How To Spot Fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive (2023)

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Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive (Womens)
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Want to learn how to spot fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive? This tutorial will teach you all there is to know.

By the end of this legit check guide, you will know everything about the flaws of fake Olive Travis Scott 1s and what a genuine pair has to look like.

Let’s waste no time and check out the actual comparison between the real vs fake Olive Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low.

How to spot fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive

The interior tongue label instantly tells if you have a real or fake Travis Scott AJ1 Low in Olive. Thin letters and “®” symbols on the label are the reason why 99.9% of the fake pairs fail.

Sure, replicas are very good nowadays, but the overall build of a counterfeit Olive Travis Scott AJ1 Low doesn’t compare to that of a real pair.

Now, let’s see the detailed comparison between the real vs fake Olive Travis Scotts.

Step 1: Check the interior tongue label

As said before, the interior tongue label is the dead giveaway for every fake pair. No replica gets to the level of a real pair.

Hence, we always recommend starting with this label when authenticating a pair of Olive Travis Scott 1s, if possible.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Interior Tongue

Just like the OG Travis Scott AJ1 Low in brown, this pair has a standard Nike x Air Jordan 1 label: the one mentioning Nike’s patent and guarantee of quality.

Though, that’s not the case with the fake pair. Look in the image above to see how most of the characters are too thin on the fake shoes.

Most noticeable is on the “SWOOSH” inscriptions, as well as the “NIKE.LE” and the “CHINE” prints.

Look to the other side, on the left side of the image, and you’ll see how the authentic Travis Scott Jordan 1 Olive has thicker, more solid inscriptions than on the fake.

Note: Fake pairs may also have very thick inscriptions in some cases. Always refer back to our comparison image to reassure that you have a real Travis Scott AJ1 Olive pair.

With this being said, let’s move on to the #2 authenticity teller.

Step 2: Look at the size tag

Let’s remain inside the shoes and move on the lower part of the Olive Travis Scott 1s, at the size tag.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Size Label

There are some instantly-noticeable differences between the real and replica Olive Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Lows.

First, look at the “DZ4137-106” print in the top-right corner; it is the unique style-code that Nike gave to this model.

There you will see how the letters, the numbers, and the dash (“-“) are too thick on the fake. Moreover, the same goes for the “EUR” and the “BR” prints on the left side.

The authentic pair’s inscriptions are all thinner than the fake’s.

The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways to authenticate this item.

The next few steps are still reliable signs of authenticity but are for non-top-versions of replicas available for this item. We recommend sticking to the steps we’ve explained above to make sure you’re not drawing the wrong conclusions.

Step 3: See the reverse Swoosh’s stitching

Same as the Reverse Mocha Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low, the Olives also have a reverse Swoosh. This is Travis Scott’s signature on Nike sneakers.

Let’s have a look at the stitching on the logo.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Swoosh

Looking at this fake vs real Olive Air Jordan 1 Low comparison picture, it is quite visible how the threads are too thin on the fake reverse Swoosh.

On the other hand, the authentic pair has thicker stitches than the fake. The difference is very noticeable once you get close to the logo.

Step 4: See the stitching on the back

Let’s flip the fake vs real Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive pairs to their rear sides and have a look at the logos there.

As usual for Travis Scott’s Air Jodan 1 sneaker, the left shoe presents a Cactus Jack face logo, and the right shoe has the old Air Jordan 1 logo.

Though, this is quite different to the Fragment Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low, because the mentioned pair had Fragment Design’s logo on the right shoe.

The left shoe’s rear side: Cactus Jack logo

Let’s get back to our Olive Travis Scotts and see the stitching on the left shoe first. Then, we’ll proceed to the right pair.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Rear Left Shoe

The image with the fake vs real Olive Travis Scott 1s above shows you how the stitching all around the middle side’s leather patch is too thick.

At the same time, the stitches are also pretty thin.

In comparison, the authentic pair’s stitches are thinner, longer, and appear less dense than the fake pair’s.

The right shoe’s rear side: Air Jordan 1 Logo

Leaving the left shoe aside, let’s now look at the classic Air Jordan 1 logo o the right pair of your Olive Travis Scott 1 Lows.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Rear Right Shoe

This image shows how the fake pair’s stitching on the middle side’s leather patch is too short. Thickness isn’t much of a problem now, but the length of the threads remains flawed on the fake Travis Scott 1s.

Yet again, the authentic pair has longer stitches compared to the ones visible on the fake shoe.

Step 5: Verify the toe box’s perforations

We’ll now look at two details from a top-down view of the Travis Scott Olive Air Jordan 1s: the inflation of the toe box and the materials used for the shoes.

Let’s first check out the fake vs real image.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Perforations

First, notice how the fake pair’s perforations are too small. The same holes on the authentic pair’s toe box appear to be larger.

Then, if you look at the suede on the toe box (the black/olive leather), you can see how the fake pair’s material is too dark.

On the other hand, the genuine pair uses lighter materials that look more olive than black, as on the fake pair.

Step 6: Analyze the exterior of the tongue

The last step had us looking at the shade used to craft the shoe’s toe box. Let’s now move to the upper side of the shoes and see the colour of the tongue’s “Cactus Jack” text.

We’re also going to talk about the white stitching next to that print.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Exterior Tongue

The image above shows you two flaws, labelled as “1” and “2”. The first one is about the text’s colour, and the second one is about the white stitching.

1 – See how the fake pair’s “Cactus Jack” logo is too light. The shade of green is “too green” compared to the real one.

The genuine pair has a darker text, as its shade is rather olive instead of a lighter green as the one seen on the fake.

2 – While this may be less noticeable, it’s still worth noting, the white stitching all around the Cactus Jack tongue label is too thick on the fake pair.

In comparison, the genuine Travis Scott AJ1 Low Olive pair has thinner stitches that look less dense compared to the fake pair.

Step 7: Look at the toe box’s inflation level

For the last step in our real vs fake Olive Travis Scott AJ1 comparison, we’ll flip the shoes to the side and check out how the toe box looks like from a profile perspective.

How to tell fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive: Toe Box

The image above shows you how the fake pair has a slightly higher toe box than the real one. The authentic pair’s toe box is flatter and looks smaller than its counterpart.

We’ve ranked this step as the last one since it’s harder to notice this kind of flaw, especially when it comes down to a worn pair.

The Conclusion

Here’s a short guide you can have in your pocket, especially when you’re going to meet up a seller to buy a pair of Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive and you want to check if it’s a fake or not:

  1. Check the interior tongue label;
  2. Look at the size tag inside the shoes;
  3. Verify the reverse Swoosh logo’s stitching;
  4. Analyze the stitching on the back of the shoes;
  5. See how the large the perforations are and how dark the suede is;
  6. Inspect the exterior side of the tongue’s label: text and stitching;
  7. Have a look at the toe box and see how big it is.

These are the 7 easy ways to spot a fake pair of Olive Travis Scott 1s.

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