How To Spot Fake Supreme X Louis Vuitton Hoodies

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

You are in the right place if you wish to know how to spot the fake vs real Supreme x Louis Vuitton box logo hoodies.

In this guide, we’ll go through the interior, exterior, and various other details.

Compare your hoodie against our real vs fake images to determine whether it’s real or not.

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With this being cleared out, let’s focus on the Supreme x Louis Vuitton box logo hoodie.

How to know if a Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie is real

To know if your Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie is real, have a look at the box logo. Fakes always have thinner characters that are misplaced.

Authentic hoodies are flawless. Authentic Supreme and Louis Vuitton products represent high quality.

Let’s check them out!

1. Box logo

1.1. Spacing

  • The “S” and “u” are placed too far away from each other.
  • Fake hoodies commonly have their letters randomly placed: either too far away or too close from each other.

Keep an eye out for every letter’s placement. Authentic hoodies always have the same distance between all letters.

2.2. Stitching

  • The stitching on the top right corner of the letter “u” is flawed.
  • Hence, the fake letter is thicker at the top.
  • The fake “u” has half a side of it lower than the other one.

2.3. Length

  • The fake “r” overlaps above the “e”.
  • The “r” is a straight line at the rightmost edge of the letter (on the curving leg).

The authentic “r” curves and doesn’t look like a straight line.

2.4. Edges

  • The fake letters “e” look a lot curvier than they have to be on the bottom side.
  • The bottom side of the fake “e” is too short.

2.5. Shape

  • The fake “m” is crooked.
  • The “m” has its legs incorrectly placed.

Want the expert's opinion? Let our Supreme x LV authenticators check your watch:

2. Monogram

  • The fake Supreme x LV hoodies are most likely to have their elements placed incorrectly.
  • Besides, they might not even have the correct thickness of the elements.

Let’s zoom in and have a detailed look:

2.1. LV

  • The fake “LV” logo is too thin.
  • The “V” is placed a lot higher than the letter “L” on the fake hoodie.

On the legit hoodie, the letter “V” is closer to the “L”.

2.2. Filled star

  • The fake star is too big.
  • It is also thicker and more massive than the authentic symbol.
  • The fake star is too long as well. See how the authentic one is shorter.
  • The empty circle in the middle of the star is too big on the fake hoodie.

2.3. Diamond star

  • The empty star is crooked inside the filled diamond shape.
  • It isn’t placed in the middle of the shape of a diamond.

On the legit Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodies, you’ll always see the star placed in the middle of the diamond shape.

3. Neck tag

  • The fake hoodie’s “LOUIS VUITTON” neck tag print appears to be a lot bigger.
  • The letters are too thin as well.

4. Wash tag

  • The “MADE IN ITALY” text looks a lot boxier and thinner than the text on the legit.
  • The authentic hoodie says “Do not dry clean”, while the fake hoodie says “Iron inside out”.
  • In the “30°” (degree/s) print, the authentic elements are placed a lot closer than on the fake.

Shortlist: Authenticate your hoodie

  1. “Supreme” Box Logo: Inspect the “Supreme” text on the box logo. Counterfeit Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodies often display letter spacing that’s either too close or too wide, and the stitching around the text might appear flawed in terms of thickness.
  2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Print: Examine the elements on the Louis Vuitton monogram print spread across the hoodie. Replicas often have monogram elements that look thinner, are too wide or large, or are mispositioned.
  3. Neck Tag Verification: Look closely at the neck tag of your hoodie. Fake Supreme x LV hoodies frequently have the “LOUIS VUITTON” text that appears overly large and thin.
  4. Wash Tag Inspection: Check the wash tags for any inconsistencies in text thickness. Counterfeit hoodies often feature letters that are either too thin or thick in certain areas. Additionally, the characters on the size tags of fake pieces tend to be spaced too far apart.

If you’re pressed for time or can’t delve into the comprehensive steps above, we’ve prepared a quick solution for you.

Above a concise 60-second guide with the top 4 signs to help you identify whether your Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodie is genuine or a replica.

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This concludes our guide on distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodies.

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