(2024) FAKE vs REAL Chanel Bag – With Pictures!

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Chanel perofumes in a shopping bag
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Last Updated on June 2, 2024 by Ch David

Not sure if your Chanel is authentic? We’ll help you figure it out.

This guide helps you verify any model of Chanel’s bags.

Want a professional verdict? Reach out to our expert Chanel authenticators and they’ll explain every single concern you have.

How to Tell If a Chanel Bag is REAL

The answer: Look at the interior “CHANEL ®” text. Fakes often have it at the wrong font-weight.


Real vs Fake Chanel Deauville Bag
  • Authentic: All letters have the same thickness (same for all stitches).
  • Fake: Text is too thin, but stitching is too thick.

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2. Date code

Real vs Fake Chanel Deauville Bag label
  • Authentic: Thinner “CC” logos and thicker numbers.
  • Fake: Thck “CC” logo and thin numbers.

The serial code’s initial numbers indicate the series and the season of the bag’s creation. It will also reveal other authentication features, such as holographic marks.

How to read the Chanel date code:

  • 2020 bags have serial codes starting with 30XXXXXX
  • 2019: 27XXXXXX, 28XXXXXX, 29XXXXXX
  • Late 2018 to 2019: 26XXXXXX
  • Early 2018: 25XXXXXX
  • Late 2017 to early 2018: 24XXXXXX
  • Early 2017: 23XXXXXX
  • Late 2016 to early 2017: 22XXXXXX
  • Late 2015 to early 2016: 21XXXXXX
  • Late 2014 to early 2015: 20XXXXXX
  • Early 2014: 19XXXXXX
  • Late 2013 to early 2014: 18XXXXXX
  • Late 2012 to early 2013: 17XXXXXX
  • Early 2012: 16XXXXXX
  • 2011: 15XXXXXX
  • Late 2010 to early 2011: 14XXXXXX
  • Late 2009 to early 2010: 13XXXXXX
  • Late 2008 to early 2009: 12XXXXXX
  • 2006 to early 2008: 11XXXXXX
  • 2005 to early 2006: 10XXXXXX
  • 2004 to early 2005: 9XXXXXX
  • 2003 to early 2004: 8XXXXXX
  • 2002 to early 2003: 7XXXXXX
  • 2000 to early 2002: 6XXXXXX
  • 1997 to late 1999: 5XXXXXX
  • 1996 to early 1997: 4XXXXXX
  • 1994 to early 1996: 3XXXXXX
  • 1991 to early 1994: 2XXXXXX
  • 1989 to early 1991: 1XXXXXX
  • 1986 to late 1988: 0XXXXXX

3. Stitching

Chanel WOC bag Real vs Fake Stitching
  • Authentic: Bigger and definitely noticeable stitches.
  • Fake: Smaller and barely visible threads.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. Buckle

Look on the interior side of the buckle, and you’ll find the “CHANEL PARIS” engraving.

That’s what we want check out for this step.

Real vs Fake Chanel CF Bag metal strap
  • Authentic:
    • More distance between “CHANEL” and the empty part below.
    • “PARIS” is thicker than the replica.
  • Fake:
    • “CHANEL” text is too close to the empty part of the buckle.
    • “PARIS” text is too thin.

5. Zipper


Real vs Fake Chanel 19 handle
  • Authentic: Text is thinner.
  • Fake: Thicker inscription.

5.2. CC

Real vs Fake Chanel Deauville Bag label
  • Authentic: Thicker and bigger “CC” engraving.
  • Fake: “CC” is too thin and wide.

6. Leather

Real vs Fake Chanel 19 stitching
  • Authentic: Less smoother leather — giving a more authentic feel.
  • Fake: Too smooth.

7. CC Logo

Fake vs Real Chanel Coco Handle
  • Authentic: Powerful shine when light lands on it.
  • Fake: Doesn’t reflect enough light.

8. Strap

Real vs Fake Chanel Deauville Bag
  • Authentic: Thick, short threads.
  • Fake: Thin and long stitches.


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