Travis Scott x Fragment Jordan 1 Low Fake Vs Real (2024)

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Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by Ch David

This guide teaches you how to legit check your Fragment Travis Scotts.

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How to spot fake Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low

You can spot fake Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low by checking if the size tag has very thick text. Bold inscriptions always indicate a fake pair.

1. Size tag

1.1. The “DM7866-140” text

This inscription stands for the unique style code of these sneakers: “DM7866-140“.

  • The fake pair’s numbers, and letters and the dash (“-“) look too thick and too bulky.

The real pair’s style code is thinner and the characters are narrower than the fake ones.

1.2. The UPC code’s text

The UPC code is something with more of an internal meaning that Nike cares about more than what we do. The UPC code is also unique for each legitimate pair of Fragment x TS Air Jordan 1s.

  • The fake pair has both its “UPC” inscription and the numbers too bulky and thick
  • Since these are too thick, they are also placed too close to each other.

The real shoes have their “UPC” text/numbers thinner and with more space in between.

1.3. The last line of text on the label

The last line on the size tag redirects you to Nike’s website, but this page should not really raise any interest. We need to check the inscriptions rather than where the website leads.

  • On the fake shoes, the text is too thin.
  • It also has too few letters filled with a lot of paint.

Real Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low has text thicker and way more letters filled with paint than the fake ones.

Basically, the real pair’s text has to be filled with as much paint as it can be barely legible. Weird or not, we don’t really know why the text is like that, but it just has to be that way.

1.4. The “MADE IN CHINA” text

Well, this text is pretty self-explanatory – it tells us that the shoes were manufactured in China, and the text is spelt in multiple languages.

  • Fake Travis Scott Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low have the “MADE IN CHINA” prints too thin
  • The letters are also taller and bigger than they’re supposed to

On the other hand, the genuine Travis Scott Fragment 1 Lows have thicker and shorter/boxier prints.

Finding it too hard? Have our experts legit check your Travis Scotts:

2. Interior tongue label

This image with the fake vs real Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 x Fragment comparison shows how the fake pair has its text badly detailed, and how the real one is flawless.

2.1. TM

  • The fake pair’s text is too thick and too tall on the fake shoes.

The real pair has this text thinner and less stretched. In fact, the authentic pair’s “TM” inscription looks narrower and it is boxier than the fake pair’s word.

2.2. NIKE

  • The “NIKE” text and the rest of the line of text are too thick.
  • The letters are too wavy in comparison to the real ones.
  • Meaning? The fake pair has its letters too bulky and the words are placed at different levels, therefore making these look like waves on a larger scale of viewing the text.

Looking at the real pair’s text, you can observe how the characters are thinner and how they are all placed at the very same level, without being wavy.

2.3. SWOOSH ®

  • The fake pair has its letters looking way too thick.
  • The letters are placed too close to each other, leaving too little empty space in between each other.

A real pair of Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low have their “SWOOSH®” inscription’s characters looking thinner and with a larger kerning, therefore the characters look more aired than the fake ones.

Similar to the Fragment x Travis Scott pair, this kind of flaw occurs on the fake Black Phantom Travis Scott 1 Low.

It isn’t easy to spot a fake pair via the inner tongue label, and we know that. If you find it too hard, you can always rely on our expert Nike x Travis Scott authentications team.

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Our team of professionals is always happy to give you peace of mind for your Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1s.

3. Midsole text

3.1. Thickness

Looking at the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott x Fragment image above:

  • The fake pair has its text looking too thin.
  • Most noticeable in the “TRAVIS-HIROSHI” and in the “F-8-99” inscriptions.

On the other hand, you can see how all of the inscriptions on the real Low Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott x Fragment shoes have their text thicker and bulkier than the fake ones.

3.2. Spelling

The low-top Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1 midsole should read:


The fake pair uses the “642” code from the High-Top version. Authentic Low-Top pairs must use the “358” code

In the image above, you can see the following issues with the fake pair:

  • The fake text spells “642” instead of the real pair’s text which says “358”.
  • An authentic low-top Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1 must say “358“.

This flaw is caused due to the little attention paid to detail by the replica manufacturers:

You’ll never see an authentic pair saying “642” — that is a 100% giveaway for a replica low-top pair.

4. Back logos

On the left shoe: Cactus Jack logo.

On the right shoe: Fragment Design logo.

4.1. Cactus Jack logo — left shoe

4.1.1. Cactus Jack text

Looking at the replica Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low:

  • The three lines at the top of the logo look too thick.
  • These lines are also too big.

On the other hand, the same three lines on the real shoes are thinner and they are smaller than the fake ones.

4.1.2. Cactus Jack face
  • The fake pair has its face logo too massive as it was fit stamped too deep into the blue leather.
  • Hence, it looks too big and wide on the fake pair.

The authentic Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low has its face logo fit less deep into the bleu leather, hence why it looks slimmer and smaller than the fake one.

4.2. Air Jordan & Fragment logos — right shoe

4.2.1. Air Jordan logo
  • The letters in the classic “AIR JORDAN” text are too thin and too narrow.

Notice how the authentic Travis Scott x Fragment 1 Low’s “AIR JORDAN” text is thicker.

Authentic pairs also have wider inscriptions that take up more space compared to the fake example above.

4.2.2. Fragment logo
  • The fake pair has its circle and thunders fit too little deep into the leather.
  • This makes them look thinner than they should be on a real pair.

As for the real pair, you can observe how the circle/thunder details fit deeper into the blue leather, hence why the real Fragment Design logo looks thicker.

5. Footbed stitching

  • The footbed is the part below the insole.
  • To reach it, you need to take out the insoles of your Fragment x Travis Scott 1 Low.

“Footbed” and “insole stitching” mean the same thing: the grey part underneath the insole.

This fake vs real Fragment Travis Scott Low Air Jordan 1 image shows you how:

  • The fake pair has a lower stitching density when compared to the real pair’s footbed.
  • Fewer stitches can be found all around the fake footbed.

Looking at the real pair, you can see how there are many more stitches. An authentic pair must have dense stitching, just as shown in the comparison image above.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

6. Toe box

In the image with the authentic vs fake Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low above:

  • The fake pair has its toe box lifted up too much.
  • Hence, it is too far away from the ground, while the legit pair’s toe box is closer to the ground.

You’re going to see this flaw on the Reverse Mocha Travis Scotts too. Often fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low shoes tend to have lower toe boxes compared to the real deal.

7. Cactus Jack 3M logo

You’ll need to light up the logo with your phone’s flashlight in order to see it.

This logo is supposed to be seen on the interior profile sides of the fake vs real Fragment Cactus Jack Air Jordan 1 Low.

  • The fake inscriptions don’t light up under a flashlight.
  • Fake inscriptions tend to be less visible and barely noticeable.
  • Sometimes, worst-quality fakes don’t even have the text — it can be missing entirely.

On the other hand, you can notice how the Cactus Jack logo is present on the interior profile side of the real Air Jordan 1 Low TS Fragments.

8. Perforations

  • The fake pair has perforations on the toe box larger than needed.
  • The fake perforations tend to be too deep.

The same perforations on the real Fragment TS1 Lows look slimmer and narrower than the fake ones.

Coincidence or not, this also happens on the fake Olive Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s.

9. Nike tongue label

  • The fake pair’s registered trademark “®” symbols look too thick.
  • Hence, their “®” inscription is too close to the “NIKE” logo.

As for the real pair’s symbols, you can notice how they are thinner and slimmer than the fake pair’s “®” characters.

Then, there’s more space in between the “®” and the “NIKE” text since they are thinner than the fake counterpart.

10. Cactus Jack tongue label

As you can see from the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott x Fragment image above:

  • The fake pair has its “Cactus Jack” text looking too thin.
  • The inscriptions are stretched out more than they should be.
    • Most noticeable on the “C” and “U”, where you can see how they are too tall
    • These letters also seem like they use a different font from the real shoes.

All of the real “Cactus Jack” tongue labels should look like the authentic example above.

11. Fragment tongue label

  • The fake pair “FRAGMENT DESIGN” text looks too thin.
  • The same print uses a different font from the real pair’s text.

Speaking of which, the genuine Travis Scott Lows have their “FRAGMENT DESIGN” text thicker and use a font which has less curvy letters than the fake one.

12. Reverse Swoosh

As you can see from the real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low x Fragment image above:

  • The fake pair has its stitching on the logo being too little dense.
  • There are too few stitches on the fake pair’s Swoosh — same as on the footbed.

The real pair has more stitches and the Swoosh looks more consistent than the fake one.

Shortlist: How to tell a fake pair (in 60 seconds)

  1. Check the size tag inside your Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott x Fragment. The fake pairs tend to have their text there at the wrong thickness
  2. Have a look at the interior tongue label and be sure that all of the characters are at the right thickness and that they’re not wavy
  3. Look at the text written on the midsoles of your shoes, because the fake pairs tend to have their text in the wrong thickness
  4. Examine the rear side’s details and be sure that all of the elements are properly font-weighted and fit into the leather
  5. Remember to check the footbed. The fake pairs tend to have their footbed’s stitches too little consistent
  6. Inspect the toe box’s inflation level and be sure that the toe box isn’t too far away from the ground
  7. Check the Cactus Jack 3M Reflective logo on the interior profile side of the shoes, as some fake pairs miss this detail and they don’t have the text there
  8. Look at the perforations on the toe box of your shoes. Mostly, the fake Cactus Jack x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low shoes have their holes too wide
  9. Authenticate the Nike Air tongue label. Usually, the fake pairs have their registered trademark “®” symbols looking too thick
  10. Inspect the Cactus Jack tongue label. The replica Travis Scott AJ1 Low Fragment shoes usually have their “Cactus Jack” text too thin
  11. Brief the Fragment Design tongue label, as the fake pairs usually have their “FRAGMENT DESIGN” text too thin and use a font with curvier characters
  12. See the stitching on the Nike Swoosh logo, because the fake TS1 Low Fragment shoes tend to have their stitches too little dense on the logo

So, should you be too busy to go through the very detailed comparison of real vs fake Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low Top Sneakers, then just briefly here is a recap of our legit check guide.

In other words, we have exclusively summarized the top 12 ways to tell which is authentic from which is a fake version of this shoe type.

However, we must say; that our picture comparison is one to help you tremendously, as each of the flaws has been extensively illustrated.

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