How To Spot Fake Off-White Air Presto OG (2024)

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

The medial text tells if you have real Off-White Prestos, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Learn the 12 ways to spot fake Off-White Presto in this guide! Join our team of experts in legit checking.

Wondering how to spot fake vs real Nike x Off-White Air Presto?

This is the place to be in.

When buying the Off-White Air Presto, it’s best to know whether they’re real or fake. Or better put, it’s best to know what you spend money on.

In this guide, you’re going to know the definitive ways to spot fake Off-White Presto.

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This 12-step legit check guide will show you the best ways you can spot a replica of the Off-White Air Presto.

How to tell if Off-White Prestos are real or fake

You can tell if Off-White Prestos are real or fake by checking the medial text. That aside, the placement of the “AIR” text also tells the authenticity with ease.

Let’s check it out!

1. Medial text

As we said previously, we consider the medial text to be the best spot to look at in order to spot fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers because it is every time flawed by the replica Off-White x Nike manufacturers.

1.1. Left shoe

  • The fake Off-White Presto pair has its medial text placed too much on the left side of the sneakers.
  • The text is placed too close to the sock liner.

The authentic text is placed more on the right side

1.2. Right shoe

  • The text is not as visible on the fake shoes. It’s harder to read.
  • The fake shoes have their text placed too close to the sock liner, while the legit shoes have their text placed further away from the sock liner.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Nike x Off-White experts:

2. “AIR”

  • At the bottom right leg of the letter “R”, the fake sneakers have a round and wavy line.
  • The legit sneakers have their “R” letter finishing straight and sharp at the bottom.

3. Toe box

  • The toe box is significantly bulkier on the fake pair when compared to the slender toe box of the authentic pair.

This difference can be attributed to the poor attention to detail from the fake Nike manufacturers, as well as the lower-quality factory equipment used in the production of the sneakers.

4. Cage

By cages, we are talking about the matte/semi-opaque panels.

4.1. Interior side

  • The fake Off-White Presto OG have negative spaces between the lines.
  • The lines are a lot rounder, wide and undefined compared to the real ones.

On the real pair, the negative spaces between the bars are smaller, more defined, and narrower than the fake ones.

4.2. Exterior side

  • On the fake Prestos, the empty spaces inside the cage are wider than the ones on the legit pair.

Use the reference green (authentic) and red (fake) lines to see the shapes.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Midsole

  • In the front, see how the fake Swoosh is less curvy.
  • The rear side of the Swoosh is thicker on the fake Off-White Presto.

6. Orange tab

  • The orange tab has round corners on the fake.
  • The authentic pair has sharp corners instead.
  • Also note how the fake tab is too long, while the real one is shorter and boxier.

7. Perforations

  • The perforations are too small on the fake pair.
  • They’re also not as wide as they have to be.
  • Hence, the fake perforations look like they’re “closed” compared to the “opened” holes on the real Off-White Prestos.

8. Size tag

  • The Swoosh at the top of the size tag is too long. It has a bigger appearance on the fake pair.
  • At the edge of the size tag, the authentic Presto is bordered with a transparent material.
    • This fabric is 100% white on the fake shoes.
  • The “MADE IN VIETNAM” text is too thin on the fake shoes
  • Note how the “V” is placed further away from the rest of the letters in “VIETNAM” on the fake.

9. Sole

  • The dots and squares are too thick on the fake pair’s sole.
  • The circles are often not centered in the middle of the squares on the fake Prestos.

10. Swoosh

10.1. Curviness

  • The logo has a wider appearance. It curves sooner than the authentic one.
  • See how the red line is narrower than the green one.

10.2. Sstitching

  • The stitching is too short on the fake pair.
  • The threads are longer on the fake compared to those on the real Presto.

10.3 Placement

  • The Swoosh is placed higher than the authentic one.

Helpfulness: Take as a reference spot the line that separates the midsole from the toe box area next to the orange tab.

Doing so, you can sense how the fake Swoosh is placed above it, and how the authentic one is placed below the line.

11. Tongue

  • The tongue is too long on the fake Off-White Presto.

The real one is shorter.

12. Box

  • The fake box’s quotation mark print (” “) appears to be a lot thinner than the print of the marks on the legit box.
  • In the “c. 2017” text, the characters are too thin on the fake box.

Shortlist: How to authenticate your Off-White Presto

  1. Medial Text Inspection: Examine the medial text on both the left and right shoes. Often, counterfeits have the text positioned too high, near the sock liner, with varying font weights.
  2. “AIR” Text Examination: Check the “AIR” text. Counterfeit versions typically position the “AIR” text too far back, with lettering that’s either too thick or too thin, including quotation marks.
  3. Toe Box Inspection: Observe the toe box of your Presto. Many fake versions present a toe box that’s overly elevated.
  4. Cage Assessment: Examine both inner and outer cages. Counterfeit Prestos usually have a more extensive, curvier, and more stretched space between the cage lines, contrary to the genuine pairs.
  5. Swoosh Logo on Inner Cage: Identify discrepancies in the inner cage’s Swoosh logo. The fake logos tend to be smaller, less curvaceous, and not as sharply defined as the genuine ones.
  6. Orange Tab Examination: Check the orange tab. Counterfeit versions frequently have rounded corners, whereas genuine ones are sharper.
  7. Toe Box Perforations: Review the perforations on the toe box. In many fakes, the perforation holes appear too large and exaggerated.
  8. Size Tag Review: Analyze your Off-White Presto’s size tag. Counterfeit tags often display text that’s noticeably thinner than it should be.
  9. Sole Inspection: Examine the soles of your Off-White Presto sneakers. Counterfeit versions, particularly in black, often feature misaligned sole bubbles that are too thick and off-center.
  10. Nike Swoosh Logo Analysis: Assess the curviness, stitching, and placement of the Nike Swoosh logo. Counterfeits often exhibit less curvature, inconsistent stitching patterns, and position the Swoosh too high above the demarcation line between the midsole and the toe box.
  11. Tongue Height: Check the tongue’s height. Fake versions tend to have a taller and bulkier tongue compared to the genuine ones.
  12. Box Print Quality: Inspect the print quality on your Nike Off-White Presto’s box. Counterfeit boxes typically have thinner prints throughout.

Sometimes it can be time-consuming to go through steps when you want to verify the authenticity of your shoes.

Above, you’ll find the top 12 signs that will help you identify if your Off-White Air Presto pair is authentic or a replica.

Expert Off-White Presto authentication

If you require assistance in verifying the authenticity of your Off-White Air Presto sneakers, rest assured, we’re here to assist.

Simply forward clear, high-quality images of your shoes, and we promise to provide feedback within a span of 24 to 48 hours.

Along with our verdict, we will also provide a detailed rationale on whether we deem your sneakers to be genuine or replicas.

Thank you for navigating our guide on distinguishing genuine Off-White Air Presto from fakes.

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