REAL vs FAKE: Blazer Off-White All Hallow’s Eve (AHE)

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Blazer AHE
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Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Ch David

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In this guide, we’l take you through the 11 authentication steps.

How to spot fake Blazer Off-White “All Hallow’s Eve”

Discover how to spot real vs fake Off-White Blazer All Hallow’s Eve by examining the size tag.

Authentic pairs showcase a distinct print thickness, while counterfeit versions often have inconsistencies.

1. Medial text

1.1. Left shoe


  1. The letter “O” in the word “Off” on the fake Blazer AHE shoe is too thick and big.
  2. Excessive spacing between the letters “A” and “Z” in the word “BLAZER” on the fake pair.
  3. The “c. 1972” text is thicker than on the authentic OW Blazer AHE pair.
  4. The fake “USA” text is covered by the Nike Swoosh logo on the right shoe.

Authentic (Off-White):

  1. The authentic Off-White Blazer AHE pair has a visible “USA” text positioned to the right of the Nike Swoosh logo.
  2. Correct letter proportions and spacing in “Off” and “BLAZER” inscriptions.
  3. Accurate printing of the “c. 1972” text on the authentic O White OW Blazer AHE pair.

1.2. Right shoe


  1. The replica Off-White Blazer AHE sneakers may have crooked and falling down medial text.
  2. The fake Blazer AHE has significantly thicker text compared to the authentic version.
  3. The “TM” text is noticeably thicker in the fake version, along with other text.


  1. The authentic Off-White Blazer AHE sneakers have properly aligned and secured medial text.
  2. The authentic Blazer AHE has appropriately sized text, unlike the significantly thicker fake version.
  3. The “TM” text, and other text on the authentic shoe, maintains the correct thickness.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Nike x Off-White experts:

2. Swoosh

Let’s look at Nike‘s orange logo on the side.


  • Oversized and less arched Nike Swoosh logo on fake Blazer AHE sneakers.
  • Fake Swoosh logo is thicker, larger at the top tip.
  • Curving of the fake Swoosh is wider and less accurate.


  • Properly sized, arched Nike Swoosh logo on authentic Blazer AHE sneakers.
  • Thinner, smaller, curvier authentic Swoosh logo.

3. Code stamp


  • Fake Off-White Blazer AHE sneakers often have excessive distance between the upper leather part and the code stamp.
  • This can be observed through the use of a red line, indicating the significant gap between the leather part and the code stamp.


  • They maintain an appropriate and proportional distance between the upper leather part and the code stamp.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

4. “NIKE”


  • Fake Off-White Nike Blazer All Hallows Eve have small and improperly sized “NIKE” text.


  • Authentic Off-White Nike Blazer All Hallows Eve have correctly sized and proportionate “NIKE” text.

5. Stitching


  • Fake Off-White AHE sneakers have less defined and distressed rear middle stitching.
  • Extra threads are often found on fake shoes.


  • Authentic Off-White AHE sneakers feature clean and precise rear middle stitching.
  • The stitching is free from extra threads.

6. Shape


  • Bulkier from the rear angle.
  • High-quality fake replicas may be an exception to this trend.


  • Narrower and sleeker appearance from the rear angle.


See how the authentic shoes have a StockX tag in this picture.

Did you know they’re replicated too? Learn how to spot a fake StockX tag as well.

  • Fake: Thicker “SHOELACES” print on fake laces.
  • Authentic: Thinner “SHOELACES” print on authentic Off-White Blazer All Hallows Eve laces.

8. Panels

  • Fake: Has overly yellow transparent sides, while authentic ones are darker.
  • Authentic: Authentic Off-White Blazer All Hallows Eve AHE has darker panels.

Note that lighting can affect appearance, but fake pairs often have overly bright panels.

9. Blue tab

  • Fake: The blue tab is small in height but large in width. (refer to pictures)
  • Authentic: The tab is taller in height and shorter in width.

10. Insole

  • Fake: Thinner “THE TEN” text compared to the authentic ones.
  • Authentic: Bolder “THE TEN” text.

11. Size tag

  • Fake: Thinner “MADE IN CHINA” print.
  • Authentic: Thicker “MADE IN CHINA” text.

Shortlist: Verify your Blazers on the go

  1. Medial text: Check if the letters are too thick on the fake pair compared to the thinner letters on the authentic pair.
  2. Nike Swoosh logo: Look for a thick top tip and less curvature on the fake Swoosh compared to the authentic one.
  3. Code stamp: Verify if there is too much distance between the code stamp and the leather part above it on the fake shoes.
  4. “NIKE” text: Check if the simple “NIKE” printed text is too small on the fake pair compared to the authentic one.
  5. Middle stitching: Look for any extra threads hanging out and less defined stitching on the fake pair.
  6. Rear shape: Check if the rear side of the fake Blazer AHE shoes appears too fat and wide.
  7. “SHOELACES” text: Verify if the print on the laces is too thick on the fake pair compared to the thinner authentic text.
  8. Panel color: Look for bright and yellowish panels on the fake shoes compared to darker and less shiny authentic panels.
  9. Blue tab: Check if the blue tab above the Swoosh appears too long or too short on the fake pair.
  10. Insoles: Verify if the “THE TEN” printed text on the white rectangle is too thin or thick on the counterfeit Blazer AHE sneakers.
  11. Size tag: Check if the “MADE IN CHINA” text and surrounding texts appear too thin on the fake size tag compared to the prints on the authentic tag.

Above’s a quick 60-second solution to authenticate your Off-White Blazer AHE.

Check for these 11 indicators to determine if your pair is real or fake.

Expert Off-White Blazer authentication

If you need assistance with authenticating your Off-White Blazers:

  • Simply send us high-quality pictures.
  • We will provide you with results and a report within 24 to 48 hours.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading our guide!

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