The Official Guide: How To Spot A FAKE Bag (April 2024)

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Expert advice - How to spot fake designer bags
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Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Ch David

Counterfeit designer bags have long been a part of the luxury industry, aiming to mimic the appearance of high-end products but often sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. These imitations may look authentic at first glance, leading to consumer deception.

How To Spot A FAKE Designer Bag

You can spot a fake designer bag of any brand by looking at the text engraved inside the bag. Fakes are known to have deeper inscriptions and hanging threads, for stitched labels.

1. Interior label

See the real vs fake Louis Vuitton Metis bags below.

Louis Vuitton Metis Bag Fake Vs Real label
  • Authentic:
    • Thinner stitches on the label.
  • Fake:
    • Thicker threads on the label.
    • Text lines too thick.
    • “® / LOUIS VUITTON / PARIS / made in” text deeply engraved.

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2. Handler

Compared below are the real vs fake Hemès Birkin bags.

Real vs Fake Hermes Birkin Bag handle
  • Authentic: Delicate and evenly spaced threads, reflecting high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Fake: Stitching is bulky and uneven, especially noticeable on the handles of the bag.

3. Hardware

Below is the Dior Lady bag.

Dior Lady Bag Real vs Fake Chain
  • Authentic: Chains feature a nuanced gold shade.
  • Fake: Chains are too light and appear washed out.

4. Luggage tag

For this step, we’re comparing the Prada 2005 Re-Edition bag.

Prada Re-Edition 2005 Shoulder Bag Real vs Fake Name tag
  • Authentic: Text is appropriately thick.
  • Fake:
    • Text overall looks too thick.
    • “PRADA” on the Re-Edition bag is too thin.
    • “Re-Edition” text is thinner than the authentic version.
    • “2005” text is also noticeably thin.

5. Stitching

Below are the real vs replica Fendi Peekabo bags.

Real vs Fake Fendi Peekaboo stitching
  • Authentic: Stitching on the bag is thicker, larger, and more noticeable.
  • Fake: Stitching appears thinner and smaller.

6. Date code

Compared are the fake vs real Louis Vuitton Keepall.

Real vs Fake Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag serial number
  • Authentic: Serial number is more opaque and clearly visible.
  • Fake:
    • Uses a different font for the number “1,” with a noticeably shorter stick.
    • Serial number visibility is poorer.

7. Zipper

Here are the fake vs real LV Alma bags.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Real vs Fake Difference
  • Authentic: “LV” inscriptions on zippers are thinner and less protruding.
  • Fake: “LV” inscriptions on zippers are thicker and protrude more.

8. Keychain

This picture comes from our Gucci Marmont bag guide.

Fake VS Real Gucci Marmont GG Bag logo
  • Authentic:
    • Registered trademark “®” symbol is thicker.
    • “G U C C I” text is thicker.
    • “Made in Italy” text is thicker with standard spacing between letters.
  • Fake:
    • “®” symbol appears too thin.
    • “G U C C I” text is thinner and uses a different font, especially noticeable in the “C” letters.
    • “Made in Italy” text is too thin with excessive spacing between letters.

9. Buckle

Picture is from the CĂ©line Belt bag tutorial.

CĂ©line Belt Bag Fake VS Real belt buckle
  • Authentic:
    • Buckle has a subdued shine.
    • “CELINE” text on the buckle is of proper thickness and shape.
  • Fake:
    • Buckle is excessively shiny.
    • “CELINE” text on the buckle is noticeably thicker and boxier.

10. Shape

This step is based on the Off-White bags.

Real vs Fake Off-White Binder Clip Bag
  • Authentic: Bag has a straight and narrow appearance.
  • Fake: Bottom side of the bag appears wider, giving it a ‘fat’ look.

11. Metal logo

Real vs Fake Chanel 19
  • Authentic: Chanel logo displays a subtle, refined shine.
  • Fake: Logo is excessively shiny.

12. Padlock

Locks in the pictures below come from the SLP/YSL Sac De Jour.

Real vs Fake YSL Sac De Jour
  • Authentic: “SAINT LAURENT / PARIS” text is thicker and more defined.
  • Fake: “SAINT LAURENT / PARIS” text is too thin compared to the authentic version.

13. Carbines

Compared below is the Givenchy Antigona.

Real vs Fake Givenchy Bag text
  • Authentic: “GIVENCHY” printing on the carbines is clear and easily readable.
  • Fake: Text on the carbines is less defined and legible compared to the authentic bag.

14. Dust bag

Let’s look at the Gucci Soho bag.

Gucci Soho Bag Real vs Fake Tag
  • Authentic :Text has correct font style and proportions.
  • Fake: Text is stretched out and thin, using a different font.

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