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Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Ch David

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to spot real vs fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low “Reverse Mocha”. Over here, you’ll find:

  • Reverse Mocha real vs fake images
  • Explanations provided by professionals

Join our expert Nike x Travis Scott authenticators and let’s do this.

How to tell if Jordan 1 Reverse Mochas are fake

You can tell if Jordan 1 Reverse Mocha (Travis Scott) are fake by checking the interior tongue label’s red text. Fakes are always flawed one way or another

1. Interior tongue

Step summary: Fake shoes always have their text misplaced and at the wrong font-weight.

This tag can instantly tell fake Jordan 1s.

  • Authentic:
    1. “SWOOSH” text at the top is of the correct thickness with proportionate “OO” letters.
    2. Middle “SWOOSH®” text has appropriately-sized “S” and “W” letters.
    3. “VOTRE” text on the lower-left side is of the right size and thickness.
  • Fake:
    1. “SWOOSH” text at the top is too thick; “OO” letters appear too small.
    2. Middle “SWOOSH®” text has oversized “S” and “W” letters.
    3. “VOTRE” text on the lower-left side is both too large and too thick.

Finding it too hard? Have our experts legit check your Travis Scotts:

2. Suede effect

Step summary: Fake suede never leaves traces behind when touched.

  • Authentic:
    1. The brown suede has varying shades; some areas appear darker than others.
    2. When touched, the real suede shows traces and changes in texture.
  • Fake:
    1. The brown suede appears static with a consistent shade across the toe box and entire shoe.
    2. Lacks the intricate detailing and dynamic texture changes found in genuine suede.

3. Toe box

Step summary: Fake sneakers tend to have their toe boxes too flat.

  • Authentic:
    1. The toe box has a more pronounced curve and rounded appearance.
    2. The white leather section above the midsole is bulkier and more prominent.
  • Fake:
    1. The toe box appears flatter.
    2. The curvature of the toe box is less pronounced.
    3. The white leather section above the midsole is smaller and less prominent.

4. Medial text

Step summary: Fake Reverse Mocha AJ1 Low pairs have their red logo too thin.

  • Authentic:
    1. The “Cactus Jack” inscription is adequately thick.
    2. The three lines positioned above the text are of the right thickness.
  • Fake:
    1. The “Cactus Jack” text appears too thin, especially noticeable in letters “C” and “A”.
    2. The three lines above the inscription are also too thin.

5. Rear logos

Step summary: Fake pairs always have their stitching too little dense.

5.1. Cactus Jack face (left shoe)

  • Authentic:
    1. The Cactus Jack face logo has dense hair detailing, depicted through a higher number of stitches.
    2. The surrounding white stitching on the patch is of the right thickness and size.
  • Fake:
    1. The Cactus Jack face logo appears with less dense hair, lacking the needed number of stitches.
    2. The white stitching around the logo patch is too thin and appears smaller in comparison to the genuine pair.

5.2. Air Jordan logo (right shoe)

  • Authentic:
    • The wings on the logo are thicker.
    • Proper spacing between the wings, consistent with the original design.
  • Fake:
    • The wings on the logo are noticeably thin.
    • Excessive empty space between the wings.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

6. Perforations

Step summary: Remember that fake pairs always have (way) smaller toe box holes.

  • Authentic:
    • The holes are larger, fitting the original design specifications.
  • Fake:
    • The holes are noticeably smaller than the authentic pair.

7. Swoosh

Step summary: Replica Reverse Mocha Jordan 1 Low pairs have their stitching too thin.

  • Authentic:
    • Features thicker threads.
    • Stitches are longer, adhering to the original design specifications.
  • Fake:
    • Stitching is noticeably thinner.
    • Stitches are shorter than those on the authentic pair.

8. Exterior tongue

Step summary: The “®” symbol on the fake shoes is usually too small.

  • Authentic: The “®” character is noticeably larger, adhering to the original design specifications.
  • Fake: The “®” character appears smaller and may deviate from the authentic design.

Shortlist: Quickly tell fake Reverse Mochas

We understand that you might be short on time, and hence, you don’t really have enough time to read the full guide. That’s why we’ve got this list for you:

  1. The interior tongue label: fake pairs never always have their text too thick or too thin, and also misplaced.
  2. Suede effect: genuine pairs always leave traces as soon as you touch the brown parts, while fakes don’t always do.
  3. Toe box level: replica Travis Scott AJ1 Low pairs tend to have their toe box too little curvy.
  4. Medial text: always too thin on the counterfeit Travis Scott 1 Low.

Expert Authentication

If you need help with the authentication of your Reverse Mocha 1s we’ve got you covered.

  • Send us pictures of your Travis Scott Reverse Mocha Jordan 1s
  • We will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours.
  • The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our Jordan 1 Reverse Mocha legit check guide.

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Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

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Ch Daniel and Ch David

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