H&M Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

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H&M Revenue and Growth
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Last Updated on December 28, 2023 by Ch David

This research article delves into H&M‘s revenue, valuation, growth, customer demography, number of employees over the years and more.

Amazing Facts about H&M

  • Founded in 1947 by Erling Persson in Sweden, H&M is now one of the world’s largest fashion retailers.
  • H&M is one of the companies with the most physical stores, operating in 75 markets worldwide.
  • H&M releases approximately 20,000 new designs each year
  • H&M has over 4,000 physical stores and a strong online presence in over 50 countries.
  • H&M has 94% and 76% brand awareness with fashion online shop users in the UK and US.
  • The company collected over 15,000 tons of garments through their clothing recycling program in 2021.

H&M Overview

Key StatInfo
Founder(s)Erling Persson
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
IndustryClothing, Shoes, Sports Equipment
OwnersPublicly Traded (Stockholm Stock Exchange)
CEO (current)Helena Helmersson
Service AreaWorldwide
Websitehttp://www2.hm.com/ & https://hmgroup.com/

H&M’s Brand Value

H&M’s brand value peaked at $19.18 billion in 2017 and currently standing at $12.70 billion as of 2022.

H&M was the seventh most valuable apparel brand in the world as of 2020.

YearBrand value
2022$12.70 billion
2021$12.37 billion
2020$13.86 billion
2019$15.88 billion
2018$18.96 billion
2017$19.18 billion
2016$15.51 billion

Source: Statista, Statista

H&M Revenue

H&M’s revenue has fluctuated over the years, with the highest recorded at $24.71 billion in 2019.

In 2022, the company’s sales reached $22.42 billion.

YearSales Revenue USDSales Revenue SEK
2022$22.42 billionkr223.55 billion
2021$23.36 billionkr198.97 billion
2020$20.16 billionkr187.03 billion
2019$24.71 billionkr232.76 billion
2018$24.39 billionkr210.40 billion
2017$23.26 billionkr200.00 billion
2016$22.63 billionkr222.87 billion
2015$21.67 billionkr209.92 billion
2014$22.43 billionkr176.62 billion
2013$19.73 billionkr150.09 billion
2012$17.80 billionkr140.95 billion
2011$16.97 billionkr128.81 billion

Source: Statista, Macrotrend

H&M Revenue by Region

In 2021, the company achieved approximately $12.42 billion in revenue from the European and African markets.

YearEurope and Africa H&M Revenue ($)North and South America H&M Revenue ($)Asia and Oceania H&M Revenue ($)
2021$12.42 billion$3.77 billion$2.47 billion
2020$12.02 billion$2.82 billion$2.68 billion
2019$14.47 billion$3.99 billion$3.35 billion
2018$13.45 billion$3.28 billion$2.99 billion
2017$12.70 billion$3.27 billion$2.77 billion
2016$12.44 billion$3.01 billion$2.57 billion
2015$12.01 billion$2.72 billion$2.19 billion
2014$10.72 billion$1.88 billion$1.58 billion
2013$9.33 billion$1.52 billion$1.20 billion
2012$8.97 billion$1.38 billion$95.58 million

Source: Statista

H&M Revenue by Country

Germany is H&M’s largest market. In 2019, $3.9 billion and $2.86 billion in 2021 were generated from that country alone.

As of 2021, the United States generated $2.62 billion, and the United Kingdom $1.27 billion. China, France, and Russia contributed significantly to H&M’s overall revenue.

Country2015 H&M Revenue2016 H&M Revenue2017 H&M Revenue2018 H&M Revenue2019 H&M Revenue2020 H&M Revenue2021 H&M Revenue
United Kingdom$1.29 billion$1.22 billion$1.18 billion$1.29 billion$1.40 billion$1.08 billion$1.30 billion
United States$2.24 billion$2.39 billion$2.47 billion$2.32 billion$2.81 billion$1.95 billion$2.59 billion
Germany$2.92 billion$2.94 billion$2.91 billion$3.03 billion$3.14 billion$2.79 billion$2.63 billion
Netherlands$581 million$609 million$581 million$609 million$637 million$544 million$534 million
Spain$609 million$619 million$637 million$694 million$741 million$515 million$534 million
Italy$665 million$694 million$703 million$712 million$787 million$572 million$581 million
China$853 million$872 million$891 million$1.00 billion$1.13 billion$909 million$684 million
Russia$281 million$347 million$459 million$534 million$647 million$581 million$731 million
Sweden$712 million$759 million$769 million$787 million$844 million$750 million$834 million
France$1.06 billion$1.06 billion$1.07 billion$1.06 billion$1.14 billion$862 million$862 million

Source: Statista, Statista

H&M Profit

H&M’s annual profit ranged from $$10.08 billion in 2020 to $12.36 billion in 2015.

In 2022, the company recorded a profit of $11.36 billion

YearH&M Profit (USD)H&M Profit (SEK)
2022$11.36 billionkr7.16 billion
2021$12.33 billionkr15.25 billion
2020$10.08 billionkr3.10 billion
2019$13.00 billionkr17.35 billion
2018$12.85 billionkr15.49 billion
2017$12.57 billionkr20.57 billion
2016$12.50 billionkr23.82 billion
2015$12.36 billionkr26.94 billion
2014$13.19 billionkr25.58 billion
2013$11.67 billionkr22.09 billion
2012$10.59 billionkr21.75 billion
2011$10.21 billionkr20.38 billion

Source: Statista, Macrotrend

H&M Profit by Region

In 2021, Europe and Africa saw kr2.88 billion, Asia and Oceania had kr427 million, and North and South America had kr886 million in profit.

YearEurope and Africa H&M ProfitAsia and Oceania H&M ProfitNorth and South America H&M Profit
2021$270 million$40 million$82 million
2020$248 million$25 million$16 million
2019$477 million$104 million$111 million
2018$449 million$68 million$88 million
2017$381 million$106 million$74 million
2016$375 million$181 million$91 million
2015$453 million$163 million$58 million
2014$817 million$186 million$40 million
2013$556 million$180 million$38 million
2012$323 million$152 million$30 million

Source: Statista

H&M Acquisitions, Funding, and Investments

H&M Acquisitions

H&M has acquired a total of 4 organizations, with its most recent acquisition being Monki on Mar 6, 2008.

Acquiree NameAnnounced DateTransaction Name
MonkiMar 6, 2008Monki acquired by H&M
Cheap MondayMar 6, 2008Cheap Monday acquired by H&M
WeekdayMar 6, 2008Weekday acquired by H&M
GAP DeutschlandFeb 4, 2004GAP Deutschland acquired by H&M

Source: Crunchbase

H&M Funding

H&M had one funding round (grant) with €1 million raised and announced on March 27, 2018.

Announced DateTransaction NameMoney Raised
Mar 27, 2018Grant – H&M€1M

Source: Crunchbase

H&M Investments

H&M invested in three companies, the latest being Worn Again Technologies on July 17, 2018, as the lead investor.

Announced DateOrganization NameLead InvestorFunding RoundMoney Raised
Jul 17, 2018Worn Again TechnologiesYesVenture Round – Worn Again Technologies£5M
Apr 7, 2016IvyrevelNoVenture Round – Ivyrevel
Aug 6, 2015WrappNoVenture Round – WrappSEK25M

Source: Crunchbase

H&M’s market share in the luxury clothing industry?

H&M holds a 1.40% market share in the clothing and apparel industry, ranking third behind major brands such as Nike and Adidas.

BrandsMarket Share
Under Armour0.40%
Old Navy0.40%
Victoria’s Secret0.30%
Ralph Lauren0.30%

Source: Statista

What’s the average price of H&M products

As of March 2022, the average prices of H&M womenswear products in the U.S. were as follows:

H&M Product CategoryRetail Price

Source: Statista

How many stores does H&M have?

As of 2022, the company operates 4,465 stores worldwide. Starting with 1,345 stores in 2006, H&M has experienced significant growth, reaching 5,076 stores in 2019 and maintaining 4,465 stores in 2022.

H&M has the most physical stores in 75 markets and operates its online business in over 50 countries.

YearNumber of H&M Stores
20224,465 stores
20214,801 stores
20205,018 stores
20195,076 stores
20184,968 stores
20174,739 stores
20164,351 stores
20153,924 stores
20143,511 stores
20133,132 stores
20122,776 stores
20112,472 stores
20102,206 stores
20091,988 stores
20081,738 stores
20071,522 stores
20061,345 stores

Source: Statista, Statista

What region has the most H&M stores

In 2022, Asia, Oceania, and Africa had the most H&M stores, with 1,143 locations, followed by Western Europe with 1,079 stores, and North & South America with 740 stores.

RegionNumber of H&M stores
Asia, Oceania & Africa1,143 stores
Western Europe1,079 stores
North & South America740 stores
Southern Europe623 stores
Eastern Europe481 stores
The Nordics399 stores

Source: Statista

What country has the most H&M stores

In 2022, the United States had the most H&M stores with 520 locations. The H&M Group operated a total of 4,465 stores worldwide.

CountryNumber of H&M stores
United States520 stores
Germany430 stores
United Kingdom246 stores
France201 stores
Poland188 stores
Italy164 stores
Netherlands114 stores
Canada97 stores
Switzerland90 stores

Source: Statista

How many H&M customer transactions are there? (In-store and Online)

In 2019, H&M had 795 million in-store and 93 million online customer transactions, resulting in 24.3 billion U.S. dollars in net sales.

Sales ChannelNumber of transactions
In-store795 million transactions
Online93 million transactions

Source: Statista

H&M Worldwide Presence

H&M Presence in the United States

H&M has a brand awareness of 76% among U.S. fashion store customers, with 30% liking the brand. About 20% use H&M and 16% are likely to use it again, showing 80% loyalty. There’s some buzz around H&M in the United States, with 22% hearing about it in the media or social media.

CharacteristicShare of respondents

Source: Statista

H&M Presence in the United Kingdom

H&M has a brand awareness of 94% among UK fashion online shop users, with 40% liking the brand. About 30% use H&M, and 24% are likely to use it again, showing 80% loyalty. However, there’s limited buzz around H&M in the UK, with only 21% hearing about it in the media or social media.

CharacteristicShare of respondents

Source: Statista

H&M Presence in Germany

According to a survey conducted from 2018 to 2021, approximately 16.02 million persons aged 14 years and older in Germany made purchases at H&M within the previous six months in 2021, compared to 20.46 million in 2018.

YearShare of respondents
202116.02 million person
202018.79 million person
201919.42 million person
201820.46 million person

Source: Statista

H&M Customer Demographics

H&M Customers by Gender

The distribution of H&M customers by gender, based on data from hm.com website visitors, shows that approximately 67.21% are female, while 32.79% are male.


Source: Similarweb

H&M Customers by Age

Based on data from hm.com visitors, H&M’s customer distribution by age group is as follows:

Age GroupDistribution
18 – 2428.49%
25 – 2431.73%
35 – 4417.49%
45 – 5411.01%
55 – 646.86%

Source: Similarweb

H&M’s Worldwide Clothing Recycling Data

H&M’s clothing recycling program has collected 16,000 tons of garments worldwide in 2021, showing its commitment to sustainability since 2013.

YearTons of garments collected
202115,944 tons
202018,800 tons
201929,005 tons
201820,649 tons
201717,771 tons
201615,888 tons
201512,341 tons
20147,684 tons
20133,047 tons

Source: Statista

H&M’s Advertising Strategy

  • Digital Marketing: Utilizing social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for engaging content and promotions.
  • In-Store Displays: Creating attractive visual displays to showcase new collections in physical stores.
  • Print Media: Using magazines and newspapers for wider audience reach.
  • Celebrity Collaborations: Partnering with well-known celebrities and designers for exclusive collections.
  • Fashion Shows and Events: Participating in global fashion shows and events for brand exposure.
  • Email Marketing: Sending personalized offers and updates to customers via email.
  • Mobile Apps: Offering a user-friendly app for shopping and special deals.

Who founded H&M?

H&M was founded I 1947 in Västerås, Sweden, by Erling Persson (d. 28th October 2002).

H&M Ownerships

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a publicly traded company and it is owned by various shareholders. The top shareholders are;

NameNumber of shares% of total shares% of voting shares
The Stefan Persson family and related companies920,153,838*56.579
The Lottie Tham family and related companies88,680,4005.42.6
JP MORGAN CHASE BANK NA, W935,763,8352.21.1
Swedbank Robur Fonder23,712,3431.50.7
FJARDE AP-FONDEN20,905,1531.30.6
Handelsbanken fonder20,859,18611
Nordea Investment Funds15,389,24411

Source: H&M Group

Key People at H&M

Helena HelmerssonCEO
Elizabeth AranaManaging Director
Francine BrooksVP Marketing
Youssif FathyCFO
Melissa HammerVP of Sales
Christopher HarrieManaging Director
Mario MorenoVice President of US Marketing
Michael NelsonVP US Financial Operations

Source: Comparably

How many Employees does H&M have?

H&M’s workforce has grown from 34,614 employees in 2005 to 106,522 employees in 2022, reflecting the company’s expansion and global presence.

YearNumber of H&M employees
2022106,522 employees
2021107,375 employees
2020110,325 employees
2019126,376 employees
2018123,283 employees
2017120,191 employees
2016114,586 employees
2015104,634 employees
201493,351 employees
201381,099 employees
201272,276 employees
201164,874 employees
201059,440 employees
200953,476 employees
200853,430 employees
200747,029 employees
200640,855 employees
200534,614 employees

Source: Statista

Where’s H&M Headquarters located?

H&M’s main headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, at Mäster Samuelsgatan 46A. They also have a presence in London, United Kingdom, at 182 Oxford Street.

SwedenStockholmMäster Samuelsgatan 46A (HQ)
United KingdomLondon1st Floor, 182 Oxford St

Source: Craft

Frequently asked questions about H&M

What does the H&M stand for?

H&M stands for “Hennes & Mauritz.” The company was originally named “Hennes,” which means “hers” in Swedish and later acquired the retailer “Mauritz Widforss,” leading to the current name Hennes & Mauritz, commonly known as H&M.

Which country made H&M?

H&M was founded in Sweden.

What does the M in H&M stand for?

The “M” in H&M stands for “Mauritz.”

Is Zara owned by H&M?

No, Zara is not owned by H&M. They are separate and independent fashion retailers.

Why is H&M so popular?

H&M is popular due to its trendy and affordable fashion, wide range of products, and strong brand presence worldwide.

What country is H&M most popular in?

H&M is most popular in Germany

What product is H&M known for?

H&M is known for its affordable fast-fashion clothing for men, women, and children.

Is H&M like Zara?

Yes, H&M and Zara are both fast-fashion retailers known for offering trendy and affordable clothing to customers. However, they are separate and independent companies with different ownership and business strategies.

What owns H&M?

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a publicly traded company, and its largest stockholder is The Stefan Persson family and related companies with 56.5% share.

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