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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

Fellow sneaker collector? Nike x Off-White enthusiast?

If you need to learn how to spot fake Air Force 1 x Off-White “Volt”, this is the guide you’re looking for.

By the end, you’ll be an expert in spotting fake Volt Air Force 1s.

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Let’s have fun legit checking the Volt!

How to spot fake Off-White Air Force 1 Volt

The medial text on each shoe stands out as the most dependable indicator to spot fake Off-White Air Force 1 Volt.

It’s worth noting that counterfeit Off-White manufacturers consistently struggle to replicate this text accurately.

1. Medial text

1.1. Left shoe


  1. “c.” with a capital “C.”
  2. Thicker letter “B” in “Beaverton.”
  3. “TM” text closer to “Off-White” text.
  4. “USA” has “U” covered by the Swoosh, with “S” almost fully covered.


  1. “c.” with a small capital “C.”
  2. Thinner letter “B” in “Beaverton.”
  3. “TM” text placed farther from “Off-White” text.
  4. “USA” has “U” and “S” almost fully covered by the Swoosh.

1.2. Right shoe


  1. Thicker letter “O” in “Off.”
  2. Thinner “TM” text.
  3. “NIKE” is slightly covered by the Swoosh, not fully.
  4. Thicker “USA” text.
  5. Smaller “c. 1982” text, thinner “1982” text.


  1. Thinner letter “O” in “Off.”
  2. Thicker “TM” text.
  3. “NIKE” almost fully covered by the Swoosh.
  4. Thinner “USA” text.
  5. Larger “c. 1982” text, thicker “1982” text.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Nike x Off-White experts:

2. Swoosh

The Swoosh is Nike‘s tick logo — the notorious symbol on all Nike shoes.

2.1. Placement

  • Authentic: Stitching from the Swoosh makes contact with two parallel lines of stitching.
  • Fake: Stitching from the Swoosh does not make contact with the two parallel lines of stitching.

2.2. Shape

  • Authentic: The tip of the Swoosh is thinner.
  • Fake: The tip of the Swoosh is thicker.

3. “AIR”

  • Authentic: The “AIR” text is placed higher, with less distance from the line below it.
  • Fake: The “AIR” text is placed lower, with more distance from the line below it.

4. Code stamp

The back of the shoes reads:

  • Mandatory: “HO18-MNSBSK-131
  • Will vary: The size of the shoes between two hashtags (“#”)


  1. The letter “O” is smaller than the rest of the “HO-18” print.
  2. The hashtags (#) are thinner.
  3. No extra little part of paint on the top left corner of the second hashtag.


  1. The letter “O” is the same size as the rest of the “HO-18” print.
  2. The hashtags (#) are too thick.
  3. Extra little part of paint on the top left corner of the second hashtag.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Orange tab


  • The orange tab has the correct dimensions.
  • Sharp black stitching on the Swoosh and above the orange tab.


  • The orange tab is smaller in dimensions.
  • Shreddy black stitching on the Swoosh and above the orange tab.

6. Insole

  • Authentic: The “THE TEN” text is sharp and evenly aligned.
  • Fake: The “THE TEN” text appears crooked and uneven.

7. Size tag


  • The “MADE IN CHINA” text is thicker and more defined.
  • The “SZ” text is closer to the right edge of the size tag.


  • The “MADE IN CHINA” text is too thin.
  • The “SZ” text is placed too far from the right edge of the size tag.

Shortlist: Authenticate on the go

To simplify the authentication process, we’ve created a quick 60-second solution.

  1. Medial Text: Examine the text on the inner side. Fake pairs often have thin or poorly positioned text.
  2. Nike Swoosh Logo: Check for thickness at the top tip and stitching. Authentic pairs have precise stitching connecting to parallel lines.
  3. “AIR” Text: Look at the midsole “AIR” text placement; it should not be too high.
  4. Code Stamp: Analyze the characters on the heel-side code stamp for consistent sizing.
  5. Orange Tab: Ensure the orange tab is neither too short nor too long.
  6. Insoles: Verify the “THE TEN” text on the insoles for sharpness and evenness.
  7. Size Tag: Examine the size tag for correct “MADE IN CHINA” text thickness and SZ placement.

Legit check Off-White AF1 Volt with this list whenever you’re short on time.

Expert Air Force 1 Off-White Volt authentication

Our Nike x Off-White authentications team is here to help:

  • Simply provide us with high-quality images.
  • We’ll deliver results within 24 to 48 hours…
  • Complete with a detailed authenticity report!

This concludes our guide on spotting fake Off-White Air Force 1 Volt.

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Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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