Hermès Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

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Hermès Revenue and Growth
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Last Updated on December 28, 2023 by Ch David

This research article delves into Hermès revenue, valuation, growth, customer demography, number of employees over the years and more.

Amazing Facts about Hermès

  • Established Expertise: Hermès began as a harness workshop in 1837, evolving into a luxury brand.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Hermès products, including the Birkin bag, are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans.
  • Birkin’s Demand: The Birkin bag, named after Jane Birkin, is in high demand and has waiting lists due to limited production.
  • Unique Materials: Hermès uses rare materials like alligator and ostrich leather, adding to their exclusivity.
  • Iconic Orange: The “Hermès Orange” color is famous, originating from their saddle packaging.
  • Equestrian Heritage: The brand’s equestrian roots influence its designs, creating a distinctive style.
  • Artistic Silk Scarves: Hermès silk scarves are considered wearable art, featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors.
  • Family Ownership: Hermès remains family-owned, with descendants of the founders actively involved.
  • Grace Kelly Connection: The Kelly bag gained prominence when Grace Kelly used it to hide her pregnancy, leading to its name.
  • Sustainability Focus: Hermès prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices in sourcing and production.

Hermès Overview

Key StatInfo
FounderThierry Hermès
HeadquartersParis, France
IndustryLuxury goods
OwnerPublicly traded company
CEO (current)Axel Dumas
Service AreaWorldwide

Hermès’ Brand Value

Hermès’ value grew from $4.78 billion in 2010 to an impressive $21.60 billion in 2021. It also ranked 6th among global apparel brands in 2022.

YearHermès Brand value
2021$21.60 billion
2020$17.96 billion
2019$17.92 billion
2018$16.37 billion
2017$14.21 billion
2016$12.83 billion
2015$10.94 billion
2014$8.97 billion
2013$7.61 billion
2012$6.18 billion
2011$5.35 billion
2010$4.78 billion

Source: Statista, Statista

Hermès’ Market Cap

In 2022, Hermès’ Market Cap stood at €153 billion, contrasting with €162.15 billion in 2021. The trend continued with €92.86 billion in 2020, €70.33 billion in 2019, and €51.18 billion in 2018.

YearHermès Market capitalization (EUR)Hermès Market capitalization (USD)
2022€153 billion$168.3 billion
2021€162.15 billion$178.36 billion
2020€92.86 billion$102.14 billion
2019€70.33 billion$77.36 billion
2018€51.18 billion$56.29 billion
2017€47.11 billion$51.82 billion
2016€41.17 billion$45.28 billion
2015€32.91 billion$36.20 billion
2014€31.12 billion$34.23 billion
2013€27.81 billion$30.59 billion
2012€23.89 billion$26.28 billion

Source: Statista

Hermès’ Market Cap in the Luxury Industry (Market Share)

Hermès has a substantial market capitalization share in the luxury industry, totaling $111.62 billion. This places Hermès alongside major players like LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.E. and Christian Dior S.E.

BrandMarket capitalization (USD)
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.E.$306.18 billion
Hermès International S.A.$111.62 billion
Christian Dior S.E.$106.75 billion
Kering S.A.$62.92 billion
Moncler S.p.A.$11.49 billion
Burberry Group plc$7.95 billion
Ralph Lauren Corporation$6.25 billion
Capri Holdings Limited$5.86 billion
Canada Goose Holdings Inc.$1.9 billion
Hugo Boss A.G.$3.63 billion
Vince Holding Corp.$0.96 billion

Source: Statista

Hermès Revenue

Hermès’ revenue has experienced consistent growth, from €2.40 billion in 2010 and reaching €11.60 billion in 2022.

YearHermès Revenue (EUR)Hermès Revenue (USD)
2022€11.60 billion$12.76 billion
2021€8.98 billion$9.98 billion
2020€6.39 billion$7.29 billion
2019€6.88 billion$7.57 billion
2018€5.97 billion$6.57 billion
2017€5.55 billion$6.11 billion
2016€5.20 billion$5,72 billion
2015€4.84 billion$5.32 billion
2014€4.12 billion$4.53 billion
2013€3.76 billion$4.14 billion
2012€3.48 billion$3.83 billion
2011€2.84 billion$3.12 billion
2010€2.40 billion$2.64 billion

Source: Statista

Hermès Revenue by Regions

In 2022, the Asia-Pacific region led with €6.66 billion, followed by Europe at €2.60 billion and the Americas at €2.14 billion. Other regions contributed €207 million

YearHermès Revenue in Asia-Pacific (EUR)Hermès Revenue in Europe (EUR)Hermès Revenue in Americas (EUR)Other (EUR)
2022€6.66 billion€2.60 billion€2.14 billion€207 million
2021€5.23 billion€2.14 billion€1.46 billion€156 million
2020€3.75 billion€1.57 billion€959 million€108 million
2019€3.45 billion€2.07 billion€1.24 billion€120 million
2018€2.89 billion€1.91 billion€1.06 billion€108 million
2017€2.66 billion€1.80 billion€996 million€92 million
2016€2.50 billion€1.68 billion€941 million€77 million
2015€2.29 billion€1.59 billion€884 million€73 million
2014€1.89 billion€1.44 billion€711 million€74 million
2013€1.71 billion€1.35 billion€627 million€66 million
2012€1.65 billion€1.22 billion€569 million€53 million
2011€1.28 billion€1.06 billion€464 million€43 million
2010€1.08 billion€901 million€385 million€31 million

Source: Statista

Hermès Revenue by Product Segment

In 2022, the standout performers were leather goods & saddlery with €4.96 billion, and ready-to-wear & accessories with €3.15 billion.

YearLeather goods & saddleryReady-to-wear & accessoriesSilk & textilesPerfume & beautyWatchesOther productsOther Hermès sectors
2022€4.96 billion€3.15 billion€842 million€448 million€519 million€306 million€1.37 billion
2021€4.09 billion€2.22 billion€669 million€385 million€337 million€279 million€1.00 billion
2019€3.41 billion€1.57 billion€592 million€326 million€193 million€258 million€525 million
2018€2.98 billion€1.31 billion€537 million€312 million€169 million€238 million€425 million
2017€2.80 billion€1.18 billion€534 million€288 million€158 million€223 million€365 million
2020€3.21 billion€1.41 billion€452 million€263 million€196 million€218 million€643 million
2016€2.60 billion€1.10 billion€515 million€262 million€158 million€228 million€336 million
2015€2.27 billion€1.10 billion€521 million€241 million€163 million€209 million€332 million
2014€1.84 billion€934 million€482 million€231 million€148 million€201 million€281 million
2013€1.63 billion€843 million€454 million€210 million€167 million€200 million€247 million
2012€1.60 billion€746 million€425 million€184 million€173 million€135 million€165 million
2011€1.35 billion€576 million€347 million€159 million€139 million€113 million€109 million
2010€1.21 billion€445 million€284 million€138 million€113 million€86 million€87 million

Source: Statista

Hermès Profit

In 2022, Hermès’ profit reached €3.37 billion, marking a significant increase from its 2010 profit of €421.7 million.

YearHermès Profit (EUR)Hermès Profit (USD)
2022€3.37 billion$3.71 billion
2021€2.44 billion$2.68 billion
2020€1.39 billion$1.53 billion
2019€1.53 billion$1.68 billion
2018€1.40 billion$1.54 billion
2017€1.22 billion$1.34 billion
2016€1.10 billion$1.21 billion
2015€972.6 million$1 billion
2014€858.8 million$944.68 million
2013€790.3 million$869.33 million
2012€739.9 million$813.89 million
2011€594.3 million$653.73 million
2010€421.7 million$463.87 million

Source: Statista

Hermès Investments, Acquisitions, and Shares

Hermès Investments

Hermès’ investments in 2022, investments were €518 million, slightly down from €532 million in 2021. Similarly, 2020 saw €448 million, and 2019 had €478 million.

Previous years included €312 million in 2018, €265 million in 2017, and €262 million in 2016.

YearHermès Investments (EUR)Hermès Investments (USD)
2022€518 million$569 million
2021€532 million$585 million
2020€448 million$492 million
2019€478 million$525 million
2018€312 million$343 million
2017€265 million$291 million
2016€262 million$288 million
2015€252 million$277 million
2014€279 million$306 million
2013€232.4 million$255 million
2012€370 million$407 million
2011€214.4 million$235 million
2010€153.8 million$169 million

Source: Statista

Hermès Investment

One of Hermès’ investments was in Pierre Hardy on Jul 13, 2016.

Announced DateOrganization NameLead InvestorFunding Round
Jul 13, 2016Pierre HardyNoFunding Round – Pierre Hardy

Source: Crunchbase

Hermès Acquisition

Hermès International has acquired three organizations, most recently adding TANNERIE D’ANNONAY on January 10, 2013.

Acquiree NameAnnounced DateTransaction Name
TANNERIE D’ANNONAYJan 10, 2013TANNERIE D’ANNONAY acquired by Hermès International
SHANG XIA Trading (Shanghai) CoDec 21, 2009SHANG XIA Trading (Shanghai) Co acquired by Hermès International
John Lobb JapanJul 31, 2005John Lobb Japan acquired by Hermès International

Source: Crunchbase

Hermès Share Price

Hermès International is registered under the ticker EPA: RMS and had its IPO on Apr 1, 1999.

Hermès’ average share price rose to €1,264 in 2022, from €241.84in 2012.

YearHermès Average share price (EUR)Hermès Average share price (USD

Source: Statista, Crunchbase

Hermès dividend per share

In 2022, Hermès’ dividend per share increased to €13 from the previous year’s €8. The trend persisted from €4.55 in 2020 and the years before. Significant differences include €9.1 in 2017, €3.75 in 2016, and €3.35 in 2015.

YearHermès dividend per share (EUR)

Source: Statista

Most Sought-After Hermès Products

Hermès’ most sought-after products include leather goods & saddlery at 43%, ready-to-wear & accessories at 27%, and other Hermès sectors at 12%. Silk and textiles, perfume and beauty, watches, and other products make up the rest of the share.

Product CategoryRevenue share
Leather goods & saddlery43%
Ready-to-wear & accessories27%
Other Hermès sectors12%
Silk and textiles7%
Perfume and beauty4%
Other products3%

Source: Statista

Hermès’ Global Store Count

With numbers stabilizing from 2015 to 2022, the year 2022 saw the brand operating 78 concession stores and over 200 subsidiaries, totalling 300 Hermès stores worldwide.

YearHermès ConcessionairesHermès SubsidiariesHermès stores worldwide
202278 stores222 stores300 stores
202182 stores221 stores303 stores
202085 stores221 stores306 stores
201988 stores223 stores311 stores
201891 stores219 stores310 stores
201792 stores212 stores304 stores
201697 stores210 stores307 stores
201597 stores210 stores307 stores
2014104 stores207 stores311 stores
2013112 stores203 stores315 stores
2012118 stores205 stores323 stores
2011123 stores205 stores328 stores
2010124 stores193 stores317 stores

Source: Statista, Statista

Hermès Stores in the Americas

The Americas boasts 39 Hermès stores in the United States, 6 in Mexico, 5 in Canada, 3 in Brazil, and 1 store each in Panama, the Caribbean, Chile, and Argentina.

CountryNumber of Hermès stores
United States39 stores
Mexico6 stores
Canada5 stores
Brazil3 stores
Panama1 store
Caribbean1 store
Chile1 store
Argentina1 store

Source: Statista

Hermès Stores in Europe

Hermès has stores available in 21 European countries.

Here’s the list of European countries with multiple Hermès stores as of 2022.

CountryNumber of Hermès stores
France28 stores
Italy13 stores
Germany11 stores
Switzerland10 stores
UK8 stores
Russia4 stores
Turkey4 stores
Spain4 stores
Netherlands3 stores
Denmark2 stores
Belgium2 stores
Austria2 stores

Source: Statista

Hermès Stores in Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania

Hermès has a robust retail presence across Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

This widespread network attests to Hermès’ global appeal and market presence.

CountryNumber of Hermès stores
Japan35 stores
Mainland China31 stores
South Korea19 stores
Taiwan9 stores
Hong Kong7 stores
Singapore6 stores
Australia6 stores
Thailand5 stores
United Arab Emirates4 stores
Macao4 stores
Malaysia3 stores
Vietnam2 stores
Indonesia2 stores
India2 stores
Qatar2 stores
Lebanon1 store
Kuwait1 store
Bahrain1 store
Philippines1 store

Source: Statista

What is the most expensive Hermès item?

Hermès ProductPrice (USD)
Hermès Birkin Bag$10,000 – $2 million
Hermès Geranium Porosus Bag$125,000
Hermès Croc T-Shirt$91,500
Hermès Chaine d’ Ancre$27,400
Hermes Talaris Saddle Equestrian Equipment$10,000

Source: True Facet

Average Cost of a Hermès Bag

Hermès, renowned for crafting the iconic Birkin and Kelly bags, commands an average price of $20,000 for each of these luxurious accessories.

Source: Forbes

Hermès’ Presence: Awareness, Popularity, and Loyalty

Hermès’ Presence in the United States

Hermès has a notable presence in the United States luxury fashion scene. About 60% of respondents are aware of the brand, and within this group, 28% express a liking for Hermès.

The brand is used by 10% of luxury fashion users, which equates to 17% of those aware of it. Loyalty is strong, with 7% likely to use Hermès again, indicating a 70% loyalty rate.

Despite this, the buzz around Hermès in the United States appears limited, with only 8% encountering the brand in recent media or advertising as of September 2022.

CharacteristicShare of respondents

Source: Statista

Hermès’ Presence in the United Kingdom

Hermès holds a significant presence among UK jewelry owners. Around 66% of respondents are aware of the brand, with 30% expressing a positive liking for Hermès within this group. Usage of Hermès products is reported by 8% of jewelry owners, translating to 12% of those familiar with the brand. Loyalty stands at 6%, with 75% of owners inclined to make repeat purchases. Nevertheless, Buzz remains modest at 9% encountering the brand in media or advertising.

CharacteristicShare of respondents

Source: Statista

Hermès Customer Demographics

Hermès Customers by Gender

Hermès customers consist of 60.55% females and 39.45% males, showcasing a varied gender distribution.


Source: Similarweb

Hermès Customers by Age

Hermès customers span various age groups: 33.18% are 25-34 years old, 21.84% are 18-24, 19.13% are 35-44, 12.86% are 45-54, 8.07% are 55-64, and 4.92% are 65 and older.

Age GroupDistribution
18 – 2421.84%
25 – 2433.18%
35 – 4419.13%
45 – 5412.86%
55 – 648.07%

Source: Similarweb

Parcels delivered by Hermès

In 2019, Hermès handled 928 million parcels, followed by 817 million in 2018, 766 million in 2017, 640 million in 2016, and 580 million in 2015.

YearNumber of Hermès parcels
2019928 million parcels
2018817 million parcels
2017766 million parcels
2016640 million parcels
2015580 million parcels

Source: Statista

How does Hermès advertise?

These channels help Hermès engage its target audience and maintain a distinctive brand presence.

  • High-end fashion magazines
  • Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Official brand website
  • Pop-up shops and experiential events
  • Exclusive fashion shows
  • Artistic collaborations
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Store displays and window visuals
  • Cultural events and sponsorships
  • Limited-edition collaborations
  • Email marketing
  • Press releases and media relations
  • Occasional TV and cinema advertisements

Founders of Hermès

Hermès was established by Thierry Hermès in 1837 in Paris, France. The company initially focused on crafting high-quality harnesses and saddles for horses.

Over the years, Hermès expanded its product range to include various luxury goods, such as leather bags, accessories, clothing, and perfumes.

Hermès Ownerships

Hermès is mainly owned by the Hermès family, the descendants of the founder Thierry Hermès.

They hold significant stakes in the company, along with other investors.

Hermes Family70,411,28366.70 %157 B €
Nicolas Puech5,182,6154.909 %11 533 M €
Arnault Family1,974,5381.870 %4 394 M €
The Vanguard Group, Inc.1,162,7091.101 %2 587 M €
HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL1,033,6250.9791 %2 300 M €
Fondation Nicolas Puech900,0000.8525 %2 003 M €
Capital Research & Management Co. (World Investors)844,4740.7999 %1 879 M €
Norges Bank Investment Management715,7990.6780 %1 593 M €
Morgan Stanley Investment Management Co.457,9220.4338 %1 019 M €
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.369,8790.3504 %823 M €

Source: MarketScreener

Key People at Hermès

Henri-Louis BauerChief Executive Officer
Axel DumasChief Executive Officer
Éric Marie du HalgouëtDirector of Finance/CFO
Olivier FournierCorporate Officer/Principal
Nathalie BesombesCompliance Officer
Nicolas FaureChief Operating Officer
Guillaume de SeynesCorporate Officer/Principal
Sharon MacBeathHuman Resources Officer
Julie GuerrandCorporate Officer/Principal
Frédéric DumasCorporate Officer/Principal

Source: MarketScreener

Where is Hermès headquarters located?

Hermès is headquartered in Paris, France, with additional offices in cities worldwide such as New York, Washington, Sydney, Toronto, Shanghai, Prague, København, and Marseille, along with extra locations in Paris.

FranceParis24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré (HQ)
United StatesNew York55 E 59th St
United StatesWashingtonPalmer Alley NW
AustraliaSydney11/70 Castlereagh St
CanadaToronto131 Bloor St W #202
ChinaShanghaiRoom 130, No. 1266, West Nanjing Road
Czech RepublicPraguePařížská 120/12
DenmarkKøbenhavnHøjbro Pl. 4
FranceMarseille20 Rue Grignan
FranceParis23 Rue Boissy d’Anglas

Source: Craft

How many people work at Hermès?

In 2022, Hermès had employed 19,686 individuals, marking an increase from 8,366 employees in 2010.

YearNumber of Hermès employees
202219,686 employees
202117,595 employees
202016,600 employees
201915,417 employees
201814,284 employees
201713,483 employees
201612,834 employees
201512,244 employees
201411,718 employees
201311,037 employees
201210,118 employees
20119,081 employees
20108,366 employees

Source: Statista

Where are Hermès employees located?

Hermès employees are spread across different regions: 63% in France, 15% in Asia-Pacific, 11% in Europe (excluding France), 7% in America, and 5% in Japan.

CountryShare of employees
Europe (excluding France)11%

Source: Statista

Hermès Employee Breakdown

Hermès employees’ seniority spans various ranges: 16% for a year or less, 17% for 1 to 3 years, 15% for 3 to 5 years, 21% for 5 to 10 years, 11% for 10 to 15 years, 9% for 15 to 20 years, and 11% for over 20 years

Time at HermèsShare of employees
1 year or less16%
Between 1 and 3 years17%
Between 3 and 5 years15%
Between 5 and 10 years21%
Between 10 and 15 years11%
Between 15 and 20 years9%
Over 20 years11%

Source: Statista

Frequently Asked Questions about Hermès

Why is Hermès so expensive?

Hermès products are expensive due to their exceptional craftsmanship, use of high-quality materials such as calfskin, alligator skin, and even ostrich skin, limited production, and a prestigious brand reputation.

Who owns the Hermès brand?

The Hermès brand is primarily owned by the Hermès family and other shareholders.

What is Hermès famous for?

Hermès is famous for luxury fashion, iconic handbags like Birkin and Kelly, and high-quality products like silk scarves.

What is the story behind Hermès?

Hermès was founded in 1837 in Paris, France, as a high-end harness workshop. Over the years, it evolved into a renowned luxury brand, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and iconic products, like the Birkin bag.

How much is the most expensive Hermès bag?

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold – $2 million

How many Birkin bags does Cardi B have?

Cardi B has 26 Birkins bags as of 2021.

Is Hermès really worth it?

Yes, Hermès is often considered worth the investment due to its exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and timeless design, which contribute to its enduring value and reputation as a luxury brand.

In which country is Hermès cheapest?

Hermès products are often found at more affordable prices in Europe and the UK.

Is Hermès more expensive than Chanel?

Yes, Hermès is generally considered to be more expensive than Chanel due to its focus on exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Is Hermès the most expensive brand?

No, Hermès isn’t the most expensive brand, but it’s notably the priciest handbag brand due to iconic models like Birkin and Kelly.

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