Lady Dior Fake Vs Real: How To Authenticate Yours (2023)

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Dior Lady Bag fake vs real
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Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Ch David

You might be on this page because you:

  • Have a Lady Dior bag
  • You’re not sure if it’s authentic
  • So you want to verify it

We’ll teach you just that.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know the 10 authentication tips to tell if your Dior bag is real.

How to tell if a Dior bag is real

Did you know the quickest way to detect a counterfeit Dior Lady bag? It’s in the interior label’s text thickness!

Often, replica producers miss the mark on the label’s stitching, revealing its inauthenticity.

1. Interior label

  • Authentic:
    1. Thicker, more visible stitching.
    2. Smaller “Christian Dior” text with wider letter spacing.
    3. Higher placement of “PARIS” and “MADE IN ITALY” text.
  • Fake:
    1. Thinner, less visible stitching.
    2. Larger “Christian Dior” text with tighter letter spacing.
    3. Lower placement of “PARIS” and “MADE IN ITALY” text.

2. Pattern

  • Authentic:
    1. Stitching is stamped less deeply into the material.
    2. More pronounced glossiness and shine when exposed to light.
  • Fake:
    1. Stitching is stamped more deeply into the material.
    2. Less pronounced glossiness and shine when exposed to light.

3. Shape

  • Authentic: Slimmer and more streamlined appearance, even when empty.
  • Fake: Wider and bulkier appearance, especially noticeable when the bag is empty.

4. Keychain

  • Authentic: Thicker and more defined “CD” text on the keychain.
  • Fake: Thinner and less defined “CD” text on the keychain.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. CD

  • Authentic: Thinner “CD” text.
  • Fake: Thicker “CD” text.

6. Handler

  • Authentic: Longer and thinner stitching on the handle.
  • Fake: Shorter and thicker stitching on the handle.

7. Keyring letters

  • Authentic: “DIOR” logo text is shiny but not as shiny as the fake bag’s text.
  • Fake: “DIOR” logo text is excessively shiny.

8. Hang tag

  • Authentic:
    • Stitching around the patch is thicker and shorter.
    • “Christian Dior” text is engraved less deep into the bag.
  • Fake:
    • Stitching around the patch is thinner and longer.
    • “Christian Dior” text is engraved too deep into the bag.

9. Chainlinks

  • Authentic: Chains have a nuanced shade of gold.
  • Fake: Chains are colored too light, looking washed out.

10. Stitching

  • Authentic: Stitches are thicker.
  • Fake: Stitches are too thin.

Shortlist: Verify your Lady Dior

  1. Interior Label Check: Replica bags often feature text that’s either too thick or too thin, misplaced, and the stitching might be faint, particularly at the label’s top.
  2. Pattern Inspection: On fake bags, the stitching is usually impressed too deeply. A counterfeit bag, when held under light, may reflect less shine than genuine ones.
  3. Side Shape Examination: Counterfeit Dior bags, when viewed from the side, appear excessively broad or “plump”. Ensure the bag is empty for a fair comparison.
  4. Keychain “CD” Text: Fake bags typically display a thinner “CD” text on the keychain.
  5. Golden Attachment “CD” Text: Just like the keychain, the “CD” text on the golden attachment of replicas tends to be slender.
  6. Handler Stitching: The stitching on the handlers of fake bags usually appears short and dense.
  7. Exterior “DIOR” Logo: Counterfeit bags often have a shinier “DIOR” metal logo compared to genuine ones.
  8. Hangtag Examination: The text on a replica’s hangtag tends to be bulkier, with elongated, slender stitching on its patch.
  9. Hardware Chain Color: Fake Dior Lady bags often have hardware chains that seem faded or too light in color.
  10. Stitch Thickness: The stitching on counterfeit bags is generally too fine.

This list provides a comprehensive set of steps to help you verify Dior Lady bags.

Expert Dior Lady authentication

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Thank you for joining us in our Dior Lady bag real vs fake guide.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep updating with fresher, more detailed comparisons.

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