How To Authenticate Your Rolex Hulk (2023)

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Rolex Hulk Gen Vs Fake
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Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Ch David

If you are wondering how to authenticate the Rolex Submariner Hulk and trying to learn how to differentiate between genuine and replica watches, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this fake vs real Rolex Hulk article, you’ll learn ten easy ways to spot replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk watches.

This guide refers exclusively to the Rolex Submariner 116610LV model, also known as Rolex Hulk.

Along with every step of the guide, you’ll find reference real vs fake images that’ll help you compare your watch with ease.

By the end of reading this guide, you’ll know what makes an authentic Rolex and what the best replica looks like.

how to tell fake rolex watches
Check out the written Rolex guides and video Rolex tutorials, where we deeply explain how to spot fakes.

How to spot a fake Rolex Submariner Hulk

The quickest way to spot a fake Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk watch is to verify the colour of your watch. Genuine watches always have an emerald green colour, and replicas never get the right emerald green nuance; they either look too bright or too dark.

Rolex is known to be one of the most respectable brands in the watch industry, so know that no quality is ever lacking in a genuine watch.

1. Color

  • The fake watch above looks too dark compared to the genuine watch.

The authentic has the correct emerald green colour on the ceramic bezel.

2. Date window

fake vs genuine rolex submariner hulk
  • The fake number “2” is placed lower than the “3”.
  • The fake Rolex Hulk watch has its number “2” looking too thin, and the number “3” looking too thick.

On the other hand, the genuine Rolex Hulk watch has both of its numbers at the same correct font-weight, perfectly aligned and centred.

We’ve also got a tutorial teaching people how to spot any fake Rolex. Did you check it out yet?

3. Cyclops lens

The cyclops lens is the crystal loop placed on top of the date window, which helps magnify the current date, and this is a little detail that helps us differentiate between the fake and real Rolex Hulks.

  • The authentic watch has its cyclops distorting the light, and due to that, the date number is not as easily visible as the one met on the authentic watch.
  • The authentic Rolex Submariner Hulk watch has its cyclops properly magnified, always having the date number easily visible and readable.
  • Furthermore, the authentic watch has crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating, which makes reading the date even more easier and efficient.

4. Bracelet & Lugs

fake vs real hulk rolex
  • The fake bracelet is not properly attached to the watch, as there is a blank little space.
  • This is a flaw that is often seen even in top replica watches, so keep an eye out for this kind of defect.

The authentic Rolex watch in the real vs fake Rolex Hulk image has its bracelet properly welded to the rest of the materials used to craft the watch.

5. Bezel rotation

Let’s check the Rolex Hulk for the bezel action — the clicks that you get when rotating the bezel, which was designed for divers to record the diving time and decompression stops.

Since this can’t really be put into pictures, we are just going to show you the bezel and how its movement is supposed to be.

  • Counterfeit Rolex Hulk watches most commonly have their movement the bezel feeling harsher.
  • They often don’t move smoothly and easily.

The authentic watch has to be really smooth, pleasant and actually just easy to use.

Note: Of course, having only the replica in your hands, without a comparison of the authentic watch, can be a bit more difficult to spot. However, anything that feels wrong most probably points to a replica version.

6. Winding action

  • When trying to adjust the time of the Rolex Submariner Hulk watch, the crown has to pull out and rotate smoothly, while running very easily.

This is yet another factor that the counterfeit Rolex manufacturers never really manage to fix.

7. Crown guard

  • The crown guard of the fake Hulk does not look the same as the authentic ones, as the details on the fake watch have poorer quality compared to the authentic watch.

The crown guard on the authentic watch has two elements even and symmetrical.

8. Bezel engravings

  • The fake marks on the bezel are not as deep as the real ones.
  • They’re also narrower than the authentic remarks. See how the real ones are larger.

The replica Rolex Hulk watch cannot ever perfectly imitate the size and craftsmanship of the engravings on the bezel of the authentic watch.

9. Rehaut engravings

  • The inscriptions on the fake Rolex Submariner Hulk watch are too thin and perfectly aligned on the rehaut.
  • Also, note how the fake “ROLEX” text isn’t as deep into the metal as the real one.

10. Sunburst dial effect

  • An authentic Rolex Hulk offers in a certain light and a certain angle, a sunburst effect on its dial.
  • The sunburst dial effect is too poor on the watches.
  • This is hard to replicate, so most of the counterfeit Rolex Submariner Hulk watches will not have this effect at all, because of the materials used.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Rolex Hulk in 30 seconds

  1. Examine the color of your Rolex Submariner Hulk. Counterfeit Rolex Hulk watches often lack the correct emerald green shade on the ceramic bezel.
  2. Verify the details on the date window of the watch. Fake Rolex Hulk watches typically exhibit flaws in terms of date number positioning and font-weight.
  3. Analyze the cyclops lens of your Rolex Hulk. Fake Rolex watches commonly feature improperly magnified cyclops lenses, making the date number difficult to read.
  4. Inspect the bracelet of your Rolex. Many fake watches have poorly attached or manufacturing-defective bracelets.
  5. Examine the bezel action. Counterfeit watches often lack the smooth, easy rotation experienced in authentic watches when manipulating the bezel.
  6. Check the winding action of your watch. Fake watches may prove more resistant to adjustments than genuine ones, and the hands might not respond promptly when the crown is rotated.
  7. Look at the crown guard of your watch. Replicas may have improperly positioned crown guard elements.
  8. Inspect the engravings on the watch’s bezel. Engravings on fake Rolex Submariner Hulk bezels are usually less detailed than those on genuine models.
  9. Check the engravings on the rehaut of your Rolex Hulk. Fake watches often display engravings that appear too thin and inaccurately placed.
  10. Verify the Rolex watch for the sunburst dial effect. Fake watches tend to reflect excessive light in comparison to the more authentic sunburst dial effect observed in genuine Rolex Hulk watches.

The comprehensive ten steps provided above for discerning real vs fake Rolex Hulk watches might not be the most convenient option when you’re in a rush or considering an online purchase.

To address this, we’ve created a swift 60-second solution for authenticating your Rolex Submariner watch.

Presented above are the primary ten indicators that can aid you in distinguishing between a counterfeit and an authentic Rolex Hulk watch.

Expert Rolex Submariner Hulk authentication

Should you require assistance in authenticating your Rolex Hulk, rest assured that we’re here to assist.

All that’s needed is for you to share high-quality images of your Rolex, and within 48 hours, we’ll provide you with the results. Additionally, these results will be accompanied by a comprehensive report explaining our assessment of whether your Rolex watch is genuine or counterfeit.

With this, we conclude our guide on discerning between real and fake Rolex watches. As more accurate and updated comparisons become available, we are committed to continually updating this article.

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Alternatively, we have free authentication resources for watches: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Alex

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