How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpacks

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Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Ch David

If you are looking to learn how to spot fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpacks, this is the place to be.

We’ll take you through the 10 best ways to tell if a Louis Vuitton backpack is real or fake.

With each step, you’ll find reference real vs fake images to help you authenticate your own backpack.

Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication Guide

How to tell if your Louis Vuitton backpack is fake

The best way to tell if your Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack is fake is to check the “LOUIS VUITTON” engravings. Fake backpacks never have their inscriptions and stitchings on point and in tune with authentic backpacks that are always flawless.

Let’s waste no time and learn how to authenticate a Louis Vuitton backpack.

1. Interior label

  • The registered trademark “®” symbol is too thin and too big on the fake.
  • The “LOUIS VUITTON”, “PARIS” and the “made in France” prints are also too thin.
  • The stitching on the right side of the label is too thick and also misplaced.

The authentic Louis Vuitton backpack has its stitching at the same angle.

2 Exterior label

  • The fake engraving is thicker than the real one.
  • This is due to the fake text being deeper into the leather compared to the authentic.

The logo on the genuine backpack is thinner.

3. Date code

  • The text uses a different font from the tab on the authentic piece.
  • Most noticeable if you look at the thickness of the letters and of the numbers.
  • The fake backpack has its characters too thin.

The genuine engraving is thicker than the authentic.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Strap

  • The fake backpack has its stitching irregularly shaped.
  • The fake Louis Vuitton backpack has the strap’s stitching fit too deeply
  • The strings are too thin and long, on the fake backpack.

5. Side

louis vuitton palm springs backpack authenticity check guide
  • The stitching on the rear side looks too thin when compared to the legit backpack.
  • The threads are angled too much on the fake backpack.

6. Buttons

  • The fake backpack has its “LOUIS VUITTON” text which looks too thin and big.
  • The “LOUIS VUITTON” text found on the authentic backpack’s buttons is thicker and smaller.

7. Zipper

  • The “LV” text is too thick, while the authentic backpack has its text thinner.
  • The corners around the empty part of the zippers look too curvy on the fake.

8. Keychain

  • The “LV” text on the keychain looks too thick.

On the other hand, the authentic Louis Vuitton backpack’s “LV” text logo is too thin.

9. Pull tab

  • The fake LV backpack has its pull tab too thick.
  • The authentic Louis Vuitton backpack has its pull tab looking thinner.

10. Shape

  • The fake backpack has its shape looking wider and “fatter” than the shape of the authentic backpack.

Shortlist: Authenticate your backpack

  1. Interior Label: Inspect the label inside your Louis Vuitton backpack. Many counterfeits display text that’s overly large and thin. Additionally, the stitching on fake labels often appears misaligned and misplaced.
  2. Exterior Label: Examine the label on the outside of your LV backpack. Frequently, fake Louis Vuitton PS backpacks have improperly weighted font that’s excessively bold.
  3. Interior Code Stamp: Review the code stamp inside your LV Palm Springs backpack. Replicas typically use a font that deviates from that on authentic backpacks.
  4. Strap Stitching: Observe the stitching on the strap of your Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack. Counterfeit versions often have stitching that’s barely noticeable, too petite, and overly thin.
  5. Rear Stitching: Analyze the stitching on the backside of your LV backpack. Fakes usually showcase stitching that’s too thin and misaligned.
  6. Button Text: Confirm the “LOUIS VUITTON” text on the buttons. Replica LV Palm Springs backpacks frequently present text that’s too thin and enlarged.
  7. Zipper Details: Check the zippers. Many fakes have the “LV” text in an incorrect font-weight, and the zipper corners are excessively rounded compared to authentic versions.
  8. Keychain Text: Remember to assess the “LV” text on the keychain. Most counterfeit LV PS backpacks feature overly bold text.
  9. Pull Tab Thickness: Evaluate the pull tab’s thickness on your Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack. Counterfeit versions often have a heftier pull tab.
  10. Backpack Shape: Compare the overall shape of your backpack. Many fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpacks appear wider and bulkier than genuine LV PS backpacks.

At times, due to various constraints, you might not be able to meticulously follow each step detailed above, especially when trying to authenticate your Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack.

For such moments, we’ve curated a rapid 60-second guide for you.

Above are the top 10 signs to help you discern whether you’re holding an authentic Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack or a replica.

Expert Louis Vuitton authentication

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This wraps up our guide on distinguishing genuine backpacks by focusing on ten key aspects.

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