a “U” shape.

8. Insole

Let’s look at the adidas x YEEZY logos.

  • Authentic:
    • Letter “s” in “adidas” is of consistent thickness and alignment with other letters.
    • The first letter “Y” in “YEEZY” has longer, thinner, and straighter diagonal legs.
  • Fake:
    • Letter “s” in “adidas” appears too thick and is positioned higher than the rest of the letters, appearing to float.
    • The first “Y” in “YEEZY” on fake pairs has short, thick, and curvy diagonal legs.

Shortlist: Verify your Yeezy Quantum (on the go)

  1. Scan the barcode of your Yeezy Quantum using the Legit Check App.
  2. Verify the size tag‘s print quality.
  3. Inspect the box’s label for accurate serial numbers and sizes.
  4. Ensure the correct lacing style, with the right lace under the right shoe and the left lace under the left shoe.
  5. Check for any unusual inflation in the toe box of your YZY QNTM sneakers.
  6. See the boost sole and make sure the text + pellets check out.
  7. Examine the top-down view of the toe box, looking for the correct V-shape width.
  8. Analyze the insole for proper print thickness on your sneakers.

In situations where a detailed authentication process may not be feasible, we offer a quick 60-second solution to help you determine the authenticity of your Yeezy QNTM.

Above are the top 7 indicators to look for.

Expert Yeezy Quantum authentication

If you require assistance with authenticating your YZY QNTM:

  • Our team is here to help.
  • Provide us with high-quality photographs of your Yeezy QNTM…
  • And we will promptly analyze them, delivering results within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Our assessment will include a detailed report.

That’s all you need to know on authenticating your Yeezy Quantum.

Need our opinion on your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

Get a fully-detailed report for why you have a real or fake item. Takes less than 48 hours!

Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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